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1 Dr. Bob Lutz issues statement: 'To be clear, I have not resigned'
2 Health Board fires Dr. Bob Lutz
3 State health board approves investigation into firing of Dr. Bob Lutz
4 Dr. Bob Lutz says recent statement from SRHD contains misleading information about his employment
5 Health board set to vote Thursday to keep or terminate Dr. Bob Lutz
6 What to expect from the Board of Health meeting about Dr. Bob Lutz on Thursday
7 A timeline of the firing of Dr. Bob Lutz and Spokane's spike in coronavirus cases
8 Gonzaga and Spokane feel impact of the firing of Dr. Bob Lutz
9 Spokane health district union members question decision to fire Dr. Bob Lutz
10 Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward stands by statement, airs grievances with Lutz
11 Hundreds protest Spokane health district attempt to oust health officer
12 Spokane Health Officer Refuses to Resign, Hires Lawyer
13 Documents: Clark told Lutz she, health board wanted SRHD 'out of politics'
14 New coalition calls for change in wake of Lutz's firing
15 Column: The strange turn the pandemic took for public health workers
16 Asotin County Public Health intends to move forward with Dr. Lutz as Public Health Officer
17 Spokane Regional Health District Health Officer | SRHD
18 State to investigate firing of Spokane County health officer
19 Board of Health officially terminates Lutz
20 Politics and science
21 Washington Board of Health approves preliminary investigation of SRHD's Amelia Clark
22 Across The Northwest And Nation, A 'Steady And Alarming' Loss Of Health Officials As COVID Surges
23 Attorney: Spokane health officer to fight what he's calling 'politically motivated' termination
24 ‘You don’t expect to be so vilified’: The strange turn the pandemic took for public health workers
25 A 'steady and alarming' loss of health officials as COVID-19 surges
26 'They don't care about us': SRHD employee speaks out against Spokane Health Board
27 Interim Spokane health officer won't meet with health board until Dec. 3
28 Sports Cars That Look Just As Good As The Concept
29 Grades 7-12 in Clarkston School District move to distant learning after Thanksgiving
30 Significantly More Pushback Seen During Latest COVID Lockdown
31 Here is what could happen today at the Spokane Regional Health District Board Meeting
32 Local leaders consider adjustments to regional health board policy
33 Not in public's interest
34 Wash. public health officers under stress from pandemic
35 Bob Lutz vs. Lee Iacocca: The Greatest Executive
36 Embattled Public Health Workers Leaving At 'Steady And Alarming' Rate
37 Democrats Riccelli, Ormsby and Billig dominate in 3rd Legislative District races
38 COVID-19 hits Family Promise Open Doors, shelter says, infecting 17 people
39 Who is Dr. Bob Lutz? Get to know Spokane County's authority on coronavirus
40 Auto icon Bob Lutz once predicted Tesla was headed to the ‘graveyard’ — 430% later, he’s not so sure
41 Ex-GM executive Bob Lutz finally has something encouraging to say about Elon Musk and Tesla
42 Q&A with Spokane Regional Health District's Dr. Bob Lutz
43 Health Officer Bob Lutz talks about schools and hard choices about reopening
44 Car Radio, Podcast 16, Pt 1/2: Bob Lutz, Buhl on iRacing, Rushbrook on Mustang eDragster, best car movies, movie stunts
45 Bob Lutz On Ford Bronco: Jeep Will Stay On Top
46 Former GM executive Bob Lutz says fugitive auto titan Carlos Ghosn has a 'god complex'
47 Bob Lutz Calls Tesla’s 250% Stock Bull Run “Almost A Mass Psychosis”
48 Dr. Bob Lutz and Maria Howard: Benchmarks to reopen schools are achievable
49 Dr. Lutz and team at Spokane Regional Health District receive Providence Humanitarian Award
50 Dr. Bob Lutz: Maintaining positive trajectory requires staying the course
51 'I am very concerned', Dr. Lutz warns increase in cases could result in increased restrictions
52 Dr. Lutz says Halloween will happen...with some changes
53 Bob Lutz Lists The Shadiest People He Ever Worked With
54 Minutes of Osceola Village Board Proceedings | News |
55 Gonzaga, Dr. Bob Lutz urge students not to host large gatherings
56 Former GM Exec Bob Lutz Says Tesla Is ‘Finally Being Run Like A Normal Business’
57 RH: Podcast with Mike Kennedy and Bob Lutz
58 Group protests mask mandate outside home of Spokane Co. Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz
59 'Listen to the data, look at trends': Dr. Bob Lutz explains importance of some COVID-19 numbers
60 Spokane health officer Bob Lutz: Meeting testing goal for Phase 3 will be 'very difficult'
61 Henrik Fisker wants to lease you an electric car for no-strings-attached road trips
62 'Best of the bad choices I had': Health officer defends decisions to jail man who refused to self-isolate
63 Man with COVID-19 housed at Spokane County Jail after refusing to self-isolate
64 Dr. Lutz on Halloween: 'It'll happen... but things may look a little different'
65 Coronavirus updates: State reaches 135,424 cases
66 Auto executive Bob Lutz said listening to Lee Iacocca was 'dangerous' — he could make the illogical seem logical
67 Bob Lutz on Ford, GM, Carlos Ghosn, powerful execs and the future
68 Bob Lutz Says Tesla’s Stock Valuation Is 'Almost Mass Psychosis'
69 Conversations With Spokane County Health Officer Bob Lutz About Coronavirus
70 Bob Lutz on Ford, GM, Carlos Ghosn and the future
71 'Best of the Bad Choices': Health Officer Defends Decisions to Jail Man Who Refused to Self-Isolate
72 Spokane Regional Health District announces support for in-person learning for K-2 students
73 Shawn Vestal: Lutz is far from the first to seek an early reopening, but he’s the most important
74 'Almost a mass psychosis': Tesla's 250% stock rally makes no sense, Bob Lutz says
75 Bob Lutz Talks Tesla & GM EVs On Autoline Network
76 Spokane County Health Board, health officer ask state to consider sooner reopening for Spokane
77 Spokane County Health Officer recommends schools begin 2020-21 year remotely
78 Dr. Bob Lutz, Commissioner Mary Kuney, Alisha Benson and Mayor Ben Wick: Spokane has opportunity to show correct way to respond
79 Bob Lutz goes after Tesla with lies again
80 Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye
81 Spokane County health officer joined in Sunday’s march
82 One of the biggest names in the auto industry says no one will own a car in 20 years
83 Health Officer Dr. Lutz hopes spike in COVID-19 cases acts as wake-up call
84 Coronavirus rates higher for people of color in Spokane; Dr. Lutz points to impacts of racism
85 Ex-GM executive Bob Lutz hits union on strike over same issue that got him a 'D' at UC Berkeley
86 Bob Lutz: The Shadiest People I Ever Worked With
87 Spokane County health officer rejects commissioners' push to next reopening phase
88 Why Bob 'Tesla Is Headed For The Graveyard' Lutz Is Wrong
89 Spokane Co. Health Officer: COVID-19 trends a function of behavior, not following guidance
90 Shawn Vestal: Report details ugly marriage between anti-mask protests and the radical right
91 Dr. Lutz reacts to soaring COVID cases in Spokane
92 Spokane Health Officer "disappointed" as some districts plan to bring students back to the classroom
93 Shawn Vestal: Health officer says key to safe, successful reopening is to 'box in the virus'
94 Lutz: 21 new virus cases reported from single business, county total grows to 1122
95 Bob Lutz Tears Into The Tesla Model Y, Calls It “Terminally Ugly”
96 Health officer declines Spokane County Commissioners' request to begin phase 3 application
97 Jay Leno Didn't Even Want a Viper GTS. Then He Got a Call From Bob Lutz.
98 Spokane Co. Health Officer: Don't expect normal life to return by Easter
99 Spokane COVID-19 Hospitalizations: What to expect in the coming weeks
100 Tesla is "headed for the graveyard," former GM exec Bob Lutz says