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1 Why bird brains are more brilliant than anyone suspected
2 Bird Brains Are Far More Humanlike Than Once Thought
3 Crows possess higher intelligence long thought primarily human
4 Bird brains are surprisingly complex
5 The surprising organization of avian brains: A research team clears up 150 years of false assumptions
6 The Surprising Organization of Bird Brains: New Research Clears Up 150 Years of False Assumptions
7 Country diary: curiosity and the crows
8 Researchers show conscious processes in birds' brains for the first time
9 Who you callin’ birdbrain? Why some birds with big brains can live almost as long as humans
10 Need2Know: SCOTUS Showdown, Trump Taxes & Bird Brains
11 Researchers gain deep insights into the structure of birds’ brains
12 Breakthrough Study Demonstrates Crows' Ability to Have Subjective Experiences, Just Like Humans | The Weather Channel
13 Do Birds Have A Subjective Reality? A New Experiment Suggests So
14 Birds Are Intelligent and Perhaps Even Self-Aware, Their Brains Reveal
15 Why Do Songbirds Sing? Because It Feels Good, Researchers Say
16 Newly found brain structure explains why some birds are super smart
17 Researchers deconstruct the 'biological clock' that regulates birdsong
18 Magic Is (Literally) for the Birds
19 Scientists Claim to Have Proved That Crows Have Conscious Experiences
20 Minnesota Outdoors: Turkey vultures have highly-evolved senses to detect odors
21 Many Big-Brained Birds Have Human-Like Lifespans—but Why?
22 Big birds: Ostriches are amazing in several ways
23 Tübingen researchers show conscious processes in birds' brains for first time
24 Crows are self-aware just like us, says new study
25 10/23/23 Pastor Adrienne Ask Pastor Adrienne: God's intelligent design: process
26 Clemson paleontologist studies bird brains to help explain human intelligence
27 Limericks
28 Like humans, these big-brained birds may owe their smarts to long childhoods
29 Dossier: the silent chorus – declines in the bird world
30 When Did We Become Fully Human? What Fossils and DNA Tell Us About the Evolution of Modern Intelligence
31 Study of Bird and Dinosaur Brains Illuminates Evolution | | SBU News
32 Rad Scientist Podcast: Bird Brains Help Researcher Build Neuroprosthetics
33 Eating a high-fat diet could change your brain for the worse
34 Not Bird Brains: Research Suggests Hummingbirds Use Numbers To Find Flowers
35 Find your 'sleep chronotype'
36 Creativity Emerges from Spontaneous Neural Activity
37 How the Big Bird Brain Evolved
38 Bird Brains
39 Question Corner | Do many small birds have big brains?
40 In the Bird World, It Takes Big Brains or Big Guts to Survive in Extremes
41 How birds evolved big brains after their giant ancestors went extinct
42 The 10 Best Netflix Original Horror Movies (According To Rotten Tomatoes)
43 Bird Brain Labs Launches Nootropic Infused Energy Drink to Make Your Brain Suck Less
44 Calendar, 10-20 Tuesday | Calendar |
45 THE LAKERS BENCH TAUNTED ROBINSON during the Finals by comparing him to a cartoon character
46 Bird brain scientists find link between chicken behavior and epigenetics
47 Testing for lesser known antibodies produces a better COVID-19 test
48 Scientists identify a powerful anti-inflammatory compound in psychedelic drugs
49 City Birds: Big-Brained with Few Offspring or Small-Brained with a Lot
50 Read an Excerpt From Jennifer Ackerman's New Book 'The Bird Way'
51 What birdsong tells us about brain cells and learning
52 Critters of the Week
53 Stony Brook University Professor Helps Lead Study of Bird and Dinosaur Brains That Illuminates Evolution
54 Scientists Implant False Memories into Bird Brains
55 Is gene therapy ready to treat some forms of autism?
56 Birds Can Thrive in Urban Environments With Either Big Brains or Frequent Breeding
57 Bird Brain | NOVA
58 In Don DeLillo’s New Novel, Technology Is Dead. Civilization Might Be, Too.
59 In reversal, ornithologists yank Confederate general's name from bird
60 Reality Bites: The bird and the bird-brain!
61 Birds are a lot smarter than we thought
62 Big brains or many babies: How birds can thrive in urban environments
63 Global warming shrinks bird breeding windows, potentially threatening species
64 Bird Brains Have as Many Neurons as Some Primates
65 Animal Slander! Debunking 'Birdbrained' And 'Eat Like A Bird' : Short Wave
66 Implanting false memories in a bird's brain changes its tune
67 There's a bird that tricks other animals into dropping their lunch
68 Not even scientists can tell these birds apart. But now, computers can
69 Bird-brained: Study authored by Greenwich scientist looks at birds and intelligence
70 Crows could be the smartest animal other than primates
71 The dodo gets a makeover
72 Tiny Brains Don’t Stop These Birds From Having a Complex Society
73 Bird brain? Ounce for ounce birds have significantly more neurons in their brains than mammals or primates
74 New Zealand birds show humanlike ability to make predictions
75 Swine flu strain with human pandemic potential increasingly found in pigs in China
76 ‘If you take Kyrie Irving’s brain and put it in a bird right now... it’s going to fly backwards,' says former
77 Study: Chickens Have Smaller Brains than Their Junglefowl Relatives | Biology
78 "Birdbrain" Turns from Insult to Praise
79 Fighting fish synchronize their moves—and their genes
80 Dogs may use Earth's magnetic field to take shortcuts
81 Ravens, Crows, Parrots, and More—Meet the Most Intelligent Birds
82 Night owls have more grey matter in their brains than early birds
83 'Lucy's baby' suggests famed human ancestor had a primitive brain
84 Extended parenting helps young birds grow smarter
85 Brilliant Bird Brains | On Point
86 PoultryWorld
87 Bird Brains and Moose on the Loose
88 Why Birds Are the World’s Best Engineers
89 The Bird Way by Jennifer Ackerman review – an enthralling study
90 Brain parasite may strip away rodents' fear of predators—not just of cats
91 Rainbow Rant: A birds eye view of home
92 Natural Connections: Chickadee: The small bird with the big brain
93 Why do birds sing? Because they’re all on drugs
94 Being called a bird brain is no insult
95 Scientists implant "memories" into bird brains to teach them songs they've never heard
96 Meet a Bee With a Very Big Brain
97 Smaller brains actually benefit some birds
98 Coronavirus rips through Dutch mink farms, triggering culls to prevent human infections
99 David Byrne's American Utopia Review: Spike Lee HBO Max Film Sings
100 Scientists teach finches new songs by implanting singing lessons in their brains