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1 Benny Gantz won't quit the election race. Is that for Israel's sake, or his own?
2 Gantz: If I lose my Knesset seat, Netanyahu will turn Israel into a monarchy
3 Labor chief calls on Gantz to quit race: 'Doesn't really stand for anything'
4 Gantz: IDF updating military plans for potential strike on Iran nuclear sites
5 Liberman says he'll back head of largest party — other than Netanyahu — for PM
6 130 former top defense officials call on Gantz to pull out of election
7 Gantz says hundreds of Israelis, himself included, could be in ICC's crosshairs
8 Gantz says no evidence found so far that oil spill was deliberate
9 Gantz: What does Israel want in its leaders? Integrity or lies and manipulation?
10 Benny Gantz fighting for his political life
11 AG says won't rule now on whether PM can eject Gantz from gov't after election
12 Gantz launches civil marriage bid as poll shows him failing to enter Knesset
13 'Blood will be on your hands': Recordings leak from chaotic cabinet meeting
14 Gantz expresses intent to promote ‘security arrangement’ with Gulf allies
15 Israel Elections: Amid calls to drop out, Gantz faces his moment of truth
16 Israeli defense minister: Plans to attack Iran nuclear sites updated
17 Gantz: Hezbollah will be 'fatally wounded' if Israel drawn into a war in Lebanon
18 Gantz to IDF: ICC war crimes ruling 'a tool of our enemies'; we will defend you
19 Is Jordan's King Trying to Affect the Outcome of Israel's Election?
20 Likud In The Lead As 1 In 3 Israelis Say Netanyahu Best Suited To Be PM: Poll
21 What’s keeping a struggling Gantz in the election race? His injured pride
22 Labor chair says Meretz will likely cross threshold, urges Gantz to quit
23 Poll: Some 25% of Israelis who haven't vaccinated have no intention of doing so
24 Gantz proposes legislation for civil unions
25 Benny Gantz threatens Hezbollah | Israel Defense
26 Labor chief says Gantz should quit, doesn't rule out coalition with Sa'ar, Bennett
27 Gantz: Lebanese to pay 'heavy price' if Hezbollah attacks Israel
28 Gantz: We will not hesitate to stop Iran's entrenchment near Israel
29 Report: Netanyahu, Defense Min. Looking To EU Allies To Help Scuttle ICC Probe
30 Political dyscalculia in the anti-Netanyahu camp
31 Labor Party kicks out members who expressed support for Gantz
32 Israel, Jordan relations warm up, but not thanks to Netanyahu
33 Ministers approve medal for troops who fought in southern Lebanon
34 Sa'ar says Netanyahu being 'extorted' by ultra-Orthodox on Reform conversions
35 Gantz: If Hezbollah attacks, all of Lebanon will sadly suffer
36 Israel seizes money, goods it says Hamas was sending from Turkey to West Bank
37 Participants in Israeli-made vaccine trials not eligible for green pass
38 Israel relaxes regulations on wireless product imports
39 Meretz head sparks uproar by saying ICC probe against Israel legitimate
40 Israel's army faces a new challenge: beard complaints
41 Israel DM threatens Lebanon over remarks made by Hezbollah
42 What a waste: The story of Israel's failure to send vaccinations abroad
43 Gantz, opposition scrutinize claim Haredim let into Israel while secular denied
44 Israel agreed to more than just a prisoner exchange to get woman back from Syria
45 Top-ranking Hezbollah Official Says Terror Group Not Interested In War With Israel
46 Hezbollah Fighters Respond to Israel's Benny Gantz, Reiterate Readiness to Avenge Martyr Ali Mohsen and Defend Lebanon
47 Centrist Yair Lapid Polls Well, Ahead of Israel's Election
48 With 2 weeks until Israelis head to the polls, parties fight for every vote
49 Benny Gantz, Breaking Vows, Says He Would Serve Under Netanyahu
50 Pope Francis Prays for 'Victims of War' in Mosul
51 Even as his party members desert him, Gantz insists he’s running in March
52 Gantz: I was wrong to shake Netanyahu's hand, parties that oppose him must unite
53 How Covid-19 and Benny Gantz Saved Netanyahu
54 Syria repels Israeli missiles over Damascus — state media
55 Irish foreign minister to meet Iran's Rouhani in Tehran for nuclear deal talks
56 Benny Gantz backs bill to dissolve Israeli government
57 Gantz says he’s ‘done believing Netanyahu,’ insists he’s still best alternative
58 Benny Gantz: Boost or burden?
59 Benny Gantz Put His Country First. Will Benjamin Netanyahu Do the Same?
60 Claiming Blue and White ‘saved Israel,’ Gantz says he’ll lead party in election
61 Benny Gantz: A political eulogy
62 ICC launches war crimes probe into Israeli practices
63 Gantz appears to rebuke IDF chief over public criticism of US, threat to Iran
64 Benny Gantz: Iranian Deal Should Include Nukes, 'Oversight', Tehran's Activities in Region
65 Gantz's political party was last year's largest. Now it's the walking dead
66 Benny Gantz: Elections are wrong for Israel but better than paralysis
67 Benny Gantz, With Thin Majority, Wins Chance to Form Israeli Government
68 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, rival Gantz agree to form 'emergency' government
69 Gantz: If Netanyahu doesn't get a grip, Knesset will disband for new elections
70 Gantz said to mull over his political future with Blue and White MKs
71 Gantz warns Netanyahu not to try to sideline him again on Iran talks with US
72 Gantz unity plea falls flat, but his deep coffers are nothing to sneeze at
73 Benny Gantz Given Chance To Form New Government In Israel
74 Ready To Work With Netanyahu: Mansour Abbas Splinters Arab Vote In Israel | Scoop News
75 Disarray in Blue and White: TV reports say if Gantz stays on, others will quit
76 Israel's Benny Gantz gives interview to Saudi newspaper
77 ‘This is going nowhere’: Gantz, Netanyahu shout at each other at cabinet meeting
78 Gantz accuses PM of trying to derail permit process for Palestinian construction
79 Ex-justice minister says Gantz agreed to 'insane' Likud demands behind his back
80 Gantz lauds normalization, but says no stability without talking to Palestinians
81 Profile | Who is Benny Gantz, the new face in Israel Cabinet?
82 Bidding to foster unity, Gantz apologizes to Lapid for saying he ‘hates people’
83 Gantz ups pressure on Netanyahu as coalition teeters on brink of collapse
84 Gantz blocks Netanyahu’s ‘irresponsible’ push to legalize West Bank outposts
85 Lapid says he's had no contact with Gantz, Ashkenazi since stormy split
86 Gantz warns Netanyahu he won’t be prime minister again after 4th election
87 Israel: Benny Gantz seeks unity with Netanyahu, as party disintegrates
88 Benny Gantz Will call for an election if budget is not passed by December
89 Ready to Work with Netanyahu: Mansour Abbas Splinters Arab Vote in Israel
90 Benny Gantz, both politically and personally, is the anti-Netanyahu
91 Benny Gantz calls upon Mahmoud Abbas to resume talks
92 Meet Benny Gantz, the man who may be the post-Netanyahu face of Israel
93 Gantz: World must unite to prevent Iran from getting nuclear arms
94 Gantz, Ashkenazi said kept in dark about Saudi Arabia trip
95 The naiveté of Benny Gantz | Opinion |
96 Gantz first Israeli leader to congratulate Biden, looks to boost defense ties
97 A year before Gantz is set to succeed Netanyahu, both express doubt it'll happen
98 Despite spectacularly stormy split, Lapid and Gantz may reunite for election run
99 The Enigmatic Benny Gantz
100 Who is Benny Gantz? The former military chief could be Israel’s next prime minister.