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1 Betsy DeVos says kids need to return to classroom: 'There are no excuses for sowing fear'
2 DeVos urges school districts to 'think creatively' about reopening amid coronavirus | TheHill
3 Betsy DeVos is an abysmal failure and our nation’s schoolchildren are paying the price
4 Trump says he will pressure states to reopen schools in fall: ‘It’s time to do it’
5 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos issues rule steering more coronavirus relief aid to private schools
6 Secretary DeVos on Espinoza: Religious Discrimination is Dead
7 As pandemic tests public schools, Betsy DeVos pushes school choice
8 Michigan attorney general: Betsy DeVos ‘reverse Robin Hood’ taking from poorer schools to give to richer ones
9 DeVos is pushing legal boundaries with private school guidance, experts say
10 Secretary Betsy DeVos echoes President Trump: There's no excuse for schools not to reopen
11 California judge blocks Betsy DeVos from withholding relief money from undocumented students
12 Judge orders Betsy DeVos to cancel 7,200 scammed borrowers’ student loans
13 Has Trump Backer and Education Czar Betsy DeVos Gone Too Far?
14 Secretary DeVos Releases Statement on the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative Executive Order
15 Sec. Betsy DeVos Issues Rule Directing School Aid Money
16 Betsy DeVos sued by New York for "ongoing injury" to students: report
17 Federal Judge Orders DeVos To Cancel Student Loans For Some Students
18 DeVos attacks Fairfax County schools for covid-19 policies
19 Secretary DeVos Challenges Educators to Rethink Education Options for Rural High School Students Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
20 With Coronavirus Relief For Private Schools, Legal Experts Say Betsy DeVos Is Pushing Boundaries Of The Law
21 Betsy DeVos Issues Emergency Rule That DACA And Foreign Students Cannot Receive Corona Virus Relief Funds
22 Kaul sues Betsy DeVos over repeal of for-profit college rules
23 Betsy DeVos Promotes Trump Build A Tan Lotion
24 Mike Pence pushed governors to reopen their schools, citing economy
25 Maryland State Education Association Raises Concerns Amid Push To Reopen Schools
26 Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary Betsy DeVos to visit Waukesha STEM Academy Tuesday
27 'How the hell are we going to do this?' The panic over reopening schools
28 Stateside: Cornelius Fredericks' death; Black mental health; Nessel sues DeVos over CARES funds
29 2020 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum Begins July 15 With Opening Keynote Betsy DeVos
30 Nelnet And Great Lakes Will No Longer Service Your Federal Student Loans
31 Zeoli: The DMV is the Socialistic "Utopia" the Dems Want
32 Betsy DeVos doubles down on her education agenda during the pandemic
33 Betsy DeVos defends decision to direct stimulus money to private schools
34 U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is the real civics failure
35 Betsy DeVos: the billionaire Republican destroying public education
36 DeVos Plans to Force Public Schools Share Aid With Private Ones
37 Betsy DeVos’s problem with numbers
38 Four especially testy moments when Betsy DeVos testified on Capitol Hill
39 Betsy Devos looking to divert funding to private schools
40 DeVos Funnels Coronavirus Relief Funds to Favored Private and Religious Schools
41 Senators press Betsy DeVos on Education Department’s coronavirus response
42 Nation’s governors urge Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to immediately disburse new federal relief funding for schools
43 Betsy DeVos on Coronavirus: What Are the Feds Doing to Help Schools?
44 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos defends policy boosting virus aid for private schools
45 Betsy DeVos Earned At Least $56 Million While In Office Last Year
46 Betsy DeVos Is In Trouble, Again
47 Special Education Teachers a New Focus for Betsy DeVos Voucher Push
48 'Preach it, sister!' Why the Trump base loves Betsy DeVos
49 Betsy DeVos Completes Sexual Assault Rules
50 US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Releases Statement on State of the Union
51 US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Announces New Flexibility for States to Better Meet the Needs of Students, Local Communities
52 Pandemic a High-Stakes Test for Betsy DeVos' Leadership
53 Secretary DeVos Calls on Wealthy Institutions to Reject Taxpayer Emergency Funds, Congress to Change Eligibility
54 Betsy DeVos Urges Schools to Teach New Material Amid Coronavirus Turmoil
55 Betsy DeVos Releases Billions More in Coronavirus Education Aid
56 Governors Urge Betsy DeVos: Give Us Coronavirus Aid and Guidance Quickly
57 After Monday rebuke, Whitmer praises DeVos company for coronavirus donations
58 Counterpoint: Betsy DeVos is the Real Civics Failure – InsideSources
59 Why the DeVos family's backing of the Michigan protests is no surprise
60 Betsy DeVos Says She Was Planning to Close All Schools Anyway
61 Betsy DeVos, Education Department Held In Contempt In Student Loan Case
62 Betsy DeVos openly admits she is using coronavirus crisis to impose private school choice agenda
63 US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Honors Two Educators with Inaugural Presidential Cybersecurity Education Award
64 US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Announces Proposed Rule Regarding Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Education Institutions, Provides Updated School Prayer Guidance
65 Betsy DeVos: Trump 'could talk about education more'
66 'Fire' Betsy DeVos? Democrats Turn Cabinet Turnover Into Campaign Attack
67 Did Betsy DeVos Just Become Arne Duncan 2.0?
68 As Others See It: Betsy DeVos hits the reset button on campus sexual harassment rules
69 Teachers File Suit Against Secretary Betsy DeVos
70 California sues Education Secretary DeVos, saying she has failed to implement student loan forgiveness program
71 How unpopular is Betsy DeVos?
72 Betsy DeVos to Testify Before Congress Over Loan Collection From Defrauded Students
73 Betsy DeVos' security detail could cost $26 million over four years
74 U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Gov. Lee tour Nashville technical school
75 Betsy DeVos Releases First Coronavirus Emergency Aid for K-12 Schools
76 House Oversight Committee Threatens to Subpoena Education Secretary Betsy DeVos
77 U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos talking to Ohio lawmakers as they negotiate voucher legislation
78 American Federation of Teachers: Three Years of Betsy DeVos Has Been Bad for Education
79 DeVos compares abortion rights debate to slavery
80 Cal Thomas: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos doubles down on reforms
81 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos wants to spin off federal student aid office into new agency
82 Readout of Vice President Pence and Secretary DeVos' Conference Call with Education Stakeholders
83 Fairness in the Age of Betsy DeVos
84 Betsy DeVos is another 'fox guarding the hen house'
85 No, Betsy DeVos is not going to jail
86 Betsy DeVos talks faith, education choice during Nashville NRB 2020 conference
87 US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos touts religious freedom in education in Jefferson City visit
88 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos pushes school vouchers at Scottsdale event
89 DeVos: Leaving Students Behind And Launching National School Vouchers
90 Betsy DeVos calls $5 billion school tax credit plan ‘the conservative answer to what ails American education’ -- and says, incorrectly, that it won’t cost the government money
91 Betsy DeVos compares anti-abortion activism to fight against slavery
92 Why Charter Schoolers Are Feuding With Betsy DeVos
93 Senate Votes To Overturn Betsy DeVos Decision To Withhold Debt Relief From Defrauded Students
94 House Democrats condemn Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' handling of loan forgiveness program
95 Betsy DeVos calls low history and civics marks ‘stark and inexcusable,’ but are NAEP scores worth fretting?
96 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos faces another lawsuit for overturning an Obama-era rule
97 Will Betsy DeVos Be Held In Contempt Again?
98 Senate passes $484 billion relief bill as U.S. cases top 800,000
99 Judge teaches Education Secretary Betsy DeVos a lesson
100 Betsy DeVos Might Outlast Them All