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1 House Democrats to Call for Big Tech Breakups
2 Big Tech Faces Ban From Favoring Own Services Under EU Rules
3 Brussels drafts rules to force Big Tech to share data
4 Big Tech isn't going to save us | TheHill
5 Big tech firms may be handing Hong Kong user data to China
6 Does Big Tech Violate Antitrust Law? Let the Courts Decide, Not Congress | Asheesh Agarwal
7 Are we finally wising up to Big Tech?
8 Big Tech Compliance Tracker: Facebook Hints At EU Pullout Over Data Transfers Laws; Appeal Filed Over Apple’s $15B Tax Bill On Ireland Operations; In-App Billing Battle Rages On
9 What's Next for Silicon Valley?
10 The need for regulation of big tech beyond antitrust
11 Concentrated power in Big Tech harms the US
12 Employees of Big Four tech companies show lopsided support for Biden campaign
13 Senators Target Big Tech’s Legal Immunity In Online Drug-Dealing Crackdown
14 The Social Dilemma review: How big tech companies use us for profit
15 Americans Say Nation's Big Tech Companies Have Too Much Power
16 Momentum Monday: Apple, Facebook, Other Big Tech Lead Charge Higher To Start The Week
17 Kelly Armstrong didn't know much about big tech when he got to Congress. Now, the North Dakota Republican is a leading wonk
18 Where Trump and Biden Stand on Big Tech
19 Big tech has 2 elephants in the room: Privacy and competition
20 Breaking up big tech may be the least worst choice
21 Big Tech is turning on one another amid antitrust probes and litigation
22 Big Tech’s praise for Biden will strike most people as a reason to prefer Trump
23 Martin Sorrell says U.S.-China 'cold war' is bogging down business, dismisses Big Tech break-up
24 Big Tech's share of the S&P 500 reached record level in August
25 Analysis: Big Tech is falling short as Trump and his allies poison the well with disinformation
26 Ignore big tech, buy these stocks -Hilary Kramer
27 Breaking Up or Better Regulating Big Tech?
28 Why good news could be bad news for Big Tech
29 Where Danger Lurks in the Big Tech Rally
30 Jim Cramer recommends buying Big Tech, dividend stocks into further weakness
31 Big Tech is suffering from ‘mean reversion.’ And the downdraft isn’t over yet
32 Big Tech back under attack
33 Why Technology Should Not Be Regulated Like Finance
34 Majority of tech employees and potential founders say big tech needs more regulation
35 Wall Street slumps as Big Tech once again leads decline
36 Big Tech takes the climate change lead
37 America’s Tech Billionaires Could Help Protect the Election. If They Wanted To.
38 Watching Big Tech For Clues: Direction Of Mega-Caps, Including Apple, Could be Key
39 New York vs. Big Tech: Move ahead on state anti-trust legislation
40 Local View: Assault on Big Tech a waste
41 The Misguided Antitrust Attack on Big Tech
42 Anti-Big Tech campaign gains momentum, from curbs on protections to lawsuits
43 Netflix's 'Social Dilemma' Exposes The Dark Side Of Big Tech, Omits Bias
44 Congress wants to dismantle ‘Big Tech’ but does anyone else care?
45 Fintech and big tech credit: a new database
46 Big Tech: Not Yet A Bubble
47 Big Tech asserts its influence in Colorado, but the U.S. Senate candidates aren't willing to discuss it
48 A leading tech executive explains why empathy is critical in tech
49 Big Tech's Climate Week News Cheat Sheet
50 Stocks Soar Thanks to Stimulus Hopes, Big Tech Rally
51 The disruption con: why big tech's favourite buzzword is nonsense
52 Big tech needs more time to work off major excesses, top money manager Jeff Mills warns
53 Why big tech will remain the safest bet in a post-Covid-19 world
54 Congressional Action Has Typically Left Big Tech Firms Intact, Instead Mandating that They Improve Access For All Consumers. For Today's Surveillance Capitalists, Washington Should Stick to That Model.
55 The six biggest tech stocks have lost more than $1 trillion in value in three days
56 Conservative group launches website to battle big tech companies over online censorship
57 Why big tech stocks can weather the storm
58 Mike Davis: Buck leading fight in Washington to hold big tech accountable
59 Will increased scrutiny by regulators halt the rally in ‘big tech’ shares?
60 What to expect on tech policy in the next presidential administration
61 Here are the biggest winners in a solid third quarter for U.S. stocks
62 Tech Bytes: Part 2 of September's big tech reveals
63 DOJ Gives Congress Blueprint to Crackdown on Big Tech Censorship | NewsRadio 740 KTRH
64 Wall Street Tumbles Again With Tech Stocks Leading
65 Stock market live updates: Dow jumps 350, Big Tech rebounds, still 4-week losing streak
66 Tech Tent: Big Tech and the future of work
67 Big Tech Cos. Must Protect Against Finance Scams, FCA Says
68 A top Washington analyst weighs the risks of antitrust actions against Big Tech
69 BIG Designs AI CITY, an Innovation Campus Hosting Headquarters of Tech Firm in Chongqing, China
70 Silicon Valley surveillance company Palantir to go public Wednesday on New York Stock Exchange
71 Big Tech's battle for billions leaves lots of collateral damage
72 How a tiny company paved the way for Big Tech – and big problems
73 Big Comeback For Apple, Netflix, And Other Big Tech Names Softens Some Of The Pain
74 Big Tech Weighs Too Heavily? Feast on These Stocks Instead.
75 Stocks Log Tumultuous Week Thanks to Big Tech
76 GOP Critics Sound Alarm over November’s Big-Tech Stakes
77 Mike Santoli's market notes: Tech finds some support, biggest outflow since '18, oversold enough?
78 Intelligence Squared debate: Washington should break up Big Tech
79 Big tech needs big government watchdogs
80 What Evidence Is There of Big Tech’s Harm?
81 Big Tech finds a way to pass on the cost of digital taxes in Europe
82 Tech giants are the 'winners' of the coronavirus crisis and should pay more tax, Europe official says
83 Big Tech stocks resume sell-off
84 How Stocks Are Reacting To The 2020 Election Cycle
85 Big Tech Tracker: Apple Goes All In On 5G
86 Already down 13%, Big Tech stocks have plenty more room to fall, analysts say
87 Big Tech's Heavy Hand Around the Globe
88 Commentary: Are the best days of Big Tech over?
89 Bust 'Em All: Let's De-Monopolize Tech, Telecoms AND Entertainment
90 Analysis | A Bubble Scarier Than Big Tech Is Brewing in China
91 Big Tech Companies Want to Help Get You Back in the Office
92 Why Big Tech is quietly collaborating on open source AI
93 Apple and Big Tech's product launches are now just sideshows
94 Trump Points To Anecdotal Evidence Of Big Tech Bias As He Calls For Congress To ‘Repeal Section 230’
95 Australia's misguided attack on Big Tech
96 End Big Tech censorship by fixing Section 230, not repealing it
97 Tom Herman: With TCU coming, Texas' big over Tech way in the rear view
98 Big Tech: Too Much Value Concentrated In Only A Few Ecosystems
99 Much of the market's weakness is centered on Big Tech
100 A Capitalist Fix to the Digital Divide