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Result Content Idea Research
1 A Bouquet of Breaches
2 Razer Gaming Fans Caught Up in Data Leak
3 Security Researcher Discovers Over 50,000 Scanned Driver’s Licenses Exposed on Unsecured Amazon Server
4 Data breach at New York Sports Clubs owner exposed customer data
5 US Phone Service Exposes Millions of Messages Between Inmates and Their Friends and Families
6 Massive security breach as over 50,000 Australian driver's licences are leaked online
7 Town Sports International Data Breach Exposed Personal Information of 600,000 Members
8 Razer Accidentally Exposed Customer Data Via Leaky Server
9 Razer Data Leak Exposes Over 100K Customer Records – Cloud Databases Becoming A Major Security Risk
10 Private data gone public: Razer leaks 100,000+ gamers’ personal info
11 Fitness chain Town Sports exposed the personal data of 600K members
12 Fears over 186,000 Australian driver's licences could be in the hands of hackers
13 Telmate data breach leaked personal info for millions of prisoners
14 More than 50000 NSW driver's licences exposed in mystery data leak
15 NSW driver's licence leak: Sydney man reveals the moment he realised he was caught up in the breach
16 Prison Phone App Exposes Millions of Inmate Messages and Personal Data
17 54000 NSW driver licences exposed in data breach
18 Personal data of 600000 customers of US fitness chain exposed Online
19 Thousands of Razer customers shipping details exposed (Includes interview)
20 Prison phone service Telmate exposes messages (Includes interview)
21 ShopBack says consumer 'cashback is safe' despite data breach
22 Cyber Security Today – Basic security steps to foil cyber attacks, global data centre company hit with ransomware and watch for fake Facebook login warnings
23 Expert on News: 50000 Australian driving licences are leaked online
24 Private and order details of nearly 100k Razer customers leaked online
25 Unity Seeks Over USD$1bn from IPO; Razer Customer Details Reportedly Exposed
26 Exposed Microsoft Bing server leaked 6.5TB of user data
27 Oh jeez: more than 54000 NSW driver's licences exposed in data breach
28 Prison Phone Service 'Telmate' Leaks Data of Inmates
29 Google launches YouTube Shorts, its TikTok competitor
30 3.1M records tied to medical software company Adit found exposed online
31 FBI warns of global DDoS extortion campaign. Iran-aligned cyberespionage group sells network access on the side. ISIS propaganda trove discovered.
32 Microsoft customer support database exposed online
33 Medical Software Database Exposes Personal Data of 3.1M Patients
34 Facebook data breach sees millions of user personal details leaked online
35 Bob Diachenko of “Security Discovery” on Finding Exposed Databases and Cyber-Security Hygiene
36 Over 267 million Facebook users reportedly had data exposed online
37 235M Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube profiles exposed in database breach
38 Data-Enriched Profiles on 1.2B People Exposed in Gigantic Leak
39 Security Vendor Leaks Over Five Billion Breached Records
40 Over 54000 scanned NSW driver's licences found in open cloud storage
41 New Meow bot attacks open ElasticSearch instances
42 Exposed Cloud Databases Attacked 18 Times Per Day
43 Almost 4000 databases wiped in 'Meow' attacks
44 Unsecured Elasticsearch server breached in eight hours flat
45 More than 267 Million Facebook User IDs Exposed
46 Expert Commentary: Unsecured databases exposes 3.1M+ patients' data
47 Honda Exposes 26,000 Records of North American Customers
48 1.2 Billion Records Found Exposed Online in a Single Server
49 1.2 billion people exposed in biggest data leak ever?!
50 Data Firm Exposes 235 Million Social Media Profiles
51 309 million Facebook users’ phone numbers found online
52 Privacy Snafu Exposes 42 Million 'Telegram' Records
53 A passwordless server run by spyware maker NSO sparks contact-tracing privacy concerns
54 Elasticsearch database, unprotected and readily available, exposes 5 billion records
55 'Meow' attacks top 25,000 exposed databases, services
56 Almost 235 Million YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Profiles Exposed Online by Unsecured Database
57 Data Breach Shows Iranians Use Chat Apps to Spy, Researchers Say
58 Over 1000 Exposed Online Databases Wiped by “Meow” Attacker
59 Study: Unsecured database simulation attacked 18x per day on average
60 UK-Based Security Company Exposes Database Containing More than 5 Billion Records
61 11 billion adult site records exposed
62 Millions of Facebook users have data exposed online
63 US Education Non-Profit Leaks Data on Thousands of Students
64 Eight Million Shopper Records Leaked Online
65 Honda Leak Hits 26000 North American Customers
66 235 million Youtube, TikTok and Instagram users’ data exposed
67 'Meow' attacks wipe more than 1,000 exposed databases
68 Five billion records exposed in open 'data breach database'
69 'Meow' attacks continue, thousands of databases deleted
70 Facebook data breach leads to personal data of over 267 million users being sold on dark web: Reports
71 Beware Of This Internet Cat’s Meow—It Destroys Databases
72 Keepnet Labs confirms contractor exposed 'data breach database' of 5 billion records
73 New “Meow” Cyber Attack That Wipes Unsecured Databases Is a Malicious Throwback
74 SCUF Gaming Database Leaves 1.1 Million Customer Records Exposed Online
75 Social Media Data Leak Raises Concerns Over Data Scraping
76 Eight million EU retail sales records exposed on AWS MongoDB
77 CenturyLink Exposed 2.8 Million Customer Records, Lawsuit Claims (1)
78 Trump Campaign Website Left Open to Email Server Hijack
79 Over One Billion Email-Password Combos Leaked Online
80 Researcher Finds Unsecured Information on Millions of Facebook Users
81 49 million user records from US data broker LimeLeads put up for sale online
82 Honda exposes data of 26000 customers in US
83 VPNs leak 1.2TB of user data of 20 million users; Is your VPN safe?
84 Unofficial Iranian Telegram Applications Leak Data of 42M Users
85 'Gold mine' of customer loan, tax and other records exposed on open server
86 Incident Of The Week: Social Media Data Scraped And Found Unprotected Online
87 A Massive U.S. Property and Demographic Database Exposes 200 Million Records
88 University of Chicago Medicine says some donor, patient information mistakenly exposed
89 Security firm leaves more than five billion records exposed on unsecured database
90 Leak of millions of Amazon and eBay transactions exposes customer addresses
91 235 million TikTok, Instagram and YouTube accounts exposed in database breach
92 Microsoft support database leak exposes 250 million customer records
93 Microsoft accidently exposed 250 million customer service records
94 Nearly 235 million social media profiles exposed in massive data leak
95 A Simple Configuration Mistake Caused GE Aviation Server To Leak Passwords and Sensitive Files
96 49 Million Records Exposed on Hacking Forum
97 An unsecured Elasticsearch server exposed 1.2 billion user records containing their personal and social information
98 Millions of online shoppers have data exposed
99 Microsoft data leak points to industry-wide security vulnerabilities
100 Medical software firm leakes personal data of 3.1 million patients