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1 The Art of (Big Tech) War
2 The meteoric rise of Clubhouse — and why Big Tech is taking notice
3 House members assail Big Tech (again), consider changes to antitrust law
4 Critics: Iowa Lawmakers’ Big Tech Bill Not Based in Reality
5 Hawley calls for breakup of Big Tech 'oligarchs,' companies that 'sold us out to China'
6 Big Tech in hot seat at political gala amid Beijing crackdown and tech war
7 Interoperability Gains Support at House Hearing on Big Tech Competition
8 DeSantis vs. Big Tech
9 Iowa GOP bill targeting Big Tech not based in reality, Democrats say
10 The internet breaks too easily. Can that be fixed?
11 Timnit Gebru's ouster shows how Big Tech dominates AI ethics
12 Iowa’s Bill Against Big Tech Risks Economic Development
13 Big Tech can pay taxes just like mom-and-pop stores do
14 Is Twitter angling to become Big Tech?
15 Opinion: Australia's Big Tech crackdown is no model to emulate
16 Maryland wants to tax Big Tech. Could other states follow?
17 Australia led the way v. Big Tech, now Congress needs to follow
18 If Big Tech has the will, here are ways research shows self-regulation can work
19 Small Businesses Embrace Connected Commerce, Defend Big Tech In Antitrust Hearings
20 Iowa bill would punish Big Tech if it blocks conservatives on social media
21 The Worm Turns on Big Tech, New Types of American Threats
22 Apple's duel with Facebook is a new form of big-tech rivalry
23 The Government Needs to Find Big Tech a New Business Model
24 Australia passes law to make Big Tech pay for news
25 Ireland GDPR report: Big fines coming soon for Big Tech?
26 Anti-Big Tech crusader reportedly poised to join Biden White House
27 The State House Versus Big Tech
28 Why Higher Rates Are Hammering Big Tech
29 Double down on epicenter stocks and avoid Big Tech, market bull Tom Lee suggests
30 House panel eyes antitrust crackdown on Big Tech companies
31 BIG TECH BATTLEGROUND: Facebook, Google VS Australian, Canadian News
32 Congress gets ready to grill Big Tech with a series of hearings starting next week
33 The massive challenge of regulating Big Tech
34 Sen. Lee introduces PROMISE Act targeting ‘political bias’ in big tech companies
35 Weakness in Big Tech stocks leaves Wall Street mostly lower
36 Sacha Baron Cohen Accuses Big Tech of Promoting Murder, Capitol Riot
37 Florida Republican Party Chair Joe Gruters on election integrity, big tech, vaccinations
38 How Australia forced big tech to bargain.
39 Big Tech Needs Better Law | Opinion
40 The statehouse versus Big Tech | Commentary
41 Views of Big Tech Worsen; Public Wants More Regulation
42 This browser extension shows what the Internet would look like without Big Tech
43 Watch: Donald Trump Jr. gives a fiery speech at CPAC 2021
44 Big Tech is swallowing the rest of Silicon Valley
45 Big Tech and the “Common Carrier”
46 US House lays out three potential areas of change to rein in Big Tech
47 Exclusive: Pro-Trump groups put a target on Big Tech
48 Mike Santoli's market notes: Big Tech syncs up with long-term Treasuries, ARK Invest battleground
49 Sens. Lee, Moran and Braun introduce PROMISE Act to hold Big Tech accountable
50 China’s Online-Lending Curbs to Hit Big Tech Firms and Regional Banks
51 Dow Soars 400 Points After Powell Eases Inflation Concerns, But Big Tech Continues To Struggle
52 Here are the possible next CEOs of the biggest tech firms in the
53 Big Tech Employees Opened Wallets for Biden Campaign
54 Big Tech's Top EU Data Watchdog Hits Back at 'Ludicrous' Critics
55 Big Tech’s Unlikely Next Battleground: North Dakota
56 The State vs Big Tech battle involves crucial questions of democracy
57 Big tech is failing on ESG: Why corporates must do more to tackle social inequality and drive meaningful change
58 If Work Is Going Remote, Why Is Big Tech Still Building?
59 Tech stocks fall on inflation fears, Brazil's oil intervention, Big Tech goes green
60 Big Tech’s Next Big Problem Could Come From People Like ‘Mr. Sweepy’
61 How big tech's fight Down Under could transform social media's future
62 House lawmakers argue to update antitrust laws to rein in tech giants
63 Australia: Big Tech firms unveil anti-disinformation code
64 8 recent big tech partnerships in healthcare: Apple, Amazon, Google & more
65 India Targets Climate Activists With the Help of Big Tech
66 After Google drama, Big Tech must fight against AI bias
67 Big tech’s evasion of responsibility may be coming to an end
68 A focused federal agency is necessary to oversee Big Tech
69 'Change Is Coming' In Big Tech, House Antitrust Dem Vows
70 Australia’s fight with Big Tech previews other battles to come
71 It's time to free ourselves from 'Big Tech' monopoly
72 Wall Street on mixed footing as big tech outperforms the Dow
73 If Big Tech has the will, research can show the way to self-regulation
74 Big Tech Execs To Testify Before Congress (Again); Cord Shaving Will Be a Big Problem For Cable Nets
75 Big Tech faces additional pressure from private antitrust lawsuits.
76 Big Tech lobbying groups sue Maryland to stop country's first digital advertising tax
77 Big Tech Goes to War | Global With Gupta
78 Big Tech Under Fire: New Antitrust Bill Targets “Extremely Large” Companies
79 Big Tech 'Aiding' Beijing in Its Push for Global Dominance, Sen. Blackburn Says
80 Big Tech versus journalism: publishers watch Australia fight with bated breath
81 Big tech needs 'next big thing' amid pandemic, economic uncertainties
82 Big Tech’s Bullying Campaigns
83 We can't trust big tech or the government to weed out fake news, but a public-led approach just might work
84 Gov. DeSantis offers new details in plan to take on Big Tech
85 UK competition watchdog warns Big Tech of coming antitrust probes
86 India frames new rules to regulate Big Tech to curb social media misuse
87 US Senate Takes Aim at Big Tech
88 Targeting Big Tech, Maryland becomes first state to tax digital advertising
89 Florida governor takes aim at big tech, which he says now resembles ‘big brother’
90 Big Tech regulation: why it could be a long road ahead
91 Amazon's Jeff Bezos is the latest Big Tech founder to leave his company
92 Is big tech now just too big to stomach?
93 America's Tech Giants Need to Regain Trust to Help the U.S. Compete With China. Here’s How
94 With Democrats in Power, the US Push Against Big Tech Grows
95 The Technology 202: Klobuchar's new antitrust bill may hit Big Tech where it hurts
96 States Have Been Busy With Big Tech Regulations. Here's the Rundown.
97 Big tech-led equity inflows fuelling 'mother-of-all asset bubbles'
98 How Big Tech Antitrust Reform Could Affect Small Businesses
99 Florida Republicans target Big Tech and its big business in the state
100 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is the last founder-CEO in Big Tech as Bezos steps back