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Result Content Idea Research
1 Chinese Users Turned GitHub into a Land of Free Covid Speech
2 GitHub's Move Away From Passwords: A Sign Of Things To Come?
3 How to upload your Python files to Github using Colab?
4 news digest: GitHub CLI 1.0 released, Google updates Coral accelerator, and Open Mainframe Project launches four new projects
5 Guest View: 3 reasons to get going with Go lang
6 GitHub is now free for all teams
7 How to rebase GitHub branches and commits
8 Freeman Health System seeing decline in covid-19 hospitalizations
9 GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references
10 OpenJDK Migrates to GitHub
11 How to use the git remote add origin command to push remotely
12 How to use the git clone command with GitHub by example
13 Learning Git: Mastering Remote Repositories (Including GitHub)
14 How to create Git submodules in GitHub and GitLab
15 Synopsys adds GitHub Action for SAST and SCA
16 GitHub's new repository homepage design: Give us back the old version, say developers
17 GitHub services experienced a 41-minute disruption yesterday
18 Github uncovers malicious ‘Octopus Scanner’ targeting developers
19 How To Use GitHub Advanced Search For Recruiters
20 GitHub Codespaces lets you code in your browser without any setup
21 GitHub CTO Jason Warner Got His First Job At IBM Because He Could Lift Heavy Things
22 The Schism at the Heart of the Open-Source Movement
23 GitHub launches a mobile app, smarter notifications and improved code search
24 GitHub confirms it has blocked developers in Iran, Syria and Crimea
25 Malware Attack on GitHub Repositories a Disturbing Development for Open Source Projects
26 Chinese citizens use GitHub to save coronavirus memories
27 Microsoft Joins Open Source Security Foundation
28 GitHub Adds Account Successors Feature – WordPress Tavern
29 China arrests users behind GitHub coronavirus memories page
30 GitHub is down because of data storage issues (Updated)
31 GitHub Universe – the elephant in the room for open source is called 'going commercial'
32 GitHub Announces Codespaces, GitHub Discussions, Code Scanning, And More
33 Azure AD and applications: From creation to improved security
34 SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: GitHub's OpenAPI Description
35 GitHub starts blocking developers in countries facing US trade sanctions
36 Inside GitHub, web developers' social media platform
37 Building a “Maintenance Mode” with Terraform and Github Pages
38 GitHub sued for aiding hacking in Capital One breach
39 Critical Windows 10 vulnerability used to Rickroll the NSA and Github
40 GitHub to Acquire Npm in an Effort to Provide Continuity and Improvement
41 GitHub Supply Chain Attack Uses Octopus Scanner Malware
42 GitHub For Beginners: Don’t Get Scared, Get Started
43 Start sharing your code: Everything you need to know about Git and GitHub
44 Nicole Forsgren, PhD to move from Google Cloud to new role as VP of Research & Strategy at Microsoft's GitHub
45 New GitHub authorization expands agency access to open source resources
46 GitHub launches ‘draft’ pull requests to let developers discuss code before deploying
47 KIOXIA's Software-Enabled Flash Technology Now Available on GitHub
48 How to Use the Hugo Static Site Generator on Linux
49 How to create a private GitHub repository example
50 Git vs. GitHub: What is the difference between them?
51 GitHub Overhauled Its Pricing Plans Because Customers Now Want The Cloud
52 GitHub launches a Trello competitor, pull request reviews, redesigned profile pages
53 It's Time to Take GitHub Threats Seriously
54 10up Releases GitHub Actions for Simplifying WordPress Plugin Deployment
55 GitHub gets a CI/CD service
56 Erratum for the Report: “Aging increases cell-to-cell transcriptional variability upon immune stimulation” by C. P. Martinez-Jimenez, N. Eling, H.-C. Chen, C. A. Vallejos, A. A. Kolodziejczyk, F. Connor, L. Stojic, T. F. Rayner, M. J. T. Stubbington, S. A. Teichmann, M. de la Roche, J. C. Marioni, D. T. Odom
57 Are women publishing less during the pandemic? Here's what the data say
58 Why I Quit GitHub
59 Open Source Tools From the Warren for President Tech Team
60 Mexico loses almost 350,000 jobs because of coronavirus
61 Thousands of API and cryptographic keys leaking on GitHub every day
62 GitHub Blocks Devs in US-Sanctioned Regions
63 GitHub acquires code analysis tool Semmle
64 KFC suspends its 'finger lickin' good' slogan because of coronavirus
65 Picking a Git for the Enterprise
66 Part of the Solution – Eugene Weekly
67 Malware finds unwitting ally in GitHub
68 Cleveland brewery says it's shutting its doors because customers refuse to take COVID-19 seriously
69 Criminals Hosting Phishing Kits on GitHub | Decipher
70 Github employees want their company to stop working with ICE
71 Stadeo: Deobfuscating Stantinko and more
72 Release of Silq: A High-level Quantum Language
73 Coronavirus may cause strokes in younger patients: report
74 GitHub defends contract with ICE in memo | TheHill
75 GitHub For Beginners: Commit, Push And Go
76 Wild animals have taken over the streets in major cities because of the coronavirus pandemic
77 California nursing facility evacuated after staff no-shows
78 GitHub hit with the largest DDoS attack ever seen
79 How to install Git on Android
80 Missouri AG says he's suing China over coronavirus because 'responsibility lies directly at their feet'
81 The 10 most popular programming languages, according to the Microsoft-owned GitHub
82 Convicted Ex-Mobile County commissioner asks for freedom because of COVID-19
83 How the Heck Do I Use GitHub?
84 Programming languages: Python overtakes Java on GitHub as Google Dart use soars
85 Auto insurance companies return $800 million in premiums because no one is driving
86 Microsoft confirms it will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion
87 History Of Git
88 Canonical GitHub account hacked, Ubuntu source code safe
89 Sen. Cory Gardner: Coronavirus spread because of Chinese Communist Party's ineptitude and deceptions
90 What Exactly Is GitHub Anyway?
91 Coronavirus: How Florida compares to other states
92 How I changed the law with a GitHub pull request
93 Chile counts people who have died from coronavirus as 'recovered' because they can't infect anyone else
94 How to manage binary assets with Git
95 Reports children are not getting needed vaccinations because of COVID-19
96 GitHub after Microsoft: How it has changed
97 Viral images show completely empty London because of coronavirus pandemic
98 NYC doctor who survived Ebola: People are dying from coronavirus 'because we weren't prepared'
99 Coronavirus causing shortage of used cars
100 Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Dems won't help Republicans hold China accountable on coronavirus because of politics