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1 Update on Blade Runner Anime Series Coming in July!
2 ‘Blade Runner’ Anniversary: The Weekend When ‘E.T.’ and ‘Star Trek II’ Crushed Ridley Scott
3 ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ star Mackenzie Davis: “Thinking there’d be demand for a seventh film is insane”
4 Virtual Production Can be Real for Everybody—Here’s How
5 The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) 2010s Sci-Fi Movies | ScreenRant
6 Denis Villeneuve films ranked from worst to best
7 Mackenzie Davis: ‘America’s election system is corrupt, peculiar and driven by greed’
8 Coronavirus edition, XVI: Films to shelter with, from the silliest of spies to harrowing abuse doc
9 Denis Villeneuve Wants to Make Another ‘Blade Runner’—But There’s a Catch
10 Why Sci-Fi Movies Are So Divisive At The Box Office | Screen Rant
11 Yalitza Aparicio, Ana De Armas, Eva Longoria, Among 819 Invited To Join Academy’s 2020 Class
12 Film Review: My Spy
13 Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are the pandemic's only tabloid celebrities
14 All About Blade Runner 2049 | Syracuse, NY Patch
15 A third Blade Runner movie is as inevitable as the robot revolution
16 Why Terminator 3 is a Better Sequel than Terminator: Dark Fate
17 Princess Bride Remake Cast Guide: Who Plays Each Classic Character
18 Blade Runner 2049 director wants to go back to that film's world
19 Blade Runner 2049 Honest Trailer: Are All Ryan Gosling's Characters Replicants? /Film
20 Roger Deakins Refused to Shoot ‘Blade Runner 2049’ the ‘Sloppy’ Way Hollywood Studios Expect
21 ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is Better Than ‘Blade Runner’ (and More of James Gunn’s Best Sequel Picks)
22 The Lawsuit Against Blade Runner 2049 Just Took A Step Back
23 Is it just me, or is Blade Runner 2049 better than the original?
24 How the Production Crew Helped Put Together ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ for Will Ferrell’s Netflix Film
25 The Weeknd's 'In Your Eyes' Video With Doja Cat Is A Psychedelic Animated Trip
26 'Black Album / White Cube': Artists Explore Collective Resistance in Music
27 Twitter Users Ponder Their Favourite Performance by Someone Who's Barely Even in the Movie
28 Alcon's Lawsuit Over Failed 'Blade Runner 2049' Peugeot Partnership Criticized as "Rambling"
29 Are we living in a Blade Runner world?
30 Blade Runner 2049: Does Joi Actually Love K? | Screen Rant
31 Blade Runner 2049 Vs Annihilation: Which Is The Best Sci Fi Movie Of The 2010s?
32 Everyone has their demons in the R-rated horror Amulet
33 Blade Runner 2049 Honest Trailer: How Was Dune Greenlit After This?
34 5 Things Blade Runner 2049 Did Better Than The Original (& 5 Things The Original Did Better)
35 Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas share warm embrace, stun in black workout gear
36 Global urbanization created the conditions for the current coronavirus pandemic
37 WTF Moments: Why does Jared Leto kill a newly born replicant in Blade Runner 2049?
38 Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K, review: the best TV Samsung has made so far aims to wipe out the high-end
39 Ahead of new movie, Frank Herbert’s Dune book is back on bestseller lists
40 How Blade Runner 2049 Compares To The Original
42 10 Gorgeous Sci-Fi Movies To Watch If You Loved Blade Runner 2049
43 Amulet Trailer: Have Faith in Fear
44 Motion Picture Academy Welcomes 819 Eclectic New Members Including Awkwafina, Bernie Taupin, Tim McGraw, Tyne Daly, and Niecy Nash
45 10 Hidden Details You Never Noticed In The Blade Runner 2049 Poster
46 Figure Out Who the Replicant is in Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol
47 James Gunn takes break from making sequels to rank the best... including Blade Runner 2049
48 Review: In ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ Hunting Replicants Amid Strangeness
49 Denis Villeneuve hints another ‘Blade Runner’ film could be on the way
50 Blade Runner's future is NOW, and people have strong thoughts
51 Review | 'Blade Runner 2049' is a sequel that honors — and surpasses — the original
52 The movie ‘Blade Runner’ was set in November 2019. So, have you seen any replicants lately?
53 Here Are All the Big Movies Scheduled to Hit Theaters in 2020
54 'Parasite' stars, crew invited to join Oscars Academy
55 Review: 'Blade Runner 2049'
56 Blade Runner: 7 Plausible Fan Theories That Are Still Unresolved (& 3 That Are Resolved)
57 Dave Bautista “Dwayne Johnson, a very good actor? I don't care about Fast & Furious
58 How Villeneuve's Dune Can Avoid Blade Runner 2049's Box Office Failure
59 Panasonic TX-65HX800 TV Review: Just What The Director Ordered?
60 'Blade Runner' future is now and you are old
61 Has Blade Runner 2049's failure killed off the smart sci-fi blockbuster?
62 'Blade Runner 2049': Even Sharper Than The Original
63 The Meaning of Life in 'Blade Runner 2049'
64 The Real and Unreal in Blade Runner 2049
65 Atari is somehow still around in Blade Runner 2049
67 Stream It Or Skip It: 'Doctor Sleep' on HBO, in Which a Sequel We Didn't Need Becomes a Sequel We Need to See
68 ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and the Creators Discuss the Sequel
69 Blade Runner 2049 review – a future classic
70 Everything You Need to Know About 'Blade Runner' Before 'Blade Runner 2049'
71 Blade Runner 2049: The first reactions are in
72 Watch: First Blade Runner 2049 Footage Lands in Time For the Holidays
73 Denis Villeneuve answers your burning 'Blade Runner 2049' questions
74 ’Star Trek: Picard’ has more in common with ‘Blade Runner’ than you’d expect
75 An Oral History Of Blade Runner's 2019 Los Angeles, Because The Future Has Arrived
76 Blade Runner 2049’s latest trailer promises to reveal the future of humanity
77 Ryan Gosling hits dark notes in 'Blade Runner 2049' clip at CinemaCon
78 ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Production Diary Reveals Alternative Title and 9 More Things You Didn’t Know About the Sequel
79 ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Denis Villeneuve on the Challenges of Three-Way Sex Scenes and His Very Real Need for a Nap
80 Blade Runner 2049: Sci-fi’s neo-noir cityscape gets an update
81 'Blade Runner 2049' short film helps bridge gap from the original film
82 Box Office: 'Dune' Must Avoid The Mistakes That Doomed 'Blade Runner 2049'
83 'Blade Runner 2049': What critics think
84 5 Reasons We're Not Surprised Blade Runner 2049 Is Nominated For An Oscar For Best Production Design
85 Blade Runner 2049: No hope in this dystopia
86 ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Designing a Brutal, Beautiful Dystopia
87 Denis Villeneuve’s Editor Looks Back at That Four-Hour ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Cut, Teases How He’s Approaching ‘Dune’
88 Roger Deakins on 'Blade Runner 2049', 'The Goldfinch' and 'The Assassination of Jesse James'
89 'Blade Runner 2049' Studio Sues Automaker for Not Living Up to Flying Car Deal
90 In Blade Runner 2049, can a relationship with a hologram be meaningful?
91 Why One Blade Runner Star Doesn't Like Blade Runner 2049
92 The Blade Runner sequel is officially titled Blade Runner 2049
93 Oscars 2018: How the 'Blade Runner 2049' used CGI
94 Designing the technology of 'Blade Runner 2049'
95 ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Was First Cut Into A Four-Hour, Two-Part Epic (But We’ll Never See This Version)
96 ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Finds Second Life on DVD and Blu-Ray With Over $21 Million in 2018 Sales
97 Blade Runner 2049 is overlong replicant of original
98 Comic-Con: Five things you need to know about 'Blade Runner 2049'
99 'Blade Runner 2049' Director On Rising Above Expectations
100 What Happened in Between ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’?