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Result Content Idea Research
1 SEC Adopts Amendments to Modernize and Enhance Management's Discussion and Analysis and Other Financial Disclosures
2 What Really Caused Carnival's COVID-19 Stock Drop?
3 Q&A-U.S. top court upholds basics of Basic v. Levinson decision
4 When Do M+A Discussions Constitute MNPI? Recent SEC Guidance May Shed Some Light
5 Class Action Litigation Newsletter Fall 2020
6 Will Trump's lawsuits be enough to flip the election?
7 If You Want A Right To Appeal An Arbitration Award, Build It Into Your Arbitration Agreement
8 Halliburton ruling: High Court affirms Basic v. Levinson and confirms defendants may rebut reliance presumption at class certification by showing absence of price impact
9 Amicus Brief in the Congressional Apportionment Case Currently Before the Supreme Court
10 SEC Simplifies MD&A and Related Financial Disclosure Requirements
11 Live and in Person at the 31st Annual Arizona Classic Jazz Festival | The Syncopated Times
12 Freshfields Team Files Amicus Brief In Trump V. New York, Supporting Inclusion Of All People In Congressional Apportionment
13 SEC’s Investigation into Wells Fargo Concludes with Actions Against Senior Executives
14 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the US Military
15 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. v. Arkansas Teacher Retirement System
16 Trump lawsuits unlikely to impact outcome of U.S. election, experts say
17 7th Circ. Provides Guidance on Deciding Motions for Class Certification in Securities Litigation | The Legal Intelligencer
18 RCC helps woman enter Campbell Soup apprenticeship program
19 Lexus ES 300h premium hybrid sedan updated just last year, starts at $41,810
20 Gilead Ordered to Give Files to Investors Weighing Truvada Suit
21 The Way We Were
22 Remembering Herbert M. Weiss, Longtime Mount Vernon Street Resident
23 Challenges Linger For EUV
24 Securities class action defendants, law profs claim 2nd Circuit has run amok
25 Netflix’s ‘Crip Camp’ Leads International Documentary Association Awards Nominations
26 Breaking News
27 Goldman Puts Class Cert. Challenge To The Supreme Court
28 2019 Securities Litigation and Enforcement
29 Second Circuit Panel Rejects Attempt to Narrow Inflation-Maintenance Securities Fraud Theory; Splits on Decision to Affirm Shareholder Class Certification on Rebutting Basic Presumption
30 Seventh Circuit Vacates Decision To Certify Class, Holding That District Court Must Consider Sufficiency Of Defendants' Evidence To Rebut Fraud-On-The-Market Presumption Of Reliance, As Required Under Halliburton II
31 Here's everything new coming to Crave in December 2020
32 Chancery Slams Gilead Stonewalling Over Records Demands
33 Workplace Diversity—Getting It Right With Goals, Not Quotas
34 Goldman Investors Ask High Court To Leave Cert. Ruling Be
35 Second Circuit Holds That Price Impact Can Be Established For Class Certification Based On "Inflation Maintenance" Theory Even Where Inflation Is Not "Fraud-Induced," And Affirms, In a Split Panel, District Court's Determination That Defendants Failed To Rebut The Basic Presumption Of Reliance
36 If Trump and Pence both get very sick, it’s not clear who would be president
37 Foley Governance and Regulatory Alert: Determining Existence of Material Non-Public Information
38 2nd Circ. Halts Goldman Class Action For High Court Appeal
39 High Court Should Review Goldman's Maintenance Theory
40 'Liu v. SEC': A Decade of Issues | New York Law Journal
41 Goldman Wants Full 2nd Circ. Review Of Split Panel's Ruling
42 Reopening Primary Schools during the Pandemic | NEJM
43 Harry Cohen to take on Scott Levinson for Hillsborough County Commission after primary win
44 Probability, Magnitude and Stock Buybacks: A Cautionary Tale
45 Blog: Andeavor charged with internal control violations | Cooley LLP
46 ‘The Most Important Woman Lawyer in the History of the Republic’
47 Ex-F.B.I. Agent Who Vanished on C.I.A. Mission to Iran Is Most Likely Dead, U.S. Concludes
48 Andeavor charged with internal control violations
49 E. Jean Carroll vs. DOJ: Trump and Barr's defamation defense sets another bad precedent
50 Securities Litigation To Watch In 2020: Midyear Report
51 OPINION EXCHANGE | If Trump and Pence both get very sick, it's unclear who would be president
52 Securities Litigation Should Not Be Based On Junk Science
53 Trading Halts and Other Trading Restrictions with COVID-19
54 Private actions against securities market misconduct in USA
55 Iran's Murder of an American, CIA Contractor Bob Levinson, Suggests Impunity at Home Too
56 Class Certification Stage of Exchange Act Securities Class Actions
57 Supreme Court's Montana tax credit case could blur the line between church and state
58 Four seek District 1 Hillsborough commission seat
59 Supreme Court Helps Trademark Owners: Proof of “Willfulness” Is Not Required To Recover Infringer’s Profits
60 Filing securities claims in the USA
61 Supreme Court's new abortion case focuses the spotlight on Chief Justice John Roberts
62 Ending the Shareholder Lawsuit Gravy Train
63 First-step analysis: securities litigation in USA
64 Do we have to disclose that?
65 Decision 2020: Top 9 Bay Area Races To Watch
66 Will Supreme Court’s Lorenzo ruling spur shareholder class actions?
67 Can securities fraud defendants rebut price impact to avoid class certification?
68 Ray Dalio, Adam Levinson, and other hedge fund bosses posted record losses in an 'epically turbulent' March
69 Blog: It’s back to SAB 99 for FASB definition of materiality
70 Recent Appeals Court Decisions Clarifying Durational Limits for Alimony: Part 1
71 Levinson Axelrod, PA: 12 Attorneys Named to 2020 NJ Super Lawyers Magazine
72 What if Trump can’t fulfill duties with coronavirus? How presidential succession works
73 Rebuttal of the Fraud on the Market Presumption of Reliance | New York Law Journal
74 United Cannabis Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Plant-Touching Litmus Test
75 Florida Lawmaker Asks Congress to Help Free Iran Hostage Robert Levinson
76 2021 Lexus NX Review
77 Read the U.S. Constitution — and what an Austin expert says it got wrong
78 Goldman Class Cert. Ruling Has COVID-19 Implications: Amici
79 Americans, go home: Tension at Canada-US border
80 Court Allows Volkswagen Bondholder Action to Proceed, But Expresses Doubts about the Plaintiff’s Ability to Certify a Class
81 Is Kamala Harris the Democrats’ secret to stopping Trump’s Supreme Court nominee?
82 Longtime Hillsborough Liaison Files to Run for County Commission
83 Harassment Prevention Orders Under GL c. 258E | Burns & Levinson LLP
84 In a nutshell: claiming damages in Australia
85 S.E.C.’s New Cybersecurity Guidance Won’t Spur More Disclosures
86 The Constitution Needs a Reboot
87 The Real Fraud Is The Fraud On The Market Theory
88 Burns & Levinson Announces $13 Million Settlement of Whistleblower Case for Dennis W. Burke, MD, with Massachusetts General Hospital Over Concurrent Surgeries
89 The Materiality of Merger Negotiations
90 How to reform police monitoring of social media
91 How News Coverage of Coronavirus in 2020 Compares to Ebola in 2018
92 2021 Lexus GX Review
93 Everything You Need to Know (and Probably Don’t) About Covenants Not to Compete
94 Assessing Securities Class Action Risk With Event Analysis
95 6 cases to watch in this Supreme Court session
96 Mark Levinson offers audiophiles a cheaper high-end turntable
97 Drive: You get what you pay for with the 2020 Lexus RX 450h
98 Actual Notice Via Email Is Not Always Sufficient
99 Opinion analysis: Justices stick with prohibition of royalties on expired patents
100 Op-Ed: Tobacco Taxes the Most Equitable Way to Reduce Smoking, Save Lives