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1 CALLERI: Guy Pearce is a gallery exhibit unto himself in ‘The Last Vermeer’
2 Valerie Trierweiler's “We Give Each Other Some News” appears in Persian
3 Is Saving Art Worth Lives?
4 German police arrest three over 1bn euro diamond heist from Dresden museum
5 What's Coming to Sundance Now in November 2020, Including 'Cold Call' and 'Riviera'
6 Stolen painting reappears after 23 years, in the same gallery where it was taken
7 Review: ‘Gustav Klimt and Adele Bloch-Bauer’ Focuses on Portrait Rich in History
8 Radio review: Battle for the Woman in Gold
9 Adele Bloch-Bauer’s Ring Comes to Auction at Sotheby’s London
10 Maria Altmann dies at 94; won fight for return of Klimt portrait seized by Nazis
11 Oprah Sells Famed Gustav Klimt Portrait for $150 Million
12 Portrait found in gallery’s walls verified as missing Klimt
13 Dissecting the HEAR Act: the US's law streamlining the restitution of art stolen during WWII
14 The Woman in Gold
15 Helen Mirren Stars In Film About Gustav Klimt's Adele Bloch-Bauer Portrait
16 Gustav Klimt and His 7 Muses Take Center Stage at New York’s Neue Galerie
17 Portraits that made art market history
18 Learn the True Story Behind 'Woman in Gold' at NYC's Neue Galerie
19 Gustav Klimt’s Most Famous Portraits Reunited
20 “The Lady in Gold: The Extraordinary Tale of Gustav Klimt's Masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer” by Anne-Marie O'Connor
21 Immortalized As 'The Woman In Gold,' How A Young Jew Became A Secular Icon
22 Maria Altmann: The Real Story Behind 'Woman in Gold'
23 Nazi-Looted Gustav Klimt Portrait Debuts at MoMA
24 The long, dark past behind the National Gallery’s latest acquisition
25 Hoyt showcases local mini masterpieces
26 The beauty of the day: “The lady of gold”, by Gustav Klimt
27 Hoyt to display 'Mini Masterpieces' | Local News |
28 Rothschild heirs sue Vienna over trust seized by Nazis
29 Dame Helen Mirren mines for Klimt Gold
30 5 must-see immersive exhibitions in France in 2020: From Klimt to Picasso
31 Famed 'Woman in Gold' inspires new novel
32 'True beauty for the ages': $80m Botticelli to appear at auction
33 One of the last privately owned Botticelli portraits could fetch $80m at auction
34 How Checkbook Art History Elevated Gustav Klimt to the $100 Million Club
35 The Madeleine Brand Show | The long journey of Klimt's masterwork 'The Lady in Gold'
36 The turbulent history of Klimt's Nazi-seized works
37 New York's Neue Galerie Is Trending Thanks To 'Woman In Gold'
38 The Remarkable Story of the ‘Viennese Mona Lisa’ and Its Recovery From Nazi Hands
39 The Decade, Priciest Art: the most expensive art of the 2010s by year
40 Exploring Famous Klimt Paintings From the Artist's Golden Phase
41 Klimt Candles Bring The Artist's Shimmering Paintings to Life
42 Gustav Klimt’s paintings saved a woman from the Nazis
43 On Screen, Not All Artwork Is as Famous as It Appears
44 Why aren't American museums doing more to return Nazi-looted art?
45 #GettyMuseumChallenge sees people around the world dress up as their favourite works of art
46 The Celebrity Bookshelf Detective Is Back
47 Hitler's Henchman, Klimt's Muse and a Czech Castle in Ruins
48 Book Review: The Lady in Gold
49 $491 Million Sale Shatters Art Auction Record
50 Her Fight Recovered Gustav Klimt Paintings Nazis Stole
51 Iconic Austrian art to be digitalized in Hanoi exhibit
52 Granger on Movies: 'Woman in Gold'
53 Life after lockdown in Bordeaux: Les Bassins de Lumières
54 Art teacher issues middle school portrait challenge
55 One of the Greatest Gustav Klimt Collections Was Destroyed in a WWII Castle Fire
56 Russians in lockdown: How to recreate these world-famous paintings (PHOTOS)
57 Watch Helen Mirren Plot Her Revenge in This Clip From "Woman in Gold"
58 Klimt Landscape ‘Bauerngarten’ Could Bring $45 Million
59 The Secrets Of Gustav Klimt Are On Exhibit At The Neue Galerie
60 Scenic artist hit a masterwork mother lode with 'Woman in Gold'
61 From the gallery wall to the silver screen: getting artwork into a movie
62 8 Subjects Who Starred in Art History's Most Famous Portraits
63 Klimt-astic Deal
64 On DVD: 'Woman In Gold'—a powerful true story
65 One Kiss May Lead to Another: Klimt and Rodin at the Legion
66 London's National Gallery hosts Klimt portrait seized by Nazis
67 City to learn true story of ‘Woman in Gold’
68 'Woman in Gold'
69 Lawyer E. Randol Schoenberg likes being film fodder for Ryan Reynolds
70 Hildegard Bachert, who introduced Klimt and Grandma Moses to the American art scene, dies at 98
71 Brushstrokes on the silver screen
72 20 Years On, It’s Time to Admit Our Rules for Handling Nazi-Looted Art Have Failed
73 The important facts you need to know about Gustav Klimt's ‘The Kiss’
74 Justices Allow Suit Against Austria to Regain Art (Published 2004)
75 Recovered Klimt Portrait to go on Display
76 Dispute over “Portrait of Amalie Zuckerkandl” by Gustav Klimt on loan to the National Gallery in London—calls for restitution actually put international respect for final judicial awards (and other claims) at risk
77 Experts Confirm the Authenticity of the Stolen Klimt Painting Found Hidden in a Museum’s Wall
78 Get first view of 'Woman in Gold' in Greenwich
79 How the lockdown is making comedy more humble and human : Correspondents 2020
80 Austria's stain on Klimt beauty
81 Lawyer Don Burris Helps Rescue Art Looted by the Nazis
82 Hollande’s ex writes about Klimt’s Jewish mistress
83 Sandro Botticelli's Renaissance Masterpiece To Sell For $80 Million
84 Klimt on coins
85 From Frida Kahlo in London to Casanova in Boston, Here Are 29 Museum Shows Worth Traveling for This Summer
86 'If you're a Jewish leader, you have to stand up and fight every single day'
87 From Picasso to Leonardo: The Most Expensive Art Sales Of The 2010s
88 'The Portrait' a solo show about painter Gustav Klimt
89 Klimt's 150th Anniversary, at Neue Galerie
90 Surrendering to the Women of Vienna
91 Gilt-edged art of Gustav Klimt
92 The Fashion Muses of 2015
93 London Sales Will Gauge Art Market’s Health in Trump Era
94 ‘Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele’ and ‘Obsession’ Reviews: More Than Apocalyptic Visions
95 Lecture, film on returning Nazi-appropriated art
96 Art Investors: With Klimt Paintings, All That Glitters Is Gold
97 'Mona Lisa of Austria' Finds New Home in L.A.
98 Homecoming: Alexandria synagogue hosts Egypt’s largest Jewish prayers in decades
99 Upcoming events: 'All About Eve' and 'Klimt & Schiele'
100 Recreating Some of Hollywood's Most Infamous Art Crimes