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1 COVID-19 Cases At Post Offices May Be To Blame For Spotty Mail Service In Riverdale And Several Other Places
2 Covid-19 cases at post offices may be to blame for spotty mail service
3 COVID-19 Cases At Post Offices May Be To Blame For Spotty Mail In Riverdale And Elsewhere
4 Is COVID-19 to Blame for Increased OSHA Citations?
5 BALDREY: 'Cynical spreaders' not solely to blame for B.C.'s COVID-19 surge
6 Are young people to blame for recent COVID-19 surges? Experts say the numbers are not conclusive
7 Lock accepts blame from his boss, Fangio
8 Covid-19: GAA is not to blame for spread of virus, says Nphet
9 China looking to shift blame for COVID-19 pandemic to clear its international reputation
10 'I Really Blame COVID': Missing mother diagnosed with COVID-19 shoots 2-year-old son dead inside van
11 Robert Kirby: COVID-19 and the blame game
12 Let's stop playing the Covid-19 generation blame game
13 McEnany has mastered the ‘all of the credit, none of the blame’ approach to the pandemic
14 Letters to the editor | Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020: Assigning blame for COVID isn’t helping
15 Opinion | SU is not to blame for on-campus COVID-19 outbreak
16 “Excessive regulation” to blame for delay in Israeli Covid-19 vaccine says professor in charge
17 Young adults, unfairly blamed for COVID-19 spread, now face stress and uncertain futures
18 Halloween to blame as COVID-19 hospitalizations rise 'week over week,' White House report states
19 Are restaurants really to blame for COVID-19 surge? Health officials say they’re inherently risky
20 Reports of child abuse down in Racine County and COVID-19 is likely to blame
21 Utah's nonconference hoops schedule is soft, but blame COVID-19, not the Runnin' Utes
22 Don't blame the weather for fall COVID-19 spikes
23 Dr. Arthur Caplan Says Hypocrite Politicians to Blame for COVID Failures
24 Who Is to Blame for Bucs’ Struggles, COVID’s Effect on Betting and More
25 Halloween parties to blame for COVID-19 spread that suspended in-person learning at local high school
26 Baker tells businesses they’re not to blame for the rise in COVID-19 cases
27 UK Trading Firm Says COVID-19 To Blame For Oil Price Crash
28 Prince Harry's Comments On COVID-19 Are Causing A Stir
29 China couldn’t blame the coronavirus on Europe – so it changed its story to these 2 countries
30 Blame for COVID in all directions | Letters to the
31 Those not following covid restrictions to blame for surge |
32 Police blame Covid-19 for 'failed' response to traveller camp in Boston
33 The Grinch who stole 2020's Candy Cane Lane Parade? COVID-19, of course
34 2020 Clarksville Lighting Contest is canceled. Blame the COVID-19 pandemic
35 Arkansas health officials blame Halloween activities for daily spikes in COVID-19; hospitalizations sets another record
36 Sturgis rally blamed for COVID-19 spread in Minnesota | TheHill
37 Benton County to lay off jail staff, commissioners blame COVID-19
38 Preston Schools could lose employees after enrollment loss blamed on COVID-19
39 College students aren’t to blame for spike in New River Valley coronavirus cases, officials say
40 Williamson: Blaming the pandemic could help your relationship
41 Florida supermarket chain blamed for worker's COVID-19 death, but lawsuits face long odds
42 Gatherings among young people blamed for 'alarming spike' in COVID-19 cases
43 COVID-19 to blame
44 COVID-19 outbreak being blamed for rise in divorce cases
45 Televangelist who blamed COVID-19 on premarital sex dies from virus
46 Obama will take coronavirus vaccine and might film it to build confidence – 'I trust this science'
47 China seeks to flip the script on Covid blame game
48 Shana Pringle’s Friend Says Pandemic Led To Pringle’s And Son’s Deaths: ‘I Really Blame COVID For What Happened To Shana’
49 513 new COVID-19 cases reported in Spokane; virus blamed for child's death
50 Overdoses increase across West Virginia, experts blame pandemic
51 Editorial: Don’t blame DeWine for COVID half-measures; blame the stubborn and selfish
52 Vermont Officials Blame Pandemic Fatigue, Complacency for COVID-19 Surge
53 Coronavirus Chicago: Morton's Steakhouse closes original State Street location, blaming COVID-19 restrictions
54 Police chiefs blame COVID-19 risk for “failed” response to illegal camp
55 Yes, Americans pay more for remdesivir. No, Trump administration isn't to blame for that
56 Nigeria slips into recession blamed on COVID-19 and oil prices
57 The struggle to document covid-19 for future generations
58 COVID-19 suits against employers 'hard to win'
59 Blaming Young People For COVID-19 Infections, Crime Is Unfair Stereotype
60 Halloween being blamed for spike in COVID-19 cases in Tijuana
61 'Pandemic Nursing' Is a Lethal Problem; ISMP Cites 'Blame and Shame' Culture
62 Small animal rescue sees decline in donations, says pandemic is to blame
63 Talk of the County reader opinion: Mr. President, COVID-19 impact blame ‘going to be all on you in all of the history books’
64 House parties partially to blame for rise in COVID-19 cases
65 International update: Global Covid cases pass 46.6 million
66 Imran Khan govt, opposition in blame game as Pakistan sees Covid cases surge
67 India's 'badass' female comic superhero fights a new enemy
68 JeffCo Health Officer: Halloween gathering blamed for COVID-19 outbreak
69 COVID blamed as Spartanburg eatery Herb 'N Eats to close
70 Where did COVID come from? WHO investigation begins but faces challenges
71 DA says COVID is not to blame for violence uptick, but is slowing court system
72 Coronavirus: Landlords in US who evicted tenants during pandemic blamed for more than 10,000 deaths
73 Michigan professor put on leave over racist slurs, blaming Jews for COVID-19
74 Blame ACC testing, not FSU’s courage, for late cancellations
75 The True Impact of COVID on Employees: 1-in-4 Want to Quit Their Jobs Because of Poor Business Processes
76 Scientists warn of more pandemics unless we stop harming nature
77 Who's to blame? Hint: It's not Kate Brown
78 Britain OKs Pfizer vaccine and will begin shots within days
79 ‘Very unfortunate’: AAP on Centre blaming rise in Covid-19 on Delhi govt in SC
80 McConnell Quoted Me But Left Out Part Where I Blame Him for Blocking Stimulus, Ex-Obama Economist Says
81 Editorial: Don't blame Carney, this scenario is all our fault
82 COVID Blamed for Sharp Drop in International Enrollment at US Colleges
83 China suggests Italy may be the birthplace of COVID-19 pandemic
84 OPINION | Alberta's new COVID-19 message: They died because of their risk factors
85 83% of small business owners support another round of stimulus relief from Washington, survey reveals
86 How Trump's erratic behavior and failure on coronavirus doomed his reelection
87 Editorial: GOP has blame for gap in dialogue
88 Can we stop blaming educators for getting COVID?
89 UVA, Bronco Mendenhall blame ACC for last-minute game cancellation, not Florida State
90 Scots thug shook toddler in supermarket lockdown rage and then blamed his violence on coronavirus
91 Panthers coach Matt Rhule accepts blame for fourth-quarter calls
92 Property tax bills to go out late this year in Jefferson Parish. Blame coronavirus, Hurricane Zeta
93 COVID-19 spike blamed on large gatherings; health officials urge adjusting holiday plans
94 Why are Americans so confused about Covid-19? Blame Trump, Cornell study says
95 Federal Prison Employees Fear Staff Shortages and Mass Reassignments as COVID-19 Cases Spike
96 Coronavirus pandemic blamed for rise in violent crimes across the U.S.
97 Let’s end the COVID-19 blame game: Reconsidering China’s role in the pandemic
98 Las Vegas hotels are closed during the week. Blame the lack of business travelers
99 Study reveals why some blame Asian Americans for COVID-19
100 Who is at fault for COVID-19 crisis? Most Americans blame U.S. government, survey says