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1 To Study Blinking, a Scientist Needed a Literal Bird’s Eye View
2 World's Oldest Python Found in Messel Pit
3 Pythons Slithered Through Europe Before Coiling Around the World
4 Revealed: The Shipworm Sex Tapes
5 Another Thing a Triceratops Shares With an Elephant
6 CSU biology professor named to list of 1,000 Inspiring Black Scientists
7 Oldest-Ever Python Fossil Found in Europe | Smart News
8 Fossil Friday: oldest python ever found suggests they’re originally from Europe
9 DOL Issues Opinion Letters on FLSA Exempt Status and Ministerial Exception
10 CSU's Frazier Named to List of 1000 Inspiring Black Scientists
11 Mathematics explains how giant whirlpools form in developing egg cells
12 New species of water bear uses fluorescent 'shield' to survive lethal UV radiation
13 Research shows rising lizard temperatures may change predator-prey relationship with snakes
14 Editorial: Shaking up the Tribune's columnist roster | Opinion
15 My what sharp teeth you have!
16 Researchers discover honeybees have more than one way to feed on nectar
17 What cold lizards in Miami can tell us about climate change resilience
18 Birds can learn from others to be more daring
19 How a Velvet Ant (Which Is a Wasp) Got Its White Fluff
20 Prenatal thyroid hormones influence 'biological age' at birth
21 These Hummingbirds Take Extreme Naps. Some May Even Hibernate.
22 Moths have a secret but vital role as pollinators in the night
23 Pigeon pecking order found to be driven by weight
24 Adolescence is ruff for dogs too
25 Two lefties make a right -- if you are a one-in-a-million garden snail
26 Toxic pollutants can impact wildlife disease spread
27 Vagabonding female butterflies weigh in on reproductive strategies
28 Research Assistant job with KHALIFA UNIVERSITY | 242027
29 This shrimp has some of the fastest eyes on the planet
30 Miniature guttural toads on Mauritius and Réunion stun researchers
31 Chimpanzees help trace the evolution of human speech back to ancient ancestors
32 GenSight Biologics Announces Publication of Results from LUMEVOQ® RESCUE Pivotal Phase III Trial in AAO journal Ophthalmology®
33 Study: How Many Hot Dogs Can We Eat? Science Knows
34 Microplastics found in gut of remote Antarctic hexapod
35 Study suggests elephants may get drunk naturally after all
36 Researchers find most shark fins in fish markets are from species caught in coastal zones, not the open ocean
37 Sacisaurus helps to fill the hole in the evolution of ornithischians
38 Biodiversity may limit invasions: Lessons from lizards on Panama Canal islands
39 Behaviour of Miami Lizards in Extreme Cold Sheds Light on Climate Change Resilience
40 Giant prehistoric sharks left their young in nurseries
41 Daily briefing: Tardigrades can also survive lethal radiation
42 UNM professors examine how hummingbirds live in extreme climate
43 Megalodon was a megalo-mom
44 You want be a leader? You've got to be fast!
45 Generational shifts help migratory bats keep pace with global warming
46 Epidemics and pandemics can exacerbate xenophobia, bigotry
47 Why cracking down on the shark fin trade may be easier than we thought
48 Why men (and other male animals) die younger: it's all in the Y chromosome
49 Vampire Bats Self-Isolate, Too
50 Which dogs are most playful?
51 Journal stands by paper facing misconduct allegations, but expresses concern about related images
52 What Sealed The Fate of The Giant Megalodon? Its Ancient Teeth May Reveal The Answer
53 Extremely social robotic fish helps unravel collective patterns of animal groups
54 Animals Use Social Distancing to Avoid Disease
55 Nature’s Noisiest Liars Carry Secrets in Their Calls
56 Elephants Really Can’t Hold Their Liquor
57 High-Elevation Hummingbirds Evolved a Temperature Trick
58 'Playful teasing' in apes could provide clues to the evolutionary roots of early humor
59 World's earliest python identified from 47 million-year-old fossil remains
60 New species of ancient cynodont, 220 million years old, discovered
61 A Honeybee's Tongue Is More Swiss Army Knife Than Ladle
62 Coquí fossil from Puerto Rico takes title of oldest Caribbean frog
63 Harbor seals find it difficult to be heard over noise of cruise ships
64 How many hot dogs can a person really scarf down in 10 minutes?
65 Judges' decisions in sport focus more on vigour than skill
66 Study provides first evidence of a relationship between a bird's gut and its brain
67 Migration and dispersal of butterflies have contrasting effect on flight morphology
68 Why do men -- and other male animals -- tend to die younger? It's all in the Y chromosome
69 Ancient wolves that played with humans likely evolved into today's friendly dogs
70 Praying Mantises: More Deadly Than We Knew
71 One hummingbird survives cold nights by nearly freezing stiff
72 Animals who try to sound 'bigger' are good at learning sounds
73 New research illuminates nocturnal pollen transport network
74 Writing the perfect recommendation letter
75 For narwhals, the 'unicorn of the seas,' size matters for sexual selection
76 Ancient sloth found to have been bitten by ancient crocodile
77 Joey Chestnut can eat 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Study says only 85 is humanly possible
78 Estimating the maximum number of hot dogs that can possibly be eaten in 10 minutes
79 13 million-year-old bite marks on fossil reveal 'strongest bite force ever measured in the animal kingdom'
80 CSUN Professor Says a Flower's Shape Can Influence Its Future
81 Looping footstep pattern in modern guineafowl sheds light on dinosaur tracks
82 Dogs process numerical quantities in similar brain region as humans
83 She studies fish that look like zebras and rats to better understand the ocean's ecology
84 Different tracks, same dinosaurs: Researchers dig deeper into dinosaur movements
85 Megalodon fossils discovered all over the world
86 Mosquitoes are eating plastic. Why that's a big problem.
87 Dolphins Have Hidden Fingers. So Do Seals. These Sea Creatures Did Not.
88 Prehistoric mega-shark raised its young in nurseries: study
89 Are playful dogs easier to train?
90 Microscopic animals are busy distributing microplastics throughout the world's soil
91 Attaching Small Weights To Pigeons Helps Them Shoot Up In The Social Hierarchy
92 Spider biologist denies suspicions of widespread data fraud in his animal personality research
93 When it comes to downing hot dogs, science says there’s a limit
94 Adaptive behavior of house sparrows provides evidence of social learning
95 Can you spot the duplicates? Critics say these photos of lionfish point to fraud
96 How frigid lizards falling from trees revealed the reptiles’ growing cold tolerance
97 Judges' decisions in sport focus more on vigor than skill
98 Cuttlefish eat less for lunch when they know there'll be shrimp for dinner
99 Guttural toads shrank by a third after just 100 years on two islands
100 Hidden army: How starfish could build up numbers to attack coral reefs: Crown of thorns starfish lie in wait as algae-eating young before attacking coral