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Result Content Idea Research
1 Sales Enablement Program Manager, AMER Enterprise Advocates — Atlassian
2 DevSecOps with Atlassian Bitbucket
3 When quants struggle to work from home
4 Keep Applications Secure in Atlassian Bitbucket with Automated Pull Requests
5 500000+ computers compromised by malware hosted on Bitbucket
6 Continuously Improve CI/CD with Nexus Lifecycle and Bitbucket Code Insights
7 Impact Of Covid-19 on Code Review Market 2020 Industry Challenges, Business Overview and Forecast Research Study 2026
8 Simplify agile, devops and ITSM with Jira automations
9 Securing Amazon EKS workloads with Atlassian Bitbucket and Snyk
10 Using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeStar Connections to deploy from Bitbucket
11 Atlassian taps AWS, Sentry and Snyk for Bitbucket Pipelines
12 Atlassian launches new DevOps features
13 Solar appScreener 3.6: Supporting Pascal and integrating with GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket
14 comparison: GitHub and Atlassian's Bitbucket: which offers private repos?
15 Gitpod Fundamentally Changes Development Workflows with the Industry’s First Open Source Solution for Automated, Pre-built Dev Environments
16 Visual Studio Codespaces is moving to GitHub
17 Malware stew cooked up on Bitbucket, deployed in attacks worldwide
18 Mabl integrates web app testing with GitHub, Bitbucket workflows
19 Automated code reviews on Bitbucket repositories and other enhancements in Amazon CodeGuru
20 Atlassian launches a $50M venture fund to invest in its ecosystem
21 Qovery lets you deploy your application without managing your cloud infrastructure
22 New Router DNS Hijacking Attacks Abuse Bitbucket to Host Infostealer
23 JetBrains fires up TeamCity 2020.2 with early adopters scheme in mind • DEVCLASS
24 Gitpod open sources to automatically spin up ready-to-code dev environments
25 Tidelift adds Atlassian Bitbucket integration for application development and devops teams leveraging managed open source
26 Bitbucket to no longer support Mercurial, users must migrate to Git by May 2020
27 BitBucket Introduces Support for Git V2 and Improved Search Functionality
28 GitHub spits out release, while Bitbucket refocuses • DEVCLASS
29 [Update: Resolved] Bitbucket down, pipeline errors while cloning being investigated
30 Snyk Announces Integration With Bitbucket to Secure End-to-End Developer Workflows
31 Atlassian provides customized devops workflows in Bitbucket
32 Build Better Code Using Sonatype’s Integrations with Atlassian
33 Code Review Market Technology, New Innovations, Forecast Report to 2025
34 GitHub offers free private repositories for unlimited collaborators, cuts Team plan to $4 per month
35 Anaxi ties together GitHub, Bitbucket, Jira
36 Cybereason Discovers a Global Outbreak of Malware Attacks Using Bitbucket
37 Code Review Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2025
38 Anaxi Adds Bitbucket Support to Manage GitHub, Jira from Single Interface
39 Attackers wiped many GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket repos with ‘compromised’ valid credentials leaving behind a ransom note
40 8 Code Review Tools You Should Know
41 Atlassian's new take on code review in Bitbucket Cloud
42 Bitbucket makes continuous delivery feature Pipes broadly available
43 Editor's take: The week that was — Sept 14-19
44 Atlassian launches Bitbucket Pipelines
45 Slack and Atlassian Tighten Ties Amid Pandemic
46 Atlassian launches new serverless cloud development platform
47 How to Secure CI/CD Services
48 How GitHub and Bitbucket augment key Git features
49 CirclCI data breach exposed customer GitHub and Bitbucket logins
50 Atlassian Buys Mercurial Project Hosting Site BitBucket
51 Atlassian Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab take collective steps against the Git ransomware attack
52 Atlassian makes it easier to track, manage deployments in Bitbucket
53 What's the point: Istio goes 1.4.3, Atlassian and Jenkins, Cloudera gets knitting, Kong, and Python Extension for Visual Studio • DEVCLASS
54 New Anaxi App Provides Sentry Users with First Time Mobile Access, Enables Developers to Track Progress through Complete Lifecycle
55 Bitbucket Pipes expands automation capabilities for the CI/CD pipeline
56 WebAuthn Passwordless Authentication Now Available for Atlassian Products
57 Snyk Closes $200M Series D Funding; Valued at Over $2.6 Billion
58 Bitbucket Pipelines Provides Continuous Delivery within Atlassian's Bitbucket Cloud
59 Post Covid-19 Impact on IT Development Software Industry 2020
60 GitHub vs. GitLab vs. Bitbucket: Which code repo should you choose?
61 Bitbucket tightens security on private code
62 Atlassian Updates Its Git Services, Combines Them Under The Bitbucket Brand
63 Atlassian introduces "Smart Mirroring" to accelerate Git transactions in Bitbucket
64 Sympli Launches New Bitbucket Integration for Versions: Git for Design Files
65 Atlassian updates Bitbucket with Pipelines
66 How to access GitHub, Bitbucket, and other git repositories on iOS
67 Bitbucket Pipelines: Continuous delivery in the cloud
68 Bitbucket Cloud adds new productivity features for developers
69 BitBucket goes down for over an hour
70 Bitbucket adds a search function to help developers comb through massive repos
71 McAfee and Atlassian come together to accelerate BornSecure cloud capabilities
72 Atlassian unveils Forge, its serverless app development platform
73 Five Bitbucket AddOns to Make Your Life Easier
74 Atlassian Improves Integration Across Its DevOps Platform
75 GitHub Opens Free Plan to Unlimited Collaborators on Private Repositories
76 Atlassian updates Bitbucket Server and Bamboo to support DevOps
77 Bitbucket Server won't support Mercurial, Swift 3.1, NativeScript Angular 4 support — SD Times news digest: March 28, 2017
78 news digest: WhiteSource's integration with Bitbucket Server, Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning, and Android's ML Kit updates
79 Atlassian Bitbucket now lets you deploy code to AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean
80 Find Your Most Expensive Lines of Code – Amazon CodeGuru Is Now Generally Available
81 Bitbucket Launches Snippets for Teams
82 Unsecure git repo clones behind data-wiping ransom attacks
83 Jenkins X replaces Prow with Lighthouse for better source control compatibility • DEVCLASS
84 Top 5 Alternatives To GitHub
85 Bitbucket vs. GitHub: The Best Version Control Software for Business?
86 Bitbucket Introduces Required Two-Factor Authentication and IP Whitelisting
87 Atlassian Expands the Jira Ecosystem: Bitbucket Integration, OpsGenie, and Jira Ops
88 Jenkins Creator Launches Startup To Speed Software Testing with Machine Learning -- ADTmag
89 Atlassian is hiking prices on almost everything this week
90 Hitting the Trifecta with GitLab Automated Merge Requests
91 Anaxi Adds Reporting and Sharing Capabilities to Provide Unprecedented Visibility into Software Development
92 On the Road to DevSecOps: Top Three Benefits of CxFlow
93 Git ransom incident was due to leaked credentials, say hosters
94 If you never thought you'd hear a Microsoftie tell you to stop using Internet Explorer, lap it up: 'I beg you, let it retire to great bitbucket in the sky'
95 Bitbucket vs. GitHub: Which project host has the most?
96 Host static websites for free with Bitbucket's git feature
97 Discovering the Power of Git (sponsor)
98 Slack integrations to form alternate UI for Atlassian tools
99 "Bitbucket Deployments sits next to users' source code and is configured with a single line of code"
100 BitBucket Introduces Disaster Recovery and Merge Strategies