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1 Watch: Boise Mayor Lauren McLean gives her first State of the City address
2 Former Boise mayor Dave Bieter gets to work with Gardner Co.
3 Former Boise mayoral candidate arrested on felony charge, says he will ‘seek help’
4 ‘It’s a shame’: In frank email to supporter, Bieter talks about reasons for defeat
5 Boise, ID taxpayers paid former Dave Bieter aide $41,000 after brief return
6 Bieter to join Gardner Company
7 McLean says she’ll appoint herself to CCDC commission if Bieter doesn’t step off
8 Dave Bieter joins real estate firm, discusses working with Mayor McLean at CCDC
9 Boise Mayor Dave Bieter prepares for the next chapter of his life
10 Bieter is still on Boise’s urban renewal board. This bill would remove him
11 Proposed state legislation could force Bieter off Boise urban renewal commission
12 Taxpayers paid former Bieter aide more than $40K after about 23 days of work
13 Bieter posts that McLean volunteers said he’s backed by, part of ‘Basque mafia’
14 McLean said Bieter should quit Boise’s urban-renewal board. Call me, he said. She did.
15 McLean says she’ll appoint herself to urban renewal board if Bieter doesn’t step down
16 15 parks. 4 new libraries. Fast growth, soaring home prices. How Bieter changed Boise
17 Voices: McLean sworn in as new Boise mayor as Bieter steps aside; new council seated
18 Bieter on the record: On his chances, on the library & stadium, on McLean, and on Fr. Faucher
19 Bieter says he wants to steer Boise’s politics to calmer waters during a vibrant era
20 Calendars show Bieter spends most of his time ‘out,’ as election nears
21 Bieter: 'It has been the honor of my life to serve as mayor of my hometown'
22 Boise spent $950 to make ‘The Mayor Bieter Podcast,’ released it during the runoff
23 How little-known Lauren McLean beat Boise’s mighty Mayor Bieter: The inside story
24 4 Bieter staffers leave the city after McLean's swearing in
25 McLean unseats Bieter in runoff election to become Boise's next mayor
26 Boise Mayor Bieter backs off on short-term rental rules
27 Runoff expert says Bieter faces long odds in second faceoff with McLean
28 City Council President Pro Tem endorses Bieter due to camping ordinance
29 Bieter reflects back on sixteen years as mayor as he prepares to say goodbye
30 McLean, Bieter prepare for Boise runoff: what they’re saying and how it will work
31 Boise mayor runoff election may have turned ugly, but it was good for our democracy
32 Mayor David Bieter, Lauren McLean to face off in Boise mayoral runoff
33 Mayor Bieter Hired His Chief Lobbyist For His Campaign While She Still Worked For Boise
34 After runoff loss, Bieter rehires campaign staffer for city job; McLean ‘surprised’
35 What happens to the new Boise library after Tuesday’s vote? Bieter has one idea
36 Bieter and McLean haven’t really talked in weeks. So how is Boise’s transition going?
37 Boise Fire Chief asks local union to pull ad supporting Dave Bieter
38 Mayor Bieter hired his chief lobbyist for campaign while she still worked for Boise
39 Bieter rehires campaign staffer to city post after election loss
40 Bieter, McLean Go Head To Head In First Boise Mayoral Runoff Debate
41 Bieter’s network: money and influence give sitting mayor strong political power in Boise
42 McLean didn’t plan to join Boise’s urban renewal board. Now she’s among 3 new members
43 Dave Bieter & Lauren McLean Boise Mayor runoff Q&A
44 Boise Mayoral Candidate Conversations 2019: Dave Bieter
45 Watch: Boise mayoral runoff candidates Dave Bieter, Lauren McLean share their views on homelessness, more
46 Bieter & McLean Take To The City Club Stage In Advance Of Boise Runoff Mayoral Election
47 Boise Mayoral Candidate Lauren McLean Refuses Future Debates With Opponent Dave Bieter
48 Mayor Bieter said he'd slow growth in the Foothills. Land owners aren't backing off
49 One Last Conversation With Bieter, McLean Before Special Runoff Election
50 Boise mayoral candidates talk new library, criticize others’ past decisions at forum
51 In State of the City speech, Boise Mayor Bieter addresses plans for housing crisis
52 Someone put sleeping bags, tents in front of McLean’s signs, campaign says
53 Boise is headed for a mayoral runoff election. Here’s how it will work
54 McLean campaign claims someone is putting up tents and sleeping bags by campaign yard signs
55 Arnold, Bieter, McLean pick up endorsements ahead of mayoral election
56 McLean hires Bieter's chief of staff and Conservation Voters for Idaho director to top jobs
57 Danielle Hurd nominated to Boise's CCDC urban renewal panel
58 Analysis: Bieter & McLean's history drives race for Boise mayor | BoiseDev
59 A new Costco. Hundreds of homes. What’s coming near you. Plus: Bieter’s latest gig
60 Bieter: ‘Pause planning’ on Boise library; Costs are over budget, second vote can’t go o ...
61 Bieter, McLean to discuss homelessness with Boise's homeless community Thursday
62 Letter to the editor: Bieter for Boise mayor
63 Idaho Statesman editorial board endorses Lauren McLean for Boise mayor
64 Live Runoff Election Results: The race for Boise Mayor and Caldwell City Council Seat 6
65 Want to rent out room on Airbnb? Bieter would make you live at house, follow new rules
66 Mayor Bieter's Campaign Fundraiser Directed City Business As Jobs Overlapped
67 Analysis: Boise Mayor Lauren McLean asks for fire chief's resignation
68 Interfaith Sanctuary: Boise homeless forum raised awareness
69 Judge: Tenant entitled to jury trial in eviction proceeding — effectively staying case
70 Boise Mayor Dave Bieter Revisits Accomplishments In Annual Address
71 The race for Boise mayor: On the eve of election day, here’s the story of the race
72 Bieter helped create PAC discouraging voters from signing main library petition
73 Dave Bieter enters Boise, ID mayor's race flush with cash | BoiseDev
74 Mayor Dave Bieter wants to stay the course in his bid for fifth term
75 Former Boise Employee Directed City Business While Working For Mayor Bieter's Campaign
76 Boise City Council President, Lauren McLean, announces she will challenge Bieter for Mayor
77 Anti-library ballot initiative campaign manager now working for Bieter reelection
78 Realtors lash out at Bieter's proposed restrictions on Boise Airbnb rentals
79 Campaign finance reports show big fundraising in Boise mayor's race, five contributors to Protect Our Libraries PAC
80 Here’s who is running for Boise mayor and City Council
81 His letter on behalf of Faucher was read aloud at sentencing. Now Boise’s mayor responds
82 Boise mayoral candidates to attend Q&A with Interfaith Sanctuary
83 Downtown Boise's holiday tree lighting rescheduled
84 Mayor Bieter assured Boise is 'well-positioned' for future success
85 CCDC gave funds to Boise for newspaper boxes for use after downtown district terminated
86 State of 208: Don Nelson talks growth with Boise Mayor Dave Bieter
87 Supreme Court won't review Boise's homeless camping ban
88 Boise Mayor On Short-Term Rental Proposals: 'It's All About Promoting Long-Term Rentals'
89 Boise’s leadership is exceptional, focused on our future, and not at all menacing
90 Reception to Bieter's proposal to regulate Airbnb regulations mixed, advisory group set to form
91 Mayor Bieter defends private conversation with controversial trucking terminal developer's lawyer
92 Mayor David Bieter says a successful future depends on Boise’s strength: Kindness
93 Victorious McLean transitions to power in Boise
94 Boise Mayor Dave Bieter announces he is running again
95 Most evictions halted by Supreme Court order for now, but the process still moving ahead
96 Organizations sue Idaho in attempt to preserve tenants' rights in eviction cases, they say
97 Boise School District will take over leadership of Boise Kind initiative
98 Bieter vs Dicaire at Boise City Hall
99 Mayor Bieter proclaims April 24 'Denim Day' for City of Boise
100 The Mayors: With the election looming, who funded De Weerd & Bieter?