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1 Breitbart News Editor-In-Chief calls out The Atlantic for publishing false story about President Trump
2 No, a Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Didn’t Partner With a Pro-Communist Chinese Group
3 The bogus Steve Bannon-backed study claiming China created the coronavirus, explained
4 Anatomy of a faux scandal: Right-wing media uses misleading local story to suggest coronavirus cover-up
5 Fox News Is Accused of Hiding George Soros’s Influence
6 Trump's 'plane loaded with thugs' appears to be a Salt Lake City flight with Black Lives Matter protesters
7 The spectacular fall of a center-of-power populist
8 Trump attacks Fox News reporter after she backs up key details of Atlantic story | TheHill
9 Steve Bannon’s effort to export his fiery popularism to Europe is failing
10 Chicago Police Union Endorses President Trump's Reelection Bid
11 Restaurants, venues stare into the abyss
12 Tucker Carlson Cries Censorship After His COVID-19 Posts Flagged as Misinformation by Facebook, Instagram
13 No, a Molotov Cocktail Didn't Start the West's Wildfires
14 Google Will Block Its Autocomplete Suggestions For Some Election-Related Searches
15 Fox News reporter: Ex-officials confirm Trump called US troops 'suckers'
16 CNN's Tapper tried to talk GOP candidate out of running against Democratic incumbent: report | TheHill
17 Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Deal With Taliban to End Afghan War
18 Facebook Needs Trump Even More Than Trump Needs Facebook
19 California man arrested after attacking 84-year-old woman at Trump rally
20 Peter Thiel Met With The Racist Fringe As He Went All In On Trump
21 Ex-Trump aide Bannon pleads not guilty in border wall scheme
22 Don't trust this dictionary
23 Johnny Mercer blasted for calling writer James Delingpole a 'selfish c**t'
24 If He is Ahead on Election Night, President Trump Should Declare Victory
25 Mark Zuckerberg struggles to explain why Breitbart belongs on Facebook News
26 University of Oklahoma takes down tribute wall for retired faculty members that only had 'White male faces'
27 Fact check: Trump made at least 22 false or misleading claims at ABC town hall
28 10 Shows You Should Be Watching Before Emmys 2020: ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘Succession’ and More
29 Breitbart Senior Tech Correspondent details Facebook and Google's censorship of conservative news
30 MPD Appeared To Delete A Tweet That Said Breitbart News Delivered Officers Lunch
31 Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube scrub platforms of viral video making false coronavirus claims
32 Former Breitbart Editor: Stephen Miller is a white supremacist. I know, I was one too.
33 What Is Breitbart News?
34 White House aide Stephen Miller held wide sway over Breitbart News, according to emails
35 Facebook says removing viral COVID-19 misinformation video ‘took longer than it should have’
36 There's a battle over Breitbart on Facebook's new journalism section, and Instagram's boss got involved
37 Whatever happened to Breitbart? The insurgent star of the right is in a long, slow fade
38 Hydroxychloroquine: Why a video promoted by Trump was pulled on social media
39 Breitbart host says American citizens don't deserve emergency coronavirus aid because trans people exist
40 Bannon aims to make a comeback in circle of Trump influencers ahead of election
41 Is Google biased against conservatives? These Republicans think so
42 Breitbart News Publishes Serious Story About '#MovesLikeBloomberg' Parody Dance
43 How Breitbart Is Crushing Mainstream Media on Facebook
44 Ex-Breitbart editor: Stephen Miller is a white supremacist
45 Reports: Facebook Fires Employee Who Shared Proof of Right Wing Favoritism
46 These Breitbart 'polls' Donald Trump keeps tweeting aren't polls at all
47 Inside Breitbart News: 'We're Not a Hate Site'
48 A brief history of Breitbart News, the controversial website run by Trump's chief adviser
49 Facebook executive responds after inclusion of Breitbart, a site known for misinformation, in news tab sparks uproar
50 Steve Bannon Out At Breitbart News : The Two-Way
51 Former Breitbart Editor Katie McHugh On Stephen Miller And White Supremacy
52 Facebook’s embrace of Breitbart doesn’t add up
53 Breitbart Rises From Outlier to Potent Voice in Campaign
54 Amid criticism, O'Rourke campaign says it won't ban Breitbart from future events
55 The Mercers, Mysterious Manhattan Billionaires, Are Revealed to be the Owners of Breitbart News
56 How White Supremacy Returned to Mainstream Politics
57 The Dispatch Tries to Sell Real News to the Right
58 The rise and fall of Breitbart
59 The US broadcasting firings by a Trump and Steve Bannon ally, explained
60 Stephen Miller: The Breitbart Emails
61 Facebook Takes Down Breitbart Posts That Claimed to Name Whistle-Blower
62 Breitbart News Is the Real Mustering of Digital Jacobins
63 Byron Donalds puts brutality deaths on Democratic leadership in Breitbart interview
64 U.S. Senate panel backs divisive Trump broadcasting nominee Pack
65 McConnell sets vote for Trump pick for US Agency for Global Media
66 Who Is Really Running the Government?
67 Breitbart News Tries to Go Mainstream
68 Limbaugh, Hannity and Other Right-Wing Media Stars Amplify Trump's 'Law and Order' Message
69 Bannon’s Breitbart is dead. But Breitbart will live on.
70 Stephen Bannon and Breitbart News, in Their Words
71 Breitbart, explained: the conservative media giant that wants Trump to burn down the GOP
72 Breitbart News Editor Says She Was Fired After Anti-Muslim Tweets
73 Breitbart News seems to be cleaning house after readers and advertisers drift away
74 Utah Sen. Mike Lee goes after Google, says its search function is biased against conservatives
75 Robert Mercer starts big money effort for Trump and RNC after cutting back support
76 Breitbart editor writes about Democrats' abuse of power in 'Profiles in Corruption'
77 Breitbart’s Audience Has Dropped 72% Since Trump Took Office – As Other Right-Wing Sites Have Gained
78 A Bannon ally is the latest contentious hire at USAID
79 Breitbart news site blocked by ad exchange
80 Breitbart lost 90 percent of its advertisers in two months: Who’s still there?
81 Even Fox News Balks at Trump's Coronavirus Disinfectant Advice
82 Trump's Executive Order Isn't About Twitter
83 Trump adviser Stephen Miller injected white nationalist agenda into Breitbart, investigation reveals
84 10 of Breitbart's most incendiary headlines
85 Bannon returns to Breitbart News as executive chairman
86 Facebook reportedly removed strikes from conservative pages after executive intervened
87 Dark money and PAC's coordinated 'reopen' push are behind doctors' viral hydroxychloroquine video
88 Who are the Mercers, the wealthy backers of Breitbart?
89 'Breitbart' Editor in Chief Alex Marlow Coming to University of Cincinnati
90 Prominent Santa Monica Doctor Featured in Censored Coronavirus Video
91 ‘Can you name one white nationalist article at Breitbart?’ Challenge accepted!
92 How Breitbart Destroyed Andrew Breitbart's Legacy
93 Exclusive: Riding Trump wave, Breitbart News plans U.S., European expansion
94 Beto bounces Breitbart editor
95 She Helped Wreck the News Business. Here’s Her Plan to Fix It
96 The LAPD opens an inquiry into job posting on right-wing Breitbart website
97 Breitbart Owners Debate Ousting Bannon Amid Trump Feud
98 From Trump, Breitbart and Bannon with love and conspiracy theories: Meet Netanyahu's new media advisor
99 Breitbart News Network Plans Global Expansion
100 Revealed: The People Behind an Anti-Breitbart Twitter Account