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1 4 California officers on leave amid probe of racist Facebook posts
2 Calls to defund police intensify after racist Facebook posts involving San Jose officers
3 ‘What I’ve been saying all along’: Officer suing SJPD for Islamophobia weighs in on new racism scandal
4 License 4 police officers for racist comments
5 Intimate Black Lives Matter Protest Held in Santa Clara
6 Bay Area Muslim leader booted off Women’s March board over Israel tweets
7 Guest Commentary: We're Not Satisfied – the Movement to Manifest Black Lives Matter Marches On.
8 Zahra Billoo's “pro-Palestinian” anti-Semitism | Petra Marquardt-Bigman
9 New Women's March board member has called Israel a 'racist' state that 'engages in terrorism'
10 CAIR Leader 'Proud' of Genocidal California Imam
11 Antisemite Billoo Lashes Out After Being Dumped by Women's March
12 Prominent California Islamists Praise Imam's Call to Exterminate Jews
13 Bay Area Muslims Find Ways To Observe Ramadan Online During COVID-19 Shelter In Place
14 Why many Muslim women in the US are skipping the Women's March this year
15 Helping the Homeless with Sandwiches – The Sundial
16 Interfaith group PACT reinstates award to Muslim leader Zahra Billoo after community outrage
17 Interfaith group PACT rescinds award for Bay Area Muslim leader after pressure from Jewish members
18 Students from the Muslim Student Association, AU Dems say the Women's March has failed to be inclusive
19 Anti-Israel activists don't care about the facts
20 Immigration Advocates Slam President's Plan to Suspend Immigration to the U.S.
21 Comics were facing a squeeze in India. Has the pandemic opened the door to a revival?
22 Why we support rescinding CAIR leader's award
23 Activist attorney Zahra Billoo addresses the Muslim fight demanding police brutality reform in California
24 Chandigarh: Mare’s carcass lying in hospital for two days as police fail to resolve issue of jurisdiction
25 The Women's March might finally be ready to take Jewish women seriously
26 Trump's new Muslim Ban more about race than security, say critics
27 Santa Clara Civil Rights Attorney, CAIR Sues Donald Trump Over ‘Muslim Exclusion Order'
28 Zahra Billoo: feminist, civil rights activist, devout Muslim
29 Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories reign supreme at annual pro-Palestinian conference
30 Fact-Checking the Women's March “Purge” of Anti-Semitic Leaders
31 Islamists play politics with coronavirus pandemic
32 The Women's March still has an anti-Semitism problem
33 New York congressional candidate touts endorsement from anti-Israel activists
34 Zahra Billoo
35 Sanders's presidential campaign selects anti-Semitic comedian as surrogate
36 New Board Members Prove Women's March Antisemitism
37 When Feminism and Zionism Meet
38 American Muslims to Democrats: 'Palestine is a foreign policy priority'
39 Muslim rights advocate says Omar helped 'broaden the conversation' about Israel | TheHill
40 Six Countries Face New Immigration Restrictions
41 Lovebirds of a village spring?
42 - The Women's March: Past and Present
43 Trump supporter describes what it’s like wearing MAGA hat in the Castro
44 Five Steps to Make Change: How to Host a Feminist Conference on Your High School Campus
45 The Women's March Tries to Repair the Damage. Is It Too Late?
46 Richmond Police Could Soon Send Sikh Attack Case to DA
47 CAIR Wants to Change Memorial Day to Honor Terrorists?
48 Soros-Funded Muslim Group Associated With Homophobia, Terrorist Defenders Endorses Biden
49 Rebroadcast: The Role of Cross-Racial Solidarity in a Time of Protest
50 Civil Suit Alleges Anti-Semitism and Religious Discrimination at CAIR-California
51 Experts discuss American-Muslim civil rights challenges
52 Don't give Bernie too much credit for his anti-Semitism essay
53 Rashida Tlaib takes a selfie with open antisemites, BDS advocates
54 'Hey ISIS, you suck' billboard rises in South Florida
55 Southwest is sued by Arabic speaker who was removed from plane
56 DINING OUT: A tale of a little Indian eatery on the prairie that could
57 Donors Give Money to Support Ilhan Omar's Antisemitic Remarks — Will She Return Them?
58 Embedded Online Conference reg is free through Feb. 28
59 24th Annual CAIR Gala Uplifts Bay Area Muslims
60 The Quad: Take a look back at how women's marches have transformed throughout history
61 Weekend at Bernie's
62 Home
63 Beyond Tinder: How Muslim millennials are looking for love
64 Stolen wallet recovered, suspect charged
65 Radical ‘Anti-Zionist’ Activists Show Their True Colors in Chicago
66 How 'The Wall Street Journal' Got Roped into a Prank on a Right-Wing Wannabe Media Star
67 Malkia Devich-Cyril on how media should cover Tara Reade's accusations; plus, Covid cooking with alaMar's Chef Nelson German
68 Shrimatiji, Billoo, Pinki: Pran Kumar Sharma beyond Chacha Chaudhary
69 Majha House to nurture art aficionados
70 'No Muslims!' Woman arrested for anti-Muslim graffiti at concord shop
71 ‘We’re just wearing a cap’: Life as a Donald Trump supporter in the Bay Area
72 Southwest can be sued for bumping passenger who spoke Arabic: U.S. judge
73 Japanese Manga eyes India comic book market
74 Don Jr. Is Getting Dragged After Claiming 'I Am Not an Elitist' in Instagram Selfie With Trump Fan in Coach
75 Sunnyvale crash: Driver facing hate crime investigation, FBI says
76 Trump’s Attack on Ilhan Omar: How the 2020 Democrats Diverged in Response
77 Census battle over citizenship question leaves immigration activists with their hands tied
78 India Is Abandoning Fundamental Rights, Say US Human Rights Lawyers
79 A white man called her kids the n-word. Facebook stopped her from sharing it.
80 Actually, American Muslims are at the centre of the resistance
81 The irony in allegiance
82 Vast Majority of Northern California Law Enforcement Agencies Are Not Members of Federal Joint Terrorism Task Force
83 Sindh is overburdened by people from other provinces, says Shehla Raza
84 Women's History Month: Inspiring Bay Area women
85 Women’s March Organizers Should Be More Careful About the Company They Keep
86 ICE official in Bay Area apologizes for social media post
87 US: Muslim leaders arrested while supporting Dreamers
88 ‘You can’t make us be foreign’: young Muslim leaders who were shaped by 9/11
89 'Flying While Muslim': Profiling Fears After Arabic Speaker Removed From Plane
90 College Student Is Removed From Flight After Speaking Arabic on Plane
91 Majha House: Couple turns ancestral home in Punjab into cultural centre
92 How Muslim Activists Are Organizing Against Islamophobia in the Face of President Trump
93 LGBT Muslims voice their struggles, hopes
94 Recent violence puts U.S. mosques on guard as Ramadan begins
95 Bay Area Mosque Draws Support After Receiving Hate Letter
96 LGBT leaders to Trump: Don't target Muslims in our name
97 No, the Council on American-Islamic Relations Doesn't Like Homosexuals
98 Bay Area Muslims and non-Muslims band together in wake of Trump election
99 Police: Man threatens to shoot worshippers in Fremont mosque
100 The Siren call of Anti-Semitism | Alan Meyer | The Blogs