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1 John Boyega, Jack Reynor, Jodie Turner-Smith & Felicity Jones To Star In Thriller ‘Borderland’ From ‘The Uninvited’ Directors & ‘Public Enemies’ Scribe
2 John Boyega Reportedly Wants A Bigger Role In Star Wars Moving Forward
3 John Boyega Is Severely Disappointed in His Twitter Impostor’s Lack of Sauce
4 John Boyega, Jodie Turner-Smith, Felicity Jones join 'Borderland' film
5 An emotional speech, a rising star and a new wave of black protest: John Boyega seizes the megaphone
6 John Boyega To Star In ‘Borderland’
7 John Boyega expresses thanks for Black Lives Matter support
8 Before John Boyega became "Star Wars" hero Finn, he was far more revolutionary in "Attack the Block"
9 John Boyega Has His Own Infinity Gauntlet
10 Daisy Ridley Gave John Boyega a Nickname While Filming 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' — And They Still Use it
11 John Boyega Hints At 'Attack The Block' Sequel, Says He'll Need "The Whole Of London" To Be In It
12 Could John Boyega's Attack The Block Get A Sequel? Here's What The Director Said
13 Star Wars star John Boyega set to shake up James Bond race
14 Star Wars: The Actors Who Almost Played Finn | Screen Rant
15 Jodie Turner-Smith And John Boyega To Star In 'Borderland'
16 john boyega Archives
17 Star Wars' John Boyega reflects on "wins" of post-franchise life
18 Actor John Boyega joins thousands at massive George Floyd protest in London
19 Michael B. Jordan and John Boyega call for Hollywood to do more for Black Lives Matter
20 John Boyega gives powerful speech at Hyde Park Black Lives Matter protest
21 Watch John Boyega's Rousing Black Lives Matter Speech
22 Lucasfilm Stands Behind John Boyega: “You Are Our Hero”
23 13 celebrities who bought homes for their parents after making it big in Hollywood
24 John Boyega: Star Wars actor rails against racism after George Floyd death
25 John Boyega Defends ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Against Backlash, Says Film Was Not ‘Embarrassing’
26 John Boyega is doing what Star Wars couldn’t: saying Black Lives Matter
27 Welcome To IANS Live
28 John Boyega Gets Honest About ‘Star Wars’ Flaws, Disagreeing With ‘Last Jedi’ Choices
29 John Boyega Is Dunking On Upset ‘Reylo’ Fans After ‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’
30 John Boyega Continues Calling Out Racist Followers, Tweets Protest Tips
31 'Star Wars' fans criticize John Boyega for crude Rey comment
32 ‘Star Wars’ Actor John Boyega Sets Netflix Deal
33 John Boyega shared a video of the moment he bought his parents a house
34 Watch 'Star Wars' Actor John Boyega Hilariously Hate On Hollywood Workouts
35 Star Wars: How did John Boyega's script end up on eBay?
36 John Boyega on if He’ll Do More ‘Star Wars’: ‘You Ain’t Going to Disney Plus Me!’
37 'Star Wars' actor John Boyega apologizes for 'badly worded' comments in interview
38 Lego sent John Boyega a massive Lego porg after he said he hated the divisive 'Star Wars' creatures
39 John Boyega Breaks Down What Post-Star Wars Life Has Been Like For Him
40 John Boyega Signs With Netflix To Develop African Films
41 John Boyega Teams With Netflix On Slate Of African Movies
42 John Boyega gives Black Lives Matter speech, 'Star Wars' shows support
43 Actor John Boyega rallies crowd at protest
44 Star Wars: John Boyega Throws Shade At One Specific Last Jedi Line
45 Sam Heughan is fan favourite for James Bond
46 'Star Wars': John Boyega Finally Admits Why He and Oscar Isaac Played up the Finnpoe Romance On-Screen
47 The bromance continues with Star Wars' John Boyega and Oscar Isaac, thanks to cheeky Instagram post
48 Oscar Isaac wanted a 'Star Wars' romance with John Boyega's character
49 John Boyega applauded for shutting down racist trolls on Twitter
50 'Star Wars' actor faces backlash for sexually explicit comment about co-star: 'Disgusting and gross'
51 Hugs, handshakes, and horseplay abound in John Boyega’s emotional, behind-the-scenes Star Wars tribute
52 John Boyega Gets a 'Talking To' From His Mom About Secret Chest Tattoo
53 'Stars Wars' Is Finally Standing up Against Racism After John Boyega Called Them out
54 With 'Rise of Skywalker,' Daisy Ridley and John Boyega say goodbye to 'amazing' 'Star Wars' run
55 John Boyega Talks Roles After Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker with Xbox: Watch Video
56 "Star Wars" actor John Boyega rallies protesters at London Black Lives Matter march
57 John Boyega Celebrates Star Wars Day with Video of Him, Oscar Isaac Braving a Sandstorm on Set
58 Yes, Star Wars’ John Boyega Is Still Clapping Back At Haters Online
59 John Boyega 2016 interview: “it's not going to go the way you think"
60 Resistance Hero John Boyega Gives Impassioned Speech at Black Lives Matter Protest
61 John Boyega's 'Star Wars' Style Is Burning Bright
62 John Boyega and Oscar Isaac Recall Their 'Chemistry' in First 'Star Wars' Audition (Exclusive)
63 Actor John Boyega contemplating life after 'Star Wars'
64 'Star Wars': The Rise of Skywalker': John Boyega Will Never Appear in a Disney+ Spin-Off—Here's What Fans Hope He Will Do Instead
65 Stars Wars actor John Boyega wants to date a Christian woman
66 Star Wars' John Boyega yearns for romance
67 John Boyega Reveals Star Wars: The Last Jedi Line He Didn’t Like Saying
68 John Boyega says Americans don't realize black people live in London
69 Star Wars actor John Boyega has signed a major Netflix deal
70 John Boyega is channelling his Star Wars character like a true hypebeast
71 John Boyega Shares Rise of Skywalker Script Page | Screen Rant
72 John Boyega Reveals He Lobbied for More ‘Involvement’ in New ‘Star Wars’ Movie
73 'Star Wars' star John Boyega gives emotional speech at London protest
74 John Boyega prompts ‘Star Wars’ debate with Rey character revelation
75 John Boyega dishes on his “really, really fun” Netflix film 'They Cloned Tyrone', calls it a “stateside 'Attack the Block'”
76 John Boyega Delivers Passionate Speech on Race at London Rally
77 John Boyega's Gross 'Star Wars' Joke Has Fans Riled Up
78 Why Some Upset Fans Don't Want John Boyega to Be in 'Star Wars' Anymore
79 Watch John Boyega brings parents to tears after buying them a house
80 Star Wars' John Boyega Doesn’t Want You Leaving the Theater Unless You've Cried
81 John Boyega to Star in Netflix Sci-Fi Feature 'They Cloned Tyrone'
82 John Boyega And His Family Brought Nigerian Culture To The European 'Star Wars' Premiere And Looked As Regal As Ever
83 John Boyega Hates Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Too
84 'Hollywood Remixed': John Boyega on 'Star Wars' and Diversity in Sci-Fi
85 John Boyega Refuses to Reprise His 'Star Wars' Role on Disney+
86 Star Wars: Watch John Boyega’s Finn Evolve In Cool Animation
87 John Boyega is clashing with Star Wars fans about new trailer
88 John Boyega is not interested in appearing in any of the Star Wars TV projects
89 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' clip shows John Boyega riding space horse without VFX
90 John Boyega: I've met Americans who don't know black people live in London
91 John Boyega to Star in Netflix Thriller From ‘Green Room’ Director (EXCLUSIVE)
92 John Boyega Suggests He's Not Inclined Toward The Swirl After Fan Suggests He And White Co-star Should Be Coupled
93 John Boyega’s coat game is crazy strong (and just plain crazy) right now
94 John Boyega pokes fun and plays every single role in personalised ‘Cats’ trailer
95 Star Wars: Oscar Isaac & John Boyega Fuel FinnPoe Shippers With Video
96 Sorry, Star Wars’ John Boyega Isn’t Interested In Going To Disney+
97 John Boyega's mum's incredible reaction after spotting his secret tattoo
98 Star Wars star John Boyega likes to be far, far away from LA
99 John Boyega Interviews Himself And It Is Comedy Gold
100 John Boyega says 'Hold Back the Stars' wasn't “black” enough for him and Letitia Wright