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1 CDC Switches Statement on Airborne Transmission of CCP Virus, Says Draft Accidentally Published
2 Is CDC news always accurate? Behind the recent "mistake" – Film Daily
3 Six feet of social distancing enough to protect against coronavirus? Study shows it may not be
4 ‘Emerging evidence’ of coronavirus airborne transmission indicated by WHO
5 Coronavirus could be airborne, says World Health Organisation
6 The WHO stumbles, and some scientists see a pattern
7 'Evidence emerging' of airborne Covid-19 spread, says WHO – video
8 What's true about coronavirus? World Health Organization joins TikTok to share 'reliable' information
9 Scientists: WHO ignored aerosol risk in COVID-19
10 Scientists, health officials not in agreement on whether coronavirus spreads by aerosolized droplets
11 COVID-19 Update: Airborne Virus Controversy, Stem Cells
12 Aerosols, Droplets, Fomites: What We Know About Transmission Of COVID-19
13 World Health Organization joins TikTok to teach teens about coronavirus
14 Aerosols, Droplets, Fomites: What Is Known About Transmission Of COVID-19
15 World Health Organization acknowledges 'emerging evidence' of airborne spread of Covid-19
16 W.H.O. Finally Endorses Masks to Prevent Coronavirus Transmission
17 Scientists aim to 'see' invisible transmission of coronavirus
18 WHO acknowledges 'evidence emerging' of airborne spread of novel coronavirus
19 Hundreds of scientists say coronavirus is airborne, ask WHO to revise recommendations – NYT
20 Implementing infection prevention and control (IPC) programmes worldwide
21 The WHO and Red Cross rack up big numbers talking coronavirus on TikTok through vastly different strategies
22 WHO Experts Admit COVID-19 Can Spread Through Air
23 Questions remain about airborne transmission of COVID-19
24 Scientists to choirs: Group singing can spread the coronavirus, despite what CDC may say
25 Airborne transmission of novel CoronaVirus not supported by clear evidence: WHO
26 Aerosols And Covid-19 Spread
27 Air Conditioning May Be Spreading COVID
28 The WHO Is Now Saying The Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted In The Air
29 Covid-19: Scientists ask WHO to revise recommendations as new evidence emerges
30 Covid-19 Droplets May Linger In The Air And Travel Long Distances
31 Mounting Evidence Suggests Coronavirus Is Airborne--but Health Advice Has Not Caught Up
32 Virus Updates: US Tops 3 Million Cases; WHO Says Airborne Transmission Evidence Not Yet ‘Definitive'
33 U.S. Moves To Formally Withdraw From World Health Organization As COVID-19 Cases Soar
34 Messages from our first-ever virtual Brainstorm Health
35 No, WHO hasn't yet said SARS-CoV-2 is floating in the air
36 Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on July 7
37 Global report: WHO says 'evidence emerging' of airborne coronavirus spread
38 WHO ignores aerosol risk: Aussie scientist
39 Can the coronavirus spread through the air?
40 Are hand sanitizers effective for preventing coronavirus?
41 Get informed on the top stories of the day in one quick scan
42 What Scientists Know About Airborne Transmission of the New Coronavirus
43 Airborne virus spread evidence 'emerging'
44 WHO Finally Recognizes Aerosolized Particles as Source of COVID-19 Transmission But With Reservations; Scienti
45 The World Health Organisation is offering coronavirus advice on TikTok
46 Coronavirus in Italy: The Epidemic Versus Democracy | Reporting Democracy
47 VERA FILES FACT CHECK: No, WHO did NOT say the COVID-19 virus is airborne for 8 hours
48 WHO acknowledges 'emerging evidence' that coronavirus can spread through the air
49 Testing buildings may become added weapon in coronavirus reopenings
50 Ghana to maintain protocol despite WHO's definition of COVID-19
51 COVID-19: Social distancing and how to do it
52 Virus Outbreak: WHO concedes emerging virus data for airborne spread
53 What is social distancing? As coronavirus spreads, here’s what health experts say
54 Hand Hygiene | NEJM
55 The Coronavirus: It's Inevitable but is Costa Rica Ready for an Outbreak
56 WHO backs industry stance on airborne Covid-19 threat
57 July 9 coronavirus news
58 Does Worship Singing Spread Coronavirus?
59 WHO Will Address Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 and Release New Guidance
60 Brazil's Bolsonaro tests positive, weddings mooted as Israel factor; UK acts on jobs
61 Scientists to choirs: Group singing can spread coronavirus despite what CDC might say
62 Africa: WHO Acknowledges 'Emerging Evidence' of COVID-19 Being Airborne
63 Coronavirus updates: Three new states added to NY's travel advisory
64 Scientists say WHO ignores risk that coronavirus floats in air as aerosol
65 WHO Admits'Signs emerging' of Aerial spread of COVID-19
66 Is COVID-19 an airborne disease? WHO experts weigh in
67 Experts Believe Coronavirus Is Airborne but the WHO Is Not Yet Convinced
68 Can Hand Sanitizer Kill the Coronavirus? | Shape
69 World Health Organisation joins TikTok to tackle fake news on Coronavirus
70 The latest on the coronavirus outbreak for July 6
71 What is 'social distancing' and why experts say it can help protect us from COVID-19
72 What it means to keep a safe distance
73 WHO finally endorses masks to prevent transmission
74 Covid-19: Many people still misinformed
75 Coronavirus: Why hand-washing and distancing might be 'insufficient'
76 Ghana will maintain protocol despite WHO's new definition of coronavirus
77 Covid-19: WHO chief praises successful efforts at containment of virus in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum
78 'Open windows': Supercomputer plots changes for 'airborne virus'
79 Italy: the epidemic v democracy
80 The Early Edition: July 8, 2020
81 Coronavirus Updates: US Cases Top 3 Million; WHO Changes Course on Airborne Transmission
82 US submits formal notice it will withdraw from WHO
83 WHO reviewing evidence that indicates COVID-19 is airborne
84 Coronavirus update: Anthony Fauci says lower US death rate a 'false narrative', Brazil President takes hydroxychloroquine
85 Coronavirus Misinformation Lives Online, Despite Efforts to Stamp It Out
86 How TikTok is helping fight the coronavirus. Yes, really.
87 Gap Inc. mask mandate to cover Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, Intermix and Janie & Jack stores
88 Kremlin Checks Putin Officials Over Virus Concerns
89 Comment: It is time to sing again
90 Belgium in Brief: Quarantining The Un-Quarantinable
91 Oregon coronavirus updates, July 8: 217 new COVID-19 cases, 1 additional Marion County death
92 Coronavirus is airborne: Don’t worry, new air filter can ‘catch and kill’ the virus instantly
93 WHO releases recommendations for preventing SSIs
94 May 5 is World Health Organization (WHO) #HandHygiene day
95 Facing the threat of antibiotic-resistance: Israel's success to prevent and control the spread of carbapenem-resistant bacteria
96 Re: Oxygen after surgery. The rest of the story.
97 The coronavirus is airborne – 239 experts
98 WHO Sees Growing Evidence of Airborne Covid-19 Transmission
99 Coronavirus Ireland: 11 new cases confirmed with no further deaths from COVID-19
100 Italy: the epidemic vs. democracy