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1 Bolsonaro Rails at Masks as Brazil's Covid Deaths Surge
2 Ousted Petrobras chief hits back at Bolsonaro
3 As Bolsonaro Takes the Reins, Brazil Economy Czar Fades Away
4 Brazil's QAnon followers see Bolsonaro as God's chosen messenger
5 Will Brazilians Ever Dump Bolsonaro?
6 Anger as Bolsonaro moves to make guns easier to access: 'A threat to democracy'
7 Maximum Cultural War, Minimum Governance: How Jair Bolsonaro Runs Brazil
8 Bolsonaro faces backlash after Brazil corruption probe is scrapped
9 In Brazil, QAnon Has a Distinctly Bolsonaro Flavor
10 Bolsonaro-backed candidates claim top posts in Brazil’s Congress
11 Brazil bankers, investors worry about Bolsonaro's effect on capital markets revival
12 Brazil's Bolsonaro says recent comments by Petrobras CEO will have consequences
13 In Brazil, an Indigenous Woman Joins Bolsonaro in Fight for Mining
14 Focus
15 Brazilians Protest Bolsonaro's Handling of COVID Pandemic
16 Brazil's Bolsonaro booed as he lays out priorities to Congress
17 Brazilian officials admit to Pfizer error but don't think Bolsonaro will budge
18 Study finds that Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro carried out an ‘institutional strategy to spread the coronavirus’
19 Brazil’s Bolsonaro taps general to head state-run oil giant
20 'See You in 2022', Says Bolsonaro When Called A Genocidist and Fascist in Congress
21 INSIGHT-In Brazil, an indigenous woman joins Bolsonaro in fight for mining
22 Bolsonaro Bills Will Face Resistance in House and Senate this Year
23 Thousands take to streets protesting Brazil's Bolsonaro
24 Brazil: Institutions Stand Up to Bolsonaro
25 Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro faces challenge from the centre after local elections
26 Who drank all the milk? Pundits make a meal of Bolsonaro's breakfast habits
27 ‘A Perfect Storm’ in Brazil as Troubles Multiply for Bolsonaro
28 Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19 after months of dismissing the seriousness of the virus
29 Son of Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro charged with corruption
30 In Brazil, Bolsonaro Lashes Out at Investigators
31 Brazilian mayor launches furious attack on 'stupid' Bolsonaro over coronavirus response
32 Bolsonaro Accelerates Vaccine Plan as Popularity Takes a Hit
33 The road to Bolsonaro’s popularity is paved with payments to Brazil’s poor
34 Bolsonaro to world: Brazil is victim of environmental smear
35 Bolsonaro Fights for Survival, Turning to Empowered Military Elders
36 Brazil's Bolsonaro approval rating stays at highest level during pandemic
37 Brazil has the world’s second-highest coronavirus death toll. But Bolsonaro is as popular as ever.
38 Brazil: Bolsonaro reportedly uses homophobic slur to mock masks
39 Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro denounced for joining pro-dictatorship rally
40 Bolsonaro says Brazilians must not be ‘sissies’ about coronavirus, as ‘all of us are going to die one day’
41 An investigation into fake news targets Brazil’s Bolsonaros, and critics fear a constitutional crisis
42 For Brazil’s Bolsonaro: A Week of Isolation, Hydroxychloroquine
43 'He became a hero': Bolsonaro sees popularity surge as Covid-19 spreads
44 Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Leading Virus Skeptic, Says He’s No Longer Infected
45 Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Faces Backlash After Withholding COVID-19 Data
46 What Bolsonaro said as Brazil's coronavirus cases climbed
47 Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro denies shielding family in meddling charge
48 Opinion | Trump Lost. Bolsonaro Can’t Get Over It.
49 Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro followed Trump’s coronavirus blueprint. Now its cases are surging
50 Amazon deforestation surges to 12-year high under Bolsonaro
51 Brazilian doctors fume as President Bolsonaro hid COVID-19 data and now has tested positive himself
52 Brazil: Bolsonaro Sabotages Anti-Covid-19 Efforts
53 Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Threatened by Graft Investigation
54 The coronavirus has hammered Brazil. But somehow, Bolsonaro is getting more popular.
55 Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's 'Captain Corona', bets on virus denial
56 The Coronavirus Hits Brazil Hard, but Jair Bolsonaro Is Unrepentant
57 As Brazil’s Covid Crisis Eases, Bolsonaro Sees Rising Popularity
58 Jair Bolsonaro’s radical supporters: ‘He only has us, the people’
59 First Bolsonaro trip since recovery aims at opponents' votes
60 Bolsonaro ran against corruption. Now, he’ll have to find another slogan.
61 Brazil's Bolsonaro Is Accused Of Crime Against Humanity Over Coronavirus 'Neglect'
62 Brazil's Bolsonaro warns virus vaccine can turn people into 'crocodiles'
63 Echoing Trump, Bolsonaro vows 'worse situation' in 2022
64 Jair Bolsonaro, long criticised for anti-black statements, removes a painting of Afro-Brazilian deities from presidential offices
65 The rhea-sistance: bird pecks Bolsonaro during coronavirus quarantine
66 Under Pressure, Brazil’s Bolsonaro Forced to Fight Deforestation
67 Why a Trump Defeat Would Be a Disaster for Bolsonaro
68 Bolsonaro threatens WHO exit as Brazil’s coronavirus toll soars
69 Bolsonaro’s Popularity Crumbles as Covid-19 Crisis Rages
70 Demonstrators Call for Brazil President's Resignation as He Self-Quarantines with COVID-19
71 Brazil's Bolsonaro calls surging Amazon fires a 'lie'
72 Brazil's Bolsonaro headlines anti-democratic rally amid alarm over handling of coronavirus
73 Will Bolsonaro Pay the Price for a Botched Pandemic Response?
74 Brazil’s Bolsonaro Blasted For Coronavirus Response, As Twitter, Facebook Remove Post
75 Brazil's Bolsonaro says cure, not vaccine, way out of coronavirus crisis
76 While Brazilians wait for a vaccine, Bolsonaro plays politics
77 Brazil: Bolsonaro orders security forces to intervene in pro-democracy protests
78 Bolsonaro joins rally against Brazil's top court; judge warns democracy at risk
79 Brazil's Bolsonaro says military will not remove elected president
80 Brazilian judge tells Bolsonaro to behave and wear a face mask
81 Bolsonaro, others shun masks at July 4 celebration in Brazil
82 Brazilian Cartoonists Face Criminal Probes Under Bolsonaro
83 For Brazil’s Bolsonaro, U.S.-China Tensions Are a Challenge and an Opportunity
84 Facebook removes disinformation networks tied to Roger Stone and Jair Bolsonaro
85 Brazil's Bolsonaro isolated, weakened by coronavirus denial
86 Jair Bolsonaro claims 'victory' after suspension of Chinese vaccine trial
87 Brazil’s local elections deal blow to Bolsonaro
88 Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Tests Positive for Coronavirus a Third Time
89 Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro says coronavirus crisis is a media trick
90 Brazil's Bolsonaro says he will not take coronavirus vaccine
91 Bolsonaro Government’s Message to Biden: Trumpism Lives On in Brazil
92 Brazil's Bolsonaro says he was right to question Chinese COVID-19 vaccine
93 Bolsonaro Touts Chloroquine for All as Brazil's Virus Toll Surges
94 Bolsonaro calls coronavirus a 'little flu.' Inside Brazil's hospitals, doctors know the horrifying reality
95 Brazilian left demands Bolsonaro resign over coronavirus response
96 Jair Bolsonaro
97 Bolsonaro allies set to win control of Brazil's Congress
98 Brazil's Bolsonaro says COVID-19 vaccinations won't be mandatory
99 Brazil's Bolsonaro approval rating at highest despite coronavirus: poll
100 Police find cash hidden between Bolsonaro ally's buttocks