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1 “Vision is the Way,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 10/30/2020)
2 Penguin Random House is buying Simon & Schuster. That’s bad for readers.
3 Best Seller Publishing | 10/27/20
4 Gale West's “Money, Come Dance With Me”
5 “I On Beauty,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 11/13/2020)
6 Staff at Publishing House Cry Over Printing Jordan Peterson's New Book
7 A Trump Memoir Would Sell. Will Publishers Buy It?
8 Simon & Schuster Sold Just About Everything in 2020—Except Itself
9 “Mass Tort Secrets,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book, is Free For One More Day (until 11/6/2020)
10 Some publishers cool to post-White House book by Trump
11 Book publishers ready to hit pause on political titles after the election
12 Douglas Stuart hopes Booker win helps working-class writers
13 Irene Michaels' “I On Beauty”
14 Best Sellers Sell the Best Because They’re Best Sellers
15 "Joy of Life" on South Korean Best-seller Lists
16 Obama's highly anticipated book 'A Promised Land' sells 890,000 copies on its first day
17 Best Seller Publishing | 10/16/20
18 Apple Books-Top-10 | Entertainment |
19 Jesper Drescher's “Digital Africa”
20 Terry Dunken's “Mass Tort Secrets”
21 Bertelsmann buys Simon & Schuster for $2.2 billion
22 Columbia Basin Herald
23 Suicide, An Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 10/16/2020)
24 Best Seller Publishing | 10/08/20
25 Amistad Launches #BlackoutBestsellerList on Social Media
26 Can #BlackoutBestsellerList be the reckoning the publishing industry needs?
27 The Bestselling Books of 2020 (So Far)
28 Wahida Clark Presents Publishing Launches Sci-Fi / Fantasy Imprint with “The Vanguard” Series by Chase Bolling
29 “In Spite Of…,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free for One More Day (until 10/23/2020)
30 Breaking Down the Bestsellers of 2019
31 Obama's 'A Promised Land' sells record 1.7M copies in first week
32 'Where the Crawdads Sing' Was Top Seller in 2019
33 10 Tips To Make Your Print Book A Best-Seller
34 If you're holiday shopping at indie bookstores, you'd better start now
35 5 Best Book Publishers in New Hampshire🥇
36 An author bought his own book to get higher on bestseller lists. Is that fair?
37 The Black-Authored Books Everyone Should Buy To Support #BlackPublishingPower
38 Writing a Book Is a Solitary Endeavor. Publishing One Is a Group Effort.
39 How the #BlackoutBestsellerList Challenge Supports Black Writers and Publishing
40 Black US authors top New York Times bestseller list as protests continue
41 Can Amazon Finally Crack the Bestseller Code?
42 His Book Is a Bestseller, But John Bolton's Legal Fight Continues
43 “Protecting TROY,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 7/3/2020)
44 Long Live the Bestseller Kings
45 Brenna Stull's “Coach Mom”
46 Mary Trump’s Tell-All Book About Her Uncle, Donald Trump, Sets a Publishing Sales Record
47 A Surprisingly Strong Year of Book Sales Continues
48 8 Publishing Insights Revealed By Last Year’s Top 50 Bestselling UK Books
49 Donald Trump, Jr. Would Likely Have Made The Bestseller List Without The RNC Buy
50 Blue Handle Publishing Announces the Two-Book Deal with Amazon Best Selling Author Andrew J Brandt
51 US-Best-Sellers-Books-USAToday
52 Mary Ann Robbat's “Tollerra”
53 Amazon Publishes Books by Top Authors, and Rivals Fret
54 Write a Story
55 “Master Storytelling,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 3/20/2020)
56 This Week's Bestsellers: August 31, 2020
57 In the Race for Trump Tell-Alls, Simon & Schuster Is Leading
58 #PublishingPaidMe and a Day of Action Reveal an Industry Reckoning
59 How To Self-Publish A Bestseller: Publishing 3.0
60 ‘A Conflicted Cultural Force’: What It’s Like to Be Black in Publishing
61 Bestselling Books Week Ended April 18
62 “Viking Lullaby” is Now Free on Amazon for 5 Days (until 8/14/2020)
63 Woodward’s ‘Rage’ Sells 600,000 Copies In First Week, But It’s Far From The Best-Performing Trump Book Of 2020
64 This Week's Bestsellers: October 5, 2020
65 15 authors who published best-selling books when they were teenagers
66 'Fifty Shades of Grey' tops decade's best seller list
67 Can Big Data Find the Next 'Harry Potter'?
68 “Wealth Hacking Secrets,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 4/24/2020)
69 “O Beloved” is Now Free on Amazon for 5 Days (until 6/12/2020)
70 How to become a best-selling author on Amazon in five minutes with three dollars
71 Anti-racist book dethrones 'Hunger Games' prequel on best-seller list amid mass protests
72 “Pretty Boy Blue,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 4/17/2020)
73 Books on race dominating Amazon’s best-seller list
74 “The 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 6/5/2020)
75 “F*** Leadership,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 10/25/2019)
76 How Self-Publishing Made One Author a Best-Seller
77 Woodward’s book proves Americans still want to read about Trump
78 “The Autoimmune Answer,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 6/12/2020)
79 Apple-Books-Top-10 for 8/30/20
80 Trump Books Keep Coming, and Readers Can’t Stop Buying
81 How Bestseller Lists Actually Work -- And How To Get On Them
82 Missing Weddings? Lucy Foley’s Sinister Best Seller Will Cheer You Up
83 These self-published authors are actually making a living. Here's how.
84 What big data can tell us about how a book becomes a best-seller
85 5 Self-Publishing Book Tips From the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' Author Who Has Sold Over 500 Million Copies
86 'Becoming' Is Top-Selling Title In 2018
87 For publishers, books on race and racism have been a surprising success
88 7 Publishing Insights Revealed By Last Year's Top 100 Bestselling Books
89 LMBPN® Publishing Signs Dakota Krout, Best-Selling Author of the Popular Completionist Chronicles Series to an Exclusive Multi-Year German Translation Publishing Agreement
90 Best-selling books for week ended June 20, 2020
91 Karen Burger's “From a Woman's Heart”
92 Author loses spot in Top 10 after buying 400 copies of his own book
93 Is Publishing Too Top-Heavy?
94 “The Transformation Files” is Now Free on Amazon for 5 Days (until 1/31/2020)
95 10 Steps to Self-Publish Your Book Like a Bestseller
96 With Kids Learning From Home, Children’s Publishers See a Spike
97 Trump-bashing books by president's niece and John Bolton are Amazon bestsellers even before release
98 Bestseller, Comedian Robinson Gets Imprint at Plume
99 What You Need to Know to Create a Best-selling Book