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1 Michael Silverman and Bonnie Bassler win 2021 Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize
2 Podcast Preview: The Joy of x, Season Two
3 Royalty Pharma Appoints Bonnie Bassler, PhD to the Company's Board of Directors
4 Outcompeting microbes: Understanding the future by looking at the past
5 Cidara Therapeutics Provides Corporate Update and Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Financial Results
6 Princeton's Bonnie Bassler Receives $500000 Gruber Genetics Prize
7 Bassler receives Gruber Genetics Prize for discoveries on how bacteria communicate
8 Neil Shubin on Tiktaalik, Ballistic Tongues and Evolution
9 Identification of signaling pathways, matrix-digestion enzymes, and motility components controlling Vibrio cholerae biofilm dispersal
10 Princeton University will open COVID-19 testing laboratory for campus community
11 Bonnie Bassler to Deliver Next Public Talk at Janelia
12 Bassler receives Dickson Prize in Medicine for discovering how bacteria communicate
13 Princeton researchers report high level of compliance with on-campus health and safety protocols
14 Biologists turn eavesdropping viruses into bacterial assassins Read more
15 Bonnie Bassler to Receive Shaw Prize
16 Bassler receives Schering Prize for discovering bacterial communication
17 Profile: A Pioneer Who’s Investigating How Bacteria Communicate
18 Jennifer Sun GRD '19: Appreciating the flowers
19 LIFE unfolds across academic disciplines – Princeton University
20 Inside look: Labs reopen with strict social distancing, as U. researchers begin 'Phased Resumption'
21 Princeton announces new programs to expand innovation and entrepreneurship for societal benefit at Engage 2020 conference
22 Cidara Therapeutics Announces Key Additions to its Board of Directors
23 Cell position fates and collective fountain flow in bacterial biofilms revealed by light-sheet microscopy
24 Mechanical forces shape bacterial biofilms' puzzling patterns
25 Princeton and Microsoft collaborate to tackle fundamental challenges in microbiology
26 Bassler receives 2015 Shaw Prize in life science and medicine
27 Quorum Sensing: What We Can Learn From Eavesdropping on Bacteria
28 Molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler explores the secret, social lives of bacteria
29 Bonnie Bassler, Squibb Professor in Molecular Biology at Princeton University, to speak at 2016 Grand Seminar
30 How Bacterial Biofilms' Make Curious Crinkles
31 Bacteria Talk | NOVA
32 Genetics Society of America honors outstanding contributions to genetics with 2020 GSA Awards
33 “Spy” Virus Eavesdrops on Bacteria, Then Obliterates Them
34 Pattie Maes develops a plant-robot hybrid and other news from the TED community
35 Relationships That Endure | Princeton Alumni Weekly
36 The secret social lives of viruses
37 England's first museum dedicated to women is set to open this year
38 Scientists get their first look into how bacteria construct a slimy biofilm fortress
39 Johns Hopkins inducts new members into Society of Scholars
40 Mutant bacterial receptor could point to new therapies against opportunistic pathogen
41 Alternative mode of bacterial quorum sensing
42 Volunteer for Veteran’s flag duty in Penn Yan
43 Stop the microbial chatter
44 Liberty Science Center's Inaugural “Genius of New Jersey” to Honor Innovators Who Make the State a World Leader in Cutting-Edge Applied Science
45 Come together: At Princeton, combining AI with science could change research methods
46 The VP882 virus ‘eavesdrops’ on bacteria to kill
47 Bacteria Use Brainlike Bursts of Electricity to Communicate
48 A Huge Discovery in the World of Viruses
49 Structure–function studies of Rgg binding to pheromones and target promoters reveal a model of transcription factor interplay
50 Natural Sciences Research
51 International Birnstiel Award for three outstanding young scientists
52 Our Faculty
53 Infectious tunes: Rock opera explores the social life of bacteria • Brooklyn Paper
54 Royalty Pharma plc (RPRX) Stock: Should I Buy It Now?
55 Researchers find a way to peel slimy biofilms like old stickers Read more
56 Xiaowei Zhuang will receive the 2019 Pearl Meister Greengard Prize
57 The Secret Languages of Microbes
58 Princeton researchers discover new biofilm removal technique
59 Artists Help Us to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Death and Healing
60 New Partnerships With Google, Microsoft | Princeton Alumni Weekly
61 Peeling off slimy biofilms like old stickers
62 Is It Art or Is It Science?
63 'Talking bacteria' discovery that won Hong Kong's US$1m Shaw Prize could offer new model for…
64 Michael Yang leads list of moves at ViaCyte, succeeding Paul Laikind as CEO; Qasim Rizvi named CEO of Takeda partner KSQ
65 How bacterial communication 'goes with the flow' in causing infection, blockage
66 Understanding bacteria's slimy fortresses
67 Kollár receives 2017 Shaw Prize in mathematics Read more
68 The bacterial conversation
69 Opinion | ‘Animated Life: Seeing the Invisible’
70 Brangwynne selected as Howard Hughes Medical Investigator Read more
71 Deep Inside Bacteria, a Germ of Human Personality
72 Chemical coatings boss around bacteria, in the bugs' own language
73 Adel Mahmoud, global health leader and Princeton faculty member, dies at 76
74 Jennifer Doudna to receive the 2018 Pearl Meister Greengard Prize
75 The Neuroscience of the Gut
76 Sticky Streamers Of Staph Bacteria May Clog Up Medical Devices
77 Film Club: ‘Animated Life: Seeing the Invisible’
78 PAW PRINTS: Dear Santa ... | Lifestyles
79 The Intrepids: Costa Rican Women in Science and Technology book excerpt: Marie Claire Arrieta Méndez
80 Mitochondria: Microscopic links between brain, body?
81 Mifflin County Property Transfers | News, Sports, Jobs
82 The Award of “Scientific Heroines” Honors Dr. Jennifer Doudna
83 Edinburgh microbiology conference to examine new diseases cancelled over coronavirus fears
84 Historic shoe shop loses fight against time
85 JoAnne Stubbe of MIT will receive the 2017 Pearl Meister Greengard Prize
86 Building Codes for Bacterial Cities
87 Boehringer Ingelheim nabs new US president and CEO; AstraZeneca vet hops aboard Novavax as CMO
88 Leading Roles | Harvard Medical School
89 Human Microbiome Project Explores Our 100 Trillion Good Bacteria
90 Squeeze Play | Princeton Alumni Weekly
91 Distinguished alum speaks at Asa Gray lecture
92 National Science Board Statement on the Frontiers in Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology Act of 2014 (H.R. 4186)
93 Biologists Engineered An Assassin Virus to Kill Bacteria on Command
94 Five HHMI Scientists Elected to the National Academy of Medicine
95 Waking Sleepy Bacteria Cells Helps Fight Infection
96 Two seniors win $250,000 Hertz fellowship for graduate study
97 Science As Art | Princeton Alumni Weekly
98 Microsoft moves into biological computing with Station B
99 Lets Talk: A Story of Interspecies Communication
100 The science of success: meeting the Shaw Prize winners of 2015