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1 Saxman: Bill Barr Called Bullsh*t – Bearing Drift
2 Bill Barr Says Disputed Election 'Precipitated' Capitol Riots
3 Episode 4: Trump turns on Barr
4 Bill Barr Was Supposed to Protect DOJ. What Happened? | National Law Journal
5 Barr: Trump committed ‘betrayal of his office’
6 AG William Barr Departs Justice Department
7 Former AG Barr: Trump 'betrayed' office by inciting violent mob
8 Barr Leaves a Legacy Defined by Trump
9 Nancy Pelosi incorrectly refers to Bill Barr as attorney general
10 White House counsel and Barr warned Trump not to self-pardon
11 Not Buying What Attorney General Bill Barr Is Selling
12 Saunders: Attorney General Bill Barr, justice warrior
13 AG Bill Barr questioned Epstein’s cellmate after suicide: source
14 If the election was stolen, why did all those Trump officials, states and courts say otherwise?
15 China sanctions Pompeo, O'Brien, Azar and other Trump administration officials after Biden inauguration
16 Off the rails: Inside the disintegration of Trump’s relationship with Bill Barr
17 In new court filing, Bill Barr accused of arresting impeachment witnesses to shield Trump
18 Barr's Bristling at Career Prosecutors, 'New Normal' for White Collar, Emmet Sullivan in Control: 2020's Top DOJ Headlines | National Law Journal
19 Acting AG Rosen stepping down as Trump administration ends
20 Open Forum: Muzzling of Trump on social media warranted, not a threat to free speech
21 Twitter falls in love with mystery podium cleaner who whipped out wipes to clean after every speaker
22 VERIFY: Here's what powers the president has on their first day in office
23 Parler, Ben Sasse, Novak Djokovic, Rain Lounge, Josh Hawley, Angus King, 'Dear White People', Bill Barr: HOT LINKS
24 Attorney General Bill Barr has 'no plan' to appoint special counsel
25 Why Biden Will Keep Wray as FBI Chief
26 Former attorney general Bill Barr condemns Donald Trump's 'betrayal of his office'
27 William Barr, a Catholic, went out of his way to use the death penalty (and defy church teaching)
28 What does the vice president do? | Govt-and-politics |
29 The Biden-Harris Administration Must Take Decisive Action to Restore Asylum
30 Commentary: Republicans must restore the party after Trump's destruction
31 Inside Trump and Barr’s Last-Minute Killing Spree
32 Biden set to tap former Treasury official Barr as top bank regulator
33 There was no election fraud
34 Two Pandemics, One Cure
35 Legacy of lies -- how Trump weaponized mistruths during his presidency
36 Barr says Trump conduct amid US Capitol violence 'betrayal' of presidency
37 Snowden Touts Bill Barr’s Loathing for Him in Countdown to Final Trump Pardons: ‘Judge a Man by His Enemies’
38 Why Trump couldn’t steal the election — and how a future demagogue could
39 Harris To Leave Senate Monday, Will Be Sworn In By Sotomayor : Biden Transition Updates
40 Goodbye, Trump! Parting Is Such Sweet Joy
41 On Biden’s inauguration, misinformation is easy to find on Facebook and Twitter
42 Bill Barr was a historically bad attorney general. His resignation shouldn't rehabilitate him.
43 Bill Barr bashed in right-wing media after election fraud comments: 'He is either a liar or a fool or both'
44 With his inauguration, Biden makes his return to 'Catholic Washington'
45 US Republicans condemn Trump’s role in Capitol insurrection
46 Attorney General Bill Barr Is Reportedly Considering Resigning Before the End of Trump’s Term
47 Bill Barr’s Exit Strategy
48 What Bill Barr Said and What it Means
49 They Did Their Jobs Well
50 Donald Trump's post-presidency may be filled with legal woes
51 Bill Barr, Trump Henchman, Is Sending Armed Agents to Ballot-Counting Locations
52 Donald Trump Was a Warning Shot
53 Where's My Bill Barr
54 Opinion | Bill Barr, Not Geoffrey Berman, Should Have Lost His Job This Weekend
55 Bill Barr: How an ideological attorney general made Trumpism possible
56 U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr: 'I Don't Think The Law Enforcement System Is Systemically Racist'
57 President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are a perfect match. The question is, who's using whom?
58 So this is why Bill Barr is such a bully
59 Why Bill Barr is unfit to serve
60 Injustice: Tracking Bill Barr's Misconduct as Attorney General
61 Donald Trump just openly threatened Bill Barr's job
62 Goodbye, Bill Barr
63 Bill Barr and Elizabeth Warren united behind the Google antitrust lawsuit
64 Bill Barr: No evidence of voter fraud that would change election
65 Accusations Mount Against Bill Barr Of Politicizing The Justice Department
66 Opinion | Attorney General William Barr and the Rule of Law
67 Will Bill Barr Place His Thumb on the Scale to Tip the Election to Trump?
68 DOJ whistleblower to testify that Barr's personal anti-marijuana sentiment fueled cannabis industry investigations
69 More on Attorney General Bill Barr’s secret visit to Chicago: Lunch at Winston & Strawn with Dan Webb, last i…
70 AG Bill Barr Should Have Been Challenged On Air : NPR Public Editor
71 Bill Barr's indefensible defense of 2020 voter fraud
72 William Barr’s State of Emergency
73 Bill Barr Is Running an October-Surprise Factory at Justice
74 Trump raised firing Barr in White House meeting on Friday
75 A Look At Attorney General William Barr's Time In Office
76 Bill Barr ensures there will be Russia probe justice: Goodwin
77 Bill Barr Sinks to New Low, Uses Justice Department to Try to Kill Trump’s Rape Defamation Suit
78 More than 1,200 former DOJ officials call for review of AG Barr's role in clearing protesters near White House
79 Bill Barr Has Done This Before
80 Attacked on all sides, Bill Barr did his job
81 Attorney General Bill Barr visits Memphis, provides update on Operation Legend
82 Photos: Kamala Harris through the years | National News |
83 America’s Prosecutors Know What Bill Barr Did Was Wrong
84 Opinion | James Comey Wrote a Letter in 2016. What Will Bill Barr Do?
85 Barr says Trump's conduct is a 'betrayal' of the presidency
86 16 federal prosecutors to Bill Barr: No evidence of election tampering
87 “Barr’s Guiding Principle Was to Protect Trump”: With Barr Out, New York Prosecutors Are Freer to Zero In On the President
88 The Hunter Biden Tax Probe Becomes the Latest Front in Trump's War Against Bill Barr
89 ‘Big blowup’ in Catholic Church as Trump attorney general is honored despite approving executions
90 More than 2,000 former prosecutors and other DOJ officials call on Attorney General Bill Barr to resign
91 AG Bill Barr calls for increased police funding at law enforcement conference in New Orleans
92 Trump, Bill Barr, and the bribery-for-pardon investigation, explained
93 AG Barr defends clearing protest near White House, disputes claims demonstration was peaceful
94 Why Bill Barr Did It All for Donald Trump
95 During stop in Atlanta with Ivanka Trump, AG Bill Barr announces $100M to combat human trafficking
96 Opinion | Bill Barr Twisted My Words in Dropping the Flynn Case. Here’s the Truth.
97 Barr says he didn't give tactical order to clear protesters
98 Bill Barr Is Using an Old Voter Suppression Tactic. Don't Fall for It.
99 Bill Barr's Playbook: His False Claims About Prior Military Force on US Soil
100 In CBS interview, Bill Barr gives a revealing defense on Michael Flynn