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1 356 Elephants Dropped Dead. Did This Bacteria Poison Them?
2 More than 350 elephants died in Botswana, and we may finally know why
3 Botswana Blames Bacteria for Deaths of 330 Elephants
4 Botswana elephant deaths caused by cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae
5 We finally know what caused Botswana's mysterious elephant deaths
6 Cyanobacteria kills hundreds of elephants in Botswana
7 Botswana Hopes Mysterious Elephant Deaths Are Over; Zimbabwe Records Its First
8 Botswana to Allow Farmers Keep Wildlife to Boost Agro-Tourism
9 5 things to know for September 22: Coronavirus, SCOTUS, China, Navalny, Botswana
10 Botswana auctions licenses to hunt 70 elephants in effort to reduce conflict with humans
11 Botswana is evacuating black rhinos amid poaching threat
12 What’s killing Botswana’s elephants? Here are the top theories.
13 It's not poachers killing elephants in Botswana. That worries conservationists.
14 Botswana investigates 154 elephant deaths, rules out poaching
15 Botswana top vet defends investigations into unexplained elephant deaths
16 Botswana reports mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants
17 Botswana says natural toxin could be behind elephant deaths
18 350 elephants drop dead in Botswana, some walking in circles before doing face-plants
19 Botswana to re-open wildlife national park
20 Botswana Moves to Rearm Rangers as Rhino Poaching Intensifies
21 Poisoning not ruled out as cause of death for Botswana elephants
22 Botswana has not found more dead elephants midway through survey
23 Mysterious Cause of Hundreds of Elephant Deaths in Botswana Finally Comes Into Focus
24 Botswana gets first test results on elephant deaths
25 Experts Aren't Sure Why Botswana's Elephants Are Dying by the Hundreds
26 Botswana dehorns at least 100 wild rhinos to protect them from poachers
27 Botswana says natural toxin could be behind mass elephant deaths
28 Rhino poaching at record levels in Botswana
29 Botswana: Two Hunters Surrender Licences to Wildlife Department
30 Unexplained mass death of elephants in Botswana – The Yucatan Times
31 Botswana strives to remain leader in natural resources conservation: minister
32 Elephant Hunt 2.0: Botswana Is Trying Again After Global Outcry
33 Botswana Elephant Deaths Mystery Deepens as Toll Rises
34 Natural toxins likely killed hundreds of Botswana elephants: Govt
35 Botswana cancels hunters' licenses following controversy over killing protected elephant
36 Botswana makes progress in elephant mortality investigations
37 Botswana's belated submission to DEFRA
38 Elephants found poisoned in Botswana
39 Botswana elephant deaths rekindle emotive ivory trade debate
40 Botswana: Dept to Establish Cause of Elephant Deaths
41 Outrage over ‘unethical’ Botswana elephant hunt
42 Botswana: Ministry Briefs Envoys On Elephant Deaths
43 Elephant Hunting Is On Again For Hunters Again In Botswana. What's The Impact? : Goats and Soda
44 Botswana: Department Rescues Stranded Hippos
45 Tackling human-wildlife conflict through community engagement
46 Botswana holds controversial auction of elephant hunting licences
47 Hunters Banned in Botswana After Shooting and Killing Research Elephant
48 Safeguarding Botswana’s living treasures
49 Mass Elephant Deaths Baffle Home of World’s Largest Herd
50 Natural toxins likely killed hundreds of Botswana elephants: government
51 Five Things to Know About Botswana's Decision to Lift Ban on Hunting Elephants
52 Mystery virus outbreak that killed 400 elephants could cross into people, experts fear
53 Breaking down barriers: Cattle and wildlife compete in Southern Africa
54 Nearly 50 rhinos killed in Botswana in 10 months as poaching surges
55 Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting
56 Peter Beard’s Life, From His Art to His Wives to His Death
57 Botswana mulls lifting elephant hunting ban
58 No rhinos in Botswana if poaching continues: official
59 70 Elephants Will Soon Be 'Legally' Killed In Botswana And No One Can Do Anything About It
60 Botswana: Death of 300 elephants is a mystery after inconclusive tests
61 ARKANSAS SPORTSMAN: International hunting takes a hit
62 Echoes of Cecil the Lion as Botswana Research Elephant Shot
63 Poachers Are Invading Botswana, Last Refuge of African Elephants
64 What's killing Botswana's elephants?
65 Elephant poaching on the rise in Botswana
66 87 Elephants Killed by Poachers in Africa's 'Last Safe Haven'
67 Elephant ivory poaching is on rise in Botswana, southern Africa
68 Botswana animal groups outraged at elephant killing
69 Botswana's conservation policies are driven by profit...
70 Ngamiland fishermen cry out!
71 To Save Rhinos From Poachers, Botswana Chainsaws Off Horns
72 Botswana is under pressure to find out what killed hundreds of elephants | Citypress
73 Botswana: Official Warns of Roaming Wild Animals
74 Botswana: Poaching Cause for Concern in Tuli Block
75 Botswana Hits Back at Critics on Anti-Poaching Policy
76 More than 100 elephants die in Botswana in suspected anthrax outbreak
77 Trouble in Botswana's elephant paradise as poaching said to rise
78 Elephant Mystery Deepens: Botswana Study Shows Sudden Deaths
79 Botswana’s Capital City Back on COVID-19 Lockdown
80 Botswana rhinos risk wipeout as poaching rises
81 BOTSWANA: Rhinos in the country could be extinct in a year or two
82 Gaborone fires fresh salvos at animal activists over elephant auction
83 Elephant in the room: Botswana deals with pachyderm population pressure
84 Elephant Hunting Is Back In Botswana: The Poaching, Protections And Politics
85 Black rhinos evacuated from Botswana kill zone
86 Wildlife poaching on the rise in Africa due to Covid-19
87 Botswana: About 1000 Wildebeests to Be Translocated
88 350 elephants found dead in Botswana within past two months
89 Botswana Turns to Trained Dogs to Protect Wildlife
90 The 67-Year-Old Still Fighting for Wild Places
91 Doubts Mount in Botswana Over Charity’s Claim of Elephant ‘Poaching Frenzy’
92 In Botswana, elephant hunting divides opinion
93 Elephant Poaching Is on the Rise in Botswana, Study Confirms
94 A plea to Botswana: Please rethink a “Not Enough Fences” approach (commentary)
95 'Botswana was never a safe haven'
96 Anthrax, drought killing elephants in Botswana
97 Poaching and the problem with conservation in Africa (commentary)
98 Botswana’s rhinos are under siege: It’s time to learn from historical mistakes
99 This African Safari Was Founded Before Ecotourism Was Trendy
100 World Tourism Day: COVID -19 an opportunity to rethink Himalayan tourism