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1 The unis you should have gone to if you wanted to earn more than Russell Group grads
2 Here are the 50 hardest unis in the UK to get a first from
3 A masterclass in crafting a compelling plot with Shelley Weiner
4 UK-German collaborative research projects announced
5 Open Letter: the threat of academic authoritarianism – international solidarity with antiracist academics in France
6 LL.M. Application Deadlines for Fall 2021
7 UK Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellows 2020
8 Can Donald Trump run in 2024 US election? The rules on presidential terms after he loses to Joe Biden
9 Ama Josephine B. Johnstone Named as 2020–21 Keith Haring Fellow in Art and Activism at Bard College
10 University Challenge viewers swoon over 'hot' contestant from Birkbeck
11 Top geneticist ‘should resign’ over his team’s laboratory fraud
12 It is never too late to return to university
13 University guide 2021: Birkbeck, University of London
14 1 Article by: Justin Schlosberg
15 Black hole breakthroughs win Nobel physics prize
16 How a silence solved the weird maths inside black holes
17 A comprehensive guide of what your London uni says about you 2020
18 John Hindley obituary
19 ULaw announces SQE partnerships with Southampton, Surrey, Leicester and Birkbeck unis
20 Sunil Amrith named the Dhawan Professor of History
21 Uncovering neurodevelopmental paths to autism spectrum disorder through an integrated analysis of developmental measures and neural sensitivity to faces.
22 John Weeks: a leading critic of economic orthodoxy who dedicated his life to building a better world
23 A UK University Knew Of Problems In A Top Geneticist's Lab Years Before Launching A Probe Into Widespread Data Fraud
24 Resignation Call
25 Obituary | Jamie Lee Boysen, 26, of Slinger
26 Roger Scruton (1944-2020)
27 The Labour Party Was Wrong to Apologize to Jeremy Corbyn's Critics
28 Trio of scientists win Nobel Prize in Physics for black hole research
29 'Lockdown has a lot to answer for': the mature students going back to university
30 Queen Mary launch masters conversion programme in Data Science and AI
31 What You Need To Know About The University Strikes In London
32 Repetition and Rupture
33 The rightwing defence of 'academic freedom' masks a McCarthyite agenda
34 Staff at 14 more universities back pay and pensions strike
35 Theratechnologies Appoints Two New Board Members Toronto Stock Exchange:TH
36 How the shock of the second world war transformed the British state – Recovery podcast part four
37 Sexism pushed Rosalind Franklin toward the scientific sidelines during her short life, but her work still shines on her 100th birthday
38 Expert Advisory Panel
39 Rosalind Franklin was so much more than the 'wronged heroine' of DNA
40 The Geology and Geophysics of Kuiper Belt Object (486958) Arrokoth
41 Court rules against Panorama challenge
42 Birkbeck Uni law graduate looks to privately prosecute Dominic Cummings for Durham trip
43 Cecil H. Robinson | Obituaries |
44 UCU strikes: Universities to be hit by 14 days of fresh strike action
45 A British Advanced Research Projects Agency?
46 'I suppose you're stuck with these people': the students facing an uncertain new term
47 Rosalind Franklin: Beyond the Double Helix
48 Kanye's Dark Twisted Presidential Fantasy
49 Birkbeck, University of London
50 The impact of COVID-19 on Brazil's precarious labour market calls for far-reaching policies like universal basic income | LSE Latin America and Caribbean
51 What's on at the Cambridge Union in Michaelmas 2020
52 Siven Watt, Author at Just Security
53 Hundreds of university staff to be made redundant due to coronavirus
54 On my radar: Simon Bird on his cultural highlights
55 Brazil's so-called 'invisibles' will need more than resilience to redress the unequal impacts of COVID-19 | LSE Latin America and Caribbean
56 Mixing food with politics: how COVID-19 exposed inequalities in Brazil's food supply chain | LSE Latin America and Caribbean
57 A curiosity that inspires
58 Time to stop neglecting education for adults
59 DOMINIC LAWSON: Forget trendy theorists. It's the Queen who instinctively grasps our lockdown
60 Durham and Cambridge among lowest recruiters of local students
61 Increase in intelligence scores may not alter autism traits
62 The structural basis for Z α1-antitrypsin polymerization in the liver
63 Debunking the myth of Rosalind Franklin as ‘feminist icon’
64 Modeling flexible behavior in childhood to adulthood shows age-dependent learning mechanisms and less optimal learning in autism in each age group.
65 Soros puts US$1bn into HE to counter authoritarianism
66 Giovanna Ceserani is the new director of the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis | The Dish
67 China's Chang'e 4 lander and rover awake once more on far side of the moon
68 The Secretary of State has reappointed Robert Noel and Professor Dame Janet Thornton as Trustees of the Natural History Museum.
69 Birkbeck University of London guide
70 Research misconduct claim upheld against former head of UCL lab
71 University College London Geneticist Cleared of Wrongdoing
72 Trump Has a Gift for Tearing Us Apart
73 Birkbeck pulls out of 'misleading' UK university rankings
74 In Memoriam: John D. Mackenzie, 94, Leader in Glass and Ceramics Processing
75 Peter George Fitzpatrick
76 Economist Melanie Dawes to head UK telecoms regulator Ofcom
77 The tough choices democracies now face
78 Book editor's blog: bewitching tales of whales, wombs and more
79 £100m for Cambridge? Give it to universities that need the money
80 The Guardian called out by hundreds of feminists for anti-trans editorial
81 Lucy Selman
82 Top UK geneticist faces new inquiry over claims of research misconduct
83 'What Was Umar Khalid's Crime?': Over 200 Thinkers Across the World Extend Solidarity
84 The cheapest and most expensive London university campuses to live near as student renting season begins
85 'It means everything': the university opening its doors to asylum seekers
86 Minimalism’s Attention Deficit: Distraction, Description, and Mary Robison’s .
87 Estonia imposes sanctions on Hezbollah members
88 As a wannabe mature student, I discovered I'm older, but not wiser
89 Whites find their knight in Eric Kaufmann
90 Students reach their potential on travel course held at Huntingdon college campus | Huntingdon and St Neots News | The Hunts Post
91 Roger Penrose
92 A degree without the debt... where do I sign? Birkbeck College says pioneering night classes are on the rise
93 British MPs, Prominent Figures Condemn Modi Regime’s 'Dictatorial Agenda'
94 Letter to the editor: School shut-out is crushing children
95 Estonia donates €110,000 to the US state of Maryland
96 Obituary: Sir Roger Scruton died on January 12th
97 Andy Barnard obituary
98 Sir Roger Scruton: In Memoriam
99 Universities can squeeze out low-income residents in cities like Montréal
100 Populism: 9 things you need to know | WBMA