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1 Remember ERCOT’s confusing winter storm tweets? They were reviewed by regulators, word for word.
2 Exclusive: All-night ERCOT meeting raises questions about Abbott’s role in power pricing debacle
3 How February's Once-in-a-Generation Storm Altered Life on Campus and Across the City
4 ERCOT names onetime official as interim president and CEO
5 ERCOT avoids entering ’emergency conditions,’ customers no longer need to conserve power
6 ERCOT CEO Bill Magness Terminated by Board of Directors
7 Opinion: Pull back the curtain on Abbott, the Wizard of Texas
8 ERCOT says Texas' risk of summer blackouts low despite high power demand
9 Ex-New York power market CEO named interim ERCOT CEO
10 Forum: Texans shouldn’t pay for PUCT’s and ERCOT’s $46 billion mistake
11 ERCOT CEO Bill Magness will be replaced in aftermath of Texas power outages
12 Q&A With ERCOT President and CEO Bill Magness
13 Shot Heard Across Texas: San Antonio Gets A Temporary Restraining Order Against ERCOT
14 Florida Commission Holds Conference, FPL Hurricane Dorian, Duke Settlement Hearings
15 ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs: April 13, 2021
16 ERCOT CEO tells Senate he wouldn't have done anything differently
17 Texas power grid CEO fired after deadly February blackouts
18 ERCOT Ends Emergency Conditions, CEO Bill Magness Defends Decision To Protect The Grid
19 ERCOT CEO explains how Texas power failure happened
20 ERCOT CEO Bill Magness Voted Out By Board Of Directors
21 ERCOT CEO answers questions amid scathing criticism over power outages across Texas
22 Last Texas power regulator from February blackouts resigns
23 ERCOT Power Grid CEO Fired After Deadly Blackouts
24 Is ERCOT a government agency? Answers to 5 questions about the group that operates Texas' power grid.
25 ERCOT board of directors 'terminates' CEO Bill Magness
26 ELECTRICITY: Texas grid crisis: Resignations, lawsuits and bankruptcy
27 ERCOT board meeting last week included joke about cowboy boots, less than 40 seconds of storm talk
28 ERCOT: Texas was minutes away from grid crash, 'black start'
29 How Texas homes get their power, who decides to turn it off
30 Reforms to Texas' energy grid begin moving after blackout
31 ERCOT hearings continue in Austin
32 Isolated power outages and high electricity bills continue to worry Houstonians
33 A third of the ERCOT board members live out of state
34 'I'm a Republican. We run the state. We own this': In a state full of backup generators, someone forgot to buy one for Texas
35 Texas Mayors Send Letter to ERCOT Demanding Answers
36 Lawmakers Criticize Lack of Communication Ahead of Power Failures
37 Editorial: ERCOT, PUC can't just shrug off $16 billion in overcharges during the Texas blackout
38 'A complete bungle': Texas' energy pride goes out with cold
39 ERCOT repricing bill hits wall in Texas House
40 ERCOT CEO Defends Actions Leading Up to Winter Storm, Record Outages
41 ERCOT Projects Record Energy Usage for 2020 Summer
42 Texas House Speaker kills Senate electric grid price correction bill after hearing
43 Power could get cut to circuits that include hospitals as a 'last resort,' Austin Energy warns
44 Turner testifies on Capitol Hill about power grid failure during winter storm
45 Timeline Unclear for Texas Power Restoration
46 Gov. Abbott Makes $16 Billion ERCOT Overcharge a Legislative Emergency Item
47 Controlled power outages in Texas end as leaders and lawmakers begin pointing fingers
48 Texas' grid manager braces for frigid temperatures, record demand
49 ERCOT leadership names removed because of threats
50 Records show dozens of power plants repeated 2011 failures
51 Texas Governor Blasts Grid Boss, Seeks Power Plant Upgrades
52 ERCOT gives press conference
53 ERCOT chief: 'We are completely back to normal operations' as of Feb. 19
54 State Rep. Eddie Lucio III: ‘Everything that could go wrong, possibly went wrong’
55 ERCOT hoping to start rolling outages due to more supply
56 NAC hosts career fair, offers resources for students
57 Tomlinson: Texas lawmakers slow-walking desperately needed electric grid reforms
58 Some went without power for days in Houston's winter storm; others never lost it. Why?
59 Letters to the editor: Regulating utilities would be more impressive
60 Texas grid operators say electrical system back to normal
61 Insufficient Winterization Practices Reason Behind Power Outages In Texas – Corridor News
62 Ercot's 711-Page Training Manual Tells a Power-Grid Horror Story
63 ERCOT CEO feels 'responsibility and remorse' about events during winter storm
64 Shifting Blame, Legislators Tear Into PUC and ERCOT During Hearings
65 These are the bills the Texas House is prioritizing to target ERCOT and better prepare for future storms
66 ERCOT: Grid was 'Seconds and Minutes' from Total Collapse
67 ERCOT: Blackout primarily caused by power plants freezing up
68 Hazardous winter weather has killed 21, left millions in danger without power | TheHill
69 Texas Court Dodges Saying Whether ERCOT can be Sued
70 ERCOT President Welcomes Investigation Into Mass Power Outages In Texas
71 San Antonio Utility Sues Texas Grid Operator Over High Prices During Winter Storm
72 ERCOT CEO ousted two weeks after devastating storms and massive power blackouts in Texas
73 More than 4 million Texans lost power during a planned blackout. Then it never came back. What went wrong?
74 Through challenging summer, Bill Magness and ERCOT kept the lights on
75 Senate bill requiring weatherization, emergency blackout alerts up for discussion Thursday
76 What went wrong | Electricity may not be restored until warmer weather returns
77 Senate committee plans grid reliability hearing after Texas outages | TheHill
78 Ex-ERCOT CEO rejoins agency as board member, says he wants to ask questions, not place blame
79 Texans may not be able to sue electric council for damages
80 Abbott asks for federal aid with statewide disaster declaration, warns drivers to stay home
81 Why does Texas have its own power grid? Curious Texas investigates
82 ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs: Feb. 9, 2021
83 Texas power grid CEO fired after deadly February blackouts -AP
84 Texas governor details plan to restore power to millions
85 Samsung, NXP chip fabs remain shutdown in Austin; What's the impact?
86 Houston economic development challenged by historic winter storm, power outages
87 ERCOT leaders spent less than a minute discussing winter storm preparedness at Feb. 9 meeting
88 When It Comes To Fixing The State’s Electric Grid, Texas Leaders Are ‘Out Of Altitude, Airspeed, And Ideas’
89 What Really Caused The Texas Power Shortage?
90 Former ERCOT CEO Bob Kahn Resigns from Board
91 The limits of bootstrapping in Texas
92 ERCOT leaders claim actions averted blackout lasting 'months'; outages continue
93 'Time will tell' what Texas could have done to prepare for mass outages
94 How Texas plans to restore power
95 ERCOT holds urgent board meeting to explain last weeks events
96 Repricing the state's electricity market after the winter storm seems increasingly unlikely
97 No $16 billion price correction for ERCOT unless Texas governor takes action
98 Pedernales Electric Cooperative announces service interruptions in Hill Country amid unprecedented cold weather
99 Bill Thompson: Horrific power shortage leaves no shortage of villains
100 Opinion: Who should Texas blame for the blackout?