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1 Barr says calls for coronavirus lockdown are the 'greatest intrusion on civil liberties' other than slavery in US history
2 Barr says Russia isn't the biggest threat to US elections
3 Federal prosecutor in Massachusetts accuses Barr of a 'dangerous abuse of power'
4 Bill Barr's Long-Held Ideas About America
5 Impeach Bill Barr
6 Bill Barr compares coronavirus lockdown to slavery
7 Injustice: Tracking Bill Barr's Misconduct as Attorney General
8 President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are a perfect match. The question is, who's using whom?
9 Bill Barr's Misguided View of US History
10 Bill Barr Intervened to Overrule Federal Prosecutor Who Said D.C. Police Arrested Protesters Without Any Evidence of Wrongdoing
11 Bill Barr Is Right to Limit Overzealous Prosecutions
12 Attorney General Bill Barr Directly Implicated in Discarded Ballot Chaos Amplified by Trump and White House
13 It's time to get serious about impeaching Attorney General Bill Barr
14 AG Barr: Mail-in voting is 'playing with fire'
15 During stop in Atlanta with Ivanka Trump, AG Bill Barr announces $100M to combat human trafficking
16 Bill Barr defends DOJ action in Trump defamation lawsuit
17 Bill Barr's indefensible defense of 2020 voter fraud
18 Bill Barr: NYC, Portland, And Seattle Are “Anarchist Jurisdictions”
19 How Attorney General Bill Barr Controls the End of John Durham's Investigation
20 Top NC GOP Official Asks Bill Barr to Investigate Democratic State AG and Elections Board for Collusion
21 Bill Barr Would Like to Undermine Your Faith in the Election
22 Merkley’s thoughts on RBG, AG Bill Barr, Breonna Taylor
23 Barr can make the Justice Department help Trump in election disputes. Here’s how.
24 Anti-Trump dossier's primary 'source' investigated for possible Russia ties: Barr
25 Opinion on Bill Barr | Letters To Editor |
26 Bill Barr's Hidden Truths About DOJ Rule of Forbearance in an Election
27 'Sheer lunacy': CNN analyst reacts to Barr's involvement
28 Ted Lieu Says Bill Barr 'Acting Like a Tinpot Dictator' After FBI Remarks
29 Bill Barr, Personal Injury Attorney | Sheneman
30 Is Bill Barr’s Rushed Case Against Google a Political Hit Job?
31 Appeals Court Says Bill Barr Can't Drop Michael Flynn Charges Yet
32 'The Department of Trump': Biden bashes Trump, Barr for DOJ interference
33 Neal Katyal: Attorney General Bill Barr has ‘abandoned all principle’
34 Bill Barr's critics are wrong — again, and other commentary
35 Bill Barr Will Defund ‘Anarchist Cities.’ Bill Barr Will Also Define ‘Anarchist Cities.’ Convenient!
36 How AG Bill Barr Could Punish Google | Opinion
37 Bill Barr Applauds the Manhunt for Michael Reinoehl, Suspected Portland Shooter
38 Barr Criticizes Prosecutors, Makes Incendiary Comments On Slavery And Pandemic
39 The president’s most dangerous man: Bill Barr protects Trump and threatens American principles
40 Letter: Pro-Trump Bill Barr doesn't deserve Catholic award
41 Bill Barr needs a history lesson about Japanese internment
42 Column: AG Bill Barr says federal corruption hunters never 'at a loss for work’ in Chicago
43 Schiff accuses Barr of lying over election intelligence
44 What Attorney General Barr really said about justice | TheHill
45 Bill Barr Declares Ipswich Middle School Anarchist Jurisdiction After Finding ‘Circle-A’ Symbol Drawn On Noteb
46 AG Bill Barr's election deceptions go from bad to worse
47 Biden blasts AG Barr for comments comparing coronavirus restrictions to slavery
48 Federal Judge Hands Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe a Big Procedural Win Against Bill Barr
49 'Bowtie Bill' Barr Makes Sure Crews Operate Safely
50 The irony of Bill Barr talking about truth as 'a meaningful concept'
51 The terrifying psychology behind Trump and Bill Barr’s relationship
52 Ex-judge says Trump "pressure campaigns" led to DOJ reversal in Flynn case
53 Bill Barr's Moment of Darkness in the Sun
54 U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to tighten rules on surveillance of political candidates
55 Florida is quietly bringing in fascist-style laws against protesters
56 Barr’s Plan to Release Interim Durham Report Violates Protocols James Comey Was Supposedly Fired for Breaking: Lawyers
57 Barr’s Ploy to Protect Trump Is Blatantly Wrong
58 Trumps accomplishments too numerous to list | Opinion
59 Fact-checking William Barr: Is your vote no longer secret with mail-in ballots?
60 Trump administration proposes bill to chip away at online industry's legal protections
61 Trump arrives in Kenosha with Bill Barr as he pushes law-and-order message
62 How Bill Barr Thrives in Trump's Chaos
63 Bill Barr Can't Make Me Feel Sorry for John Bolton
64 Remarks by President Trump in a Discussion with State Attorneys General on Protecting Consumers from Social Media Abuses
65 Michael Cohen says Attorney General Bill Barr has replaced him as Trump's 'new fixer'
66 How William Barr Is Weaponizing the Justice Department to Help Trump Win
67 Deutsche Bank Hires Longtime Friend of Bill Barr to Help Clear ‘Log-Jam’ of DOJ Investigations: Report
68 Bill Barr Pushes ‘Wild’ and ‘Fanciful’ Felonious Postman Hypothetical, Says Liberals Are the Ones Projecting ‘Bullsh*t’
69 Remarks by President Trump Announcing His Nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
70 New York Times: Prosecutor tapped by Barr to investigate Russia probe is now looking into Clinton Foundation
71 How William Barr Misunderstands America’s Founding Fathers
72 Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure
73 ‘Big blowup’ in Catholic Church as Trump attorney general is honored despite approving executions
74 DOJ Rejects Congressional Request to Question Top Officials Because Democrats Turned Bill Barr Hearing into ‘Public Spectacle’
75 Why Bill Barr Shields Foreign Terrorists from the Death Penalty
76 US AG Bill Barr says DOJ intervention in Carroll lawsuit would 'satisfy requirements' | Watch News Videos Online
77 Bill Barr's New Fix: Trump Smeared His Rape Accuser, E. Jean Carroll, in his 'Official Capacity'
78 Barr announces $100M more to combat human trafficking
79 Trump has Biden right where he wants him — and Bill Barr is his secret weapon
80 Bill Barr Confirms Trump’s Accusations That Obama and Biden Committed Treason Are Legally Meaningless
81 Lawyers: DOJ Threatens to Defund Police by Advancing Trump’s ‘Absurdly Dystopian’ Anarchist Jurisdictions Memo
82 Understanding the power of prosecutors | Letters to the Editor
83 The Chicago Way w/John Kass: AG & OB – Bill Barr on an “out of control” Chicago and Ed O’Bradovich on life before the NFL
84 The FBI’s Bad Intelligence
85 Trump, Barr, Barron speak at National Catholic Prayer breakfast
86 If a Trump-appointed Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade, a President Biden and a Democratic Congress would expand the High Court
87 Mueller Deputy Andrew Weissmann on Why the Probe Failed
88 Pressed on foreign election interference, Barr gets everything wrong
89 What Do You Get When You Google ‘Antitrust’?
90 The Doobie Brothers Tell Bill Murray to Pay Up
91 Ipswich Middle School: "where chaos and violence flourish"
92 'I don't know what to say:' Lemon reacts to Barr's remarks
93 Loretta Lynch: AG Barr never had to face racism
94 UPDATE: Trump officially names Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court nominee at White House
95 Barr says Ginsburg 'leaves a towering legacy' | TheHill
96 Deutsche Bank Hires Barr Friend to Up Its Game in Washington
97 Where Law Ends review: why Mueller failed to hold Trump to account
98 Large-Scale Political Unrest Is Unlikely, But Not Impossible
99 Emails Show Rod Rosenstein’s Fingerprints Were All Over Secret DOJ Memo Against Charging Trump with Obstruction
100 Behind Trump's push for civil war: A deep history of white supremacist paranoia