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1 Pet Connection: Parrots need more than seeds to be healthy
2 Why are adult daughters missing from ancient German cemeteries?
3 Bronze-Age "Beaker Culture" Invaded Britain, Ancient-Genome Study Finds
4 Prehistoric pop culture: Deciphering the DNA of the Bell Beaker Complex
5 For whom the 'Bell Beaker' tolls: One of archaeology's longest-running mysteries finally solved
6 The Beaker people: a new population for ancient Britain
7 The Bell-Beaker folk
8 Fresh full lockdown could cost Next nearly £60m in lost sales
9 DMC5 Vergil DLC Coming on December 15th; Xbox Series S Doesn't Have Ray Tracing
10 Top 10 Best Sawa Shoulder Braces 2020
11 Who were the lost Beaker People of Scotland?
12 Ancient migration transformed Spain's DNA
13 Divided by DNA: The uneasy relationship between archaeology and ancient genomics
14 Who lived near Pömmelte, the 'German Stonehenge'?
15 French Genetic Study Provides Insights Into Pre-Agriculture to Iron Age Populations
16 First Bell Beaker earthwork enclosure found in Spain
17 No, Wait, This Is the Real Ava, a Bronze Age Woman From the Scottish Highlands
18 All in the family: genetic links in prehistoric Ireland
19 Kinship-based social inequality in Bronze Age Europe
20 Hamilton's ACTION Wrestling Futures Showcase Tournament 2020 10.03.2020 Review
21 Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders
22 Remains of a Bronze Age chieftain are unearthed in Gloucestershire
23 Two millennia pile-on at burial mound
24 Review – The Beaker People: isotopes, mobility, and diet in prehistoric Britain
25 Mysterious Timber Circles Discovered in Portugal Older than Stonehenge
26 Drone survey reveals large earthwork at ancestral Wichita site in Kansas: Results show possible council circle at what may be Etzanoa near Wichita
27 Bronze Age Chieftain's Remains Found Beneath U.K. Skate Park
28 Gardens of the Cross Timbers: The stones hold secrets
29 History of Mead
30 Burial Mound Found on Kindergarten Playground Was Used for 2000 Years
31 Neolithic “Woodhenge” Discovered at Perdigões' Complex Portugal
32 Study Examines Bronze Age Status and Family Relationships
33 Documentary to showcase fascinating tale of the Beaker People
34 New Dates Obtained for Prehistoric Burial Mound in France
35 4000-Year-Old Ritual Site Discovered in Poland
36 Bronze Age beaker culture invaded Britain 4,000 years ago
37 Chieftain and Seated Companion Illustrate Complex Prehistoric Burial Rituals
38 90% of the Neolithic British Gene Pool Was Replaced by Beaker Immigrants
39 Population structure of modern-day Italians reveals patterns of ancient and archaic ancestries in Southern Europe
40 Remnants from Bronze Age community found at Cornwall building site
41 Dismembered bodies of women and children found at 'German Stonehenge'
42 Tracking Down the Origins of Cystic Fibrosis in Ancient Europe
43 Bronze Age cultures kept and curated human remains as relics over several generations, study finds
44 7 bizarre ancient cultures that history forgot
45 Pömmelte Ring Sanctuary Finds May Eclipse Stonehenge
46 Did Dutch hordes kill off the early Britons who started Stonehenge?
47 Human Anatomy and Oozing Black Glazes Cover Ceramics by Canopic Studio
48 ‘Glory of Spain’ lights up the MFAH
49 Bronze Age skeleton found by Rock farmer preparing field
50 How To Make Your Own Face Mask
51 Scientists discover oldest human virus in ancient skeleton
52 Ancient DNA reveals impact of the 'Beaker Phenomenon' on prehistoric Europeans
53 Largest DNA Study of its Kind Suggests the Disappearance of Iberian Men
54 The Beaker People: Some of Wales' earliest known inhabitants
55 Spanish drought reveals submerged megalithic tomb
56 Culture Change: War Bands Hooked Up With Neolithic Farm Women
57 There's no such thing as a 'pure' European—or anyone else
58 Ancient Pottery Reveals Mysterious Invasion Of Prehistoric Britain
59 Join Slate's open thread for the week of February 24.
60 Science Notes – Bridging the divide: the role of science in archaeology
61 How one of the most violent tribes of all time conquered Europe
62 Ancient Europeans Mysteriously Vanished 4,500 Years Ago
63 Superhydrophobic metal that won't sink : NewsCenter
64 Human heads were butchered for their meat and ritually scooped out in Bronze Age Europe
65 Britain's prehistoric catastrophe revealed: How 90% of the neolithic population vanished in just 300 years
66 London's Bronze Age treasure trove the 'Havering Hoard' to go on display in April
67 DNA Reveals the Origin of Stonehenge Builders
68 Review – Who We Are and How We Got Here
69 'Muppets Now' Episode 5 Preview: The pressure's on Beaker as Dr Honeydew starts a new hydraulic press experime
70 Discovering the ancient origin of cystic fibrosis, the most common genetic disease in Caucasians
71 Giving life to a woman found in a 4,250-year-old grave in Caithness
72 DNA reveals 'Ava' who died 4,250 years ago was daughter of immigrants
73 Muppets Now on Disney Plus Is a Glorious Return to Greatness
74 The Adena People and Prehistoric Colonization of North America
75 Let's talk cognitive evolution, tool development and social complexity
76 All the buzz about beekeeping
77 Germany's "Stonehenge" Reveals Evidence of Human Sacrifice | Smart News
78 Meet Ava, a Bronze Age Woman From the Scottish Highlands
79 Stop cooking! Some of your favorite Miami restaurants reopened for takeout, delivery
80 Czechs are predominantly descendants of pre-Slavic populations, says archaeogenetics expert
81 The Muppets Perform HAMILTON
82 Who Built Stonehenge?
83 How men in Spain were almost completely wiped out between 4,500 and 4,000 years ago
84 Steven Mithen · Neanderthals, Denisovans and Modern Humans: Denisovans meet Neanderthals · LRB 13 September 2018
85 The 8 Best Immersion Blenders of 2020
86 Stormzy Samples Tracy Beaker Theme Tune In New Song 'Superheroes'
87 Northern European population history revealed by ancient human genomes: Analysis of ancient DNA found that Scandinavia was settled by hunter-gatherers via a southern and a northern route, and reveals that agriculture was likely introduced by migrating agriculturalists.
88 Throwback Thursday: Bell and Rich Both Set Track Records on Same Weekend
89 'Muppets Now' Episode 2: Pepe the King Prawn and 'gay scientists doing arson' steal hearts of fans
90 Exclusive: New 'Muppets Now' Poster Art Will Make You Even More Excited for the Disney+ Show
91 Flytippers dump mountain of junk on 4,000-year-old Bronze Age burial ground in Wales
92 Sheamus Takes a Dig at WWE over Roman Reigns Storyline
93 A Father's Fight Paved Way For Independent Investigation Into Kenosha Shooting
94 Laser writing of nitrogen-doped silicon carbide for biological modulation
95 Andrew Fitzpatrick – The Conversation
96 At Least 14 People Killed In West Coast Wildfires; Some 500000 Evacuated In Oregon
97 Meet the cast of Our Girl season 4
98 Fun and Games with Neuroscience
99 Kentucky Hat Makers Accessorize With Masks For Upcoming Derby
100 Science Notes – Laboratory spotlight: the Natural History Museum’s ancient DNA lab