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1 Blade 3's Early I Am Legend-Inspired Movie Plan (Why It Was Canceled)
2 Disney's Surprise Marvel Film Could Be 'Blade'
3 Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Writing Part Of The Deadpool 3 Script
4 Why Deadpool Should Connect Blade to the MCU | Screen Rant
5 A PG-13 MCU 'Blade' Movie Is a Bad Idea | Game Rant
6 Ryan Reynolds’ Full Body Deadpool Scar Makeup Shown In BTS Image
7 Celebrate Deadpool’s Nerdy 30 Birthday In Style
8 If Deadpool 3 Is Rated-R, MCU’s Blade Has To Be Too
9 Characters From Comic Books Who Are Well Versed With The Blade
10 Marvel Has A Secret Movie Down For 2022 And Here's Our Best Guess
11 Blade Reboot to Be Rated PG-13, Deadpool 3 Is the MCU's Only R-Rated Movie
12 Deadpool Just Hilariously Referenced Ryan Reynolds’ Blade: Trinity Role
13 Marvel leak finally reveals the release date for a major upcoming movie
14 Deadpool 3 Is Marvel's Only R-Rated Project In Development
15 Deadpool Vs. Hulk Vs. Wolverine: Whose Healing Factor Is Strongest?
16 Ryan Reynolds: 10 Roles He Almost Played, But Didn't | ScreenRant
17 'New Mutants' is the perfect end to Fox's failed X-Men cinematic universe
18 10 Most Rewatchable Marvel Movies, Ranked | ScreenRant
19 'Blade' 1998 review: The best Marvel movie origin story ever?
20 ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Directors Would Like To Helm ‘Blade’ Or ‘Deadpool’ For Marvel
21 Blade And Deadpool 3 Could Be The MCU’s First R-Rated Movies
22 Sideshow Unveils Stunning New Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Figures
23 Sub-Zero Shows Off His Video Game-Accurate Ice Powers in New Clip from 'Mortal Kombat' [Video]
24 5 Reasons We Can't Wait For Mahershala Ali's Blade
25 Blade's Latest Adventure Shows How Marvel's Slayer Can Work for All Ages
26 Marvel's Blade Reboot Targets 2021 Filming Start Date
27 all those Marvel productions that Wade Wilson could be in before Deadpool 3 – The Courier
28 Mahershala Ali’s Blade Movie Has Taken A Big Step Forward
29 Blade: 5 Reasons The Wesley Snipes Movie Is Just As Good As You Remember
30 Marvel Unveils 'Shang-Chi' First Look, Detailed Plot
31 Marvel Studios Making ‘Deadpool 3’ Rated R Bodes Well For How Dark Future Projects Will Be
32 "‘Blade’ and ‘Deadpool’ Movies Could Usher-In A Mature Shingle At Marvel Studios"
33 Ryan Reynolds Says Blade: Trinity Is To Thank For Deadpool
34 Marvel's Blade Movie Reportedly Begins Filming Late 2021
35 Ryan Reynolds hilariously describes his brutal training sessions for Blade: Trinity
36 How to watch Mortal Kombat: Release date on HBO Max, trailer, cast and more
37 This Is The Right Order To Watch Every X-Men Movie
38 Deadpool 3 Might Be Arriving In Theaters Before Blade
39 Mortal Kombat: "Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero" Official Clip
40 Blade Creator Hints MCU Movie Will Release In 2022 | Screen Rant
41 Marvel Confirms That Blade Will Release Before Captain Marvel 2
42 Marvel Isn’t Planning More R-Rated Films Beyond Deadpool 3
43 Why The Blade Reboot Needs A Release Platform That Isn't Disney+
44 Does The Blade Movie Really Need To Have An R-Rating?
45 Every Superhero Played by Ryan Reynolds | Screen Rant
46 Marvel's Blade to Become Earth’s Last Vampire | Screen Rant
47 'Mortal Kombat' Movie Launches Overseas With $11 Million Ahead of US Release Next Week
48 10 Of The Worst Comic Book Movies (& What They Actually Got Right)
49 New BLADE Movie May Introduce Daywalker's Daughter, Fallon Grey
50 Blade is Gathering a Vampire Army for King in Black | Screen Rant
51 5 Reasons Blade 2 Is One Of The Best Marvel Movies Outside Of The MCU
52 Mahershala Ali Teases Blade Role With Cryptic Social Media Post
53 Deadpool 2’s David Leitch Wants A Shot At MCU’s Blade Reboot
54 “Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong” About… Blade
55 Ryan Reynolds Reveals He's Given Up on Playing This Superhero: 'I Think All of Those Ships Have Sailed'
56 Ryan Reynolds Knows Exactly What the MCU Phase 4 Is Missing
57 Deadpool Can Now Be The MCU's Loki Replacement | Screen Rant
58 Wesley Snipes Sends Nod To The Daywalker Fanbase After Being Asked About A Cameo In Blade Reboot
59 Wesley Snipes Was Advised Not to Take the Blade Role
60 Stan Lee’s Blade Cameo Was Never Released | CBR
61 'Blade': 'John Wick' Director Chad Stahelski Expresses Interest in Directing Marvel's Reboot
62 The MCU is ready for 'Deadpool 3'
63 Wesley Snipes Has Talked to Marvel About More BLADE
64 How Ryan Reynolds Builds His Body and Stays in Shape at 44
65 Obscure Comics: The Forgotten Blade Trinity Comic and Manga
66 How Will Audiences Remember Fox’s X-Men Universe?
67 Deadpool 3 Fan Posters Make Good Use of Wolverine and Other MCU Superheroes
68 'Deadpool 3' Should Be the First Movie in a New, Darker Corner of the MCU
69 How Ryan Reynolds Sharpened His Deadpool Chops as 'King' of 'Blade: Trinity'
70 What's Going On With Deadpool 3
71 New BLADE Targeting 2021 Filming Start Date
72 'Deadpool' star Ryan Reynolds seeks to buy fifth-tier club Wrexham
73 Zazie Beetz Would Love to Revive Domino in Disney's Deadpool 3 Alongside a Solo Movie
74 'Deadpool 3': Will Ryan Reynolds' First MCU Movie Be Rated R? Marvel Fans Finally Have the Answer
75 The Best Comic Book Movie Every Year Since Blade Changed the Game
76 Deadpool: 7 Major Questions We Have About The Future Of Ryan Reynolds' Character
77 Deadpool 3 Being The MCU's Only R-Rated Movie Is A Good Thing
78 Marvel: 10 Strongest Swordsmen In The Comics, Ranked | CBR
79 Marvel leak allegedly reveals 26 spoilers from the MCU's Phase 4
80 Wesley Snipes Rumoured To Be In Talks To Play The Villain In The MCU Blade Movie
81 Marvel is Currently Looking for Writers to Tackle Their 'Blade' Reboot
82 Mahershala Ali Reveals Marvel Was Developing Blade Series Before He Was Cast
83 The 19 Best Marvel Fight Scenes, Ranked
84 Deadpool: 5 Things That Need To Change When He Enters The MCU (& 5 That Should Remain The Same)
85 Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Looking For Another Iconic Role Like Deadpool
86 Scrapped Deadpool 3 Plans Included a Wolverine Road Trip That Was Canceled by Disney
87 The 17 Scariest Marvel Movie Moments (So Far)
88 How Is Blade Going To Work In The MCU?
89 Blade Will Reportedly Be Smaller Than Normal Marvel Movies
90 Spider-Man Knows (SPOILER) is Marvel's Version of Batman
91 It's Time for 'Cooking with Deadpool'
92 Blade: Why New Line Nixed a Massively Macabre Jump Scare | CBR
93 Jared Leto Thinks Morbius/Blade Crossover Is Possible
94 Why Deadpool Once Worked for Dracula... and Stole His Girlfriend
95 MCU Movies That Could Introduce Wade Wilson (Before Deadpool 3)
96 WWE: Triple H’s Role in Blade: Trinity, Explained | CBR
97 Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige Rumoured To Think That Deadpool Won't Fit Into The MCU
98 Blade Fought Vampire Spider-Man And Dracula And WON | Screen Rant
99 Hilarious Reference Of Ryan Reynolds For Blade Trinity Role
100 Sorry Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2's Director Is Jumping Into The Action With Ryan Gosling For His Next Movie