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1 Nigel Farage considers to rival Laurence Fox's party
2 Farage dodges questions over suspicious Brexit Party donor
3 We lost the Brexit fight – now we must listen to voters, Ed Davey urges Lib Dems
4 Boris may be set to cave in on fishing, ex-Brexit Party MEP fears 'we've been let down'
5 Lib Dems vote to push for renewed EU membership in long term
6 What's Going On With Brexit?
7 Brexit LIVE: Walk away! Ex-MEPs unite to tell Sunak no deal will SAVE battered economy
8 Laurence Fox's party is doomed to fail
9 ANDREW PIERCE: Are Nigel Farage and chums set for a comeback?
10 'Barnier was RIGHT!' Farage AGREES with EU chief in cheeky Tweet before tearing EU apart
11 Boris Johnson brutally attacked by former Brexit Party MEP -'No one to blame but himself!'
12 Labour takes poll lead as parties see major switch in fortunes
13 NI's anti-Brexit party leaders to meet Simon Coveney
14 Brexit domino effect: EU braced for bombshell France exit as plot emerges
15 Brexit's Internal Market Bill explained: what is it, and why is it so controversial?
16 Defund the BBC, home for idling Brexiteers
17 Labour's target should be the Tory party, not Johnson's credibility
18 Switzerland referendum: Voters reject end to free movement with EU
19 Frexit champion warns France could follow UK out of bloc after Brexit
20 END of EU: Which European nation will be next aboard the Brexit Express?
21 Brexiteers call for cancellation of Have I Got News For You
22 The day Brexit hit boiling point
23 EU accused of plot to 'BULLY' eurosceptic member states to stop Brexit rebellions
24 ‘You LOST, we have left!’ Widdecombe explodes in fiery Brexit debate with Remainer Femi
25 Johnson is struggling with the politics of Covid, but it’s dangerous to write him off
26 Wealthy Britons step up citizenship shopping to thwart Brexit
27 General election 2019: A simple guide to the Brexit Party
28 Claire Fox dismantles Owen Jones's 'Brexit culture war' claim in coronavirus lockdown row
29 New bank holiday? Boris considers annual street parties celebrating British volunteers
30 Brexiteer called hypocrite for opposing No 10's Covid bill
31 Brexit Has Reignited Scotland's Push for Independence
32 The Brexit Party crashed the gates of the European Parliament — and got stuck there
33 Nigel Farage called out over 'worst government ever' tweet
34 Farage’s Brexit Party hit by split a week before UK election
35 Johnson reels after mis-steps on Brexit and coronavirus
36 Brexit LIVE: France lashes out at UK as Barnier leaves talks
37 Brexit: Drop 'aggressive, in-your-face' tactics to avert no-deal, urges senior Tory David Lidington
38 General election 2019: Brexit Party will not stand in Tory seats
39 Brexit Party: 12 key policies explained
40 Italy fury sparks EU fears coronavirus recovery fund will lead to Italexit -'More EU debt'
41 The Brexit party folded, but make no mistake: Farage won it for Johnson
42 Election results 2019: Brexit Party 'killed Lib Dems and hurt Labour'
43 Sterling boosted as Nigel Farage reportedly reduces his Brexit Party challenge in UK election
44 Michael Gove goes to Brussels to restart Brexit talks | Your daily politics briefing
45 House of Commons backlash: Parliament changes plans for bars to be exempt from 10pm curfew
46 Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will not run in UK election
47 For Britain's sake we need to fight this LOCKDOWN TYRANNY – NIGEL FARAGE
48 Is the party over for the chalet holiday?
49 Nigel Farage: The story of 'Mr Brexit'
50 Covid: Mandatory vaccinations 'most unlikely', says minister
51 Brexit: Labour 'unpatriotic' for opposing breach of international law, government claims
52 Brexit Champion Farage Plans Party Relaunch, Sunday Express Says
53 With rising Covid cases, unemployment & Brexit talks, Boris Johnson is facing a hard winter
54 Nigel Farage’s Brilliant Failure
55 General election 2019: Farage promises Reform Party after Brexit
56 How Labour has FAILED the working class: Starmer's disastrous 'dumbing down' plot exposed
57 I Went to a Brexit Celebration Party
58 Election 2019: what are the Brexit Party’s policies – apart from the obvious
59 Brexit Party politician Caroline Jones quits Welsh Parliament group
60 Complacent insiders sow the seeds of their own demise
61 Nigel Farage’s Populist Brexit Party Wins Big in European Parliament Elections
62 Brexit Party manifesto 2019: key policies, at a glance
63 Boris Johnson to address Tory MPs in attempt to head off growing backbench rebellion
64 Minister warns Covid-19 and Brexit are the makings of a ‘Perfect Storm’
65 Improve Covid testing to rescue economy and save jobs, says shadow chancellor | ITV News
66 Brexit Party's election campaign to scrap the Senedd
67 Was Farage the midwife delivering Johnson's victory? The Brexit Party and the size of the Conservative majority
68 Johnson's handling of Covid: more "moonshine" than "moonshot"
69 How Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party Is Crushing Its Opponents
70 Brexit shows how a tiny party can have big consequences
71 Nigel Farage 'cut off' as Brexit Party MEPs wave union flags in Brussels
72 Brexit party divided over election tactics
73 Coronavirus: Support grows for rebel MPs over law
74 General election 2019: Brexit
75 US Secretary Pompeo in crucial visit to Greece
76 Ann Widdecombe leaves National Trust due to 'woke agenda'
77 France 'escorts' migrants to UK: Brexit Party leader
78 General election 2019: Nigel Farage urges tactical voting to back Brexit
79 Brexit: Spending on UK's final European elections revealed
80 Brexit party MEP drafts two contrasting messages on Brussels vote
81 'We did it': Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage posts triumphant tweet
82 'Internal border' will see HGV's require permits to access Kent
83 The U.K. Election Explained, in One Number
84 General election 2019: Brexit Party expels activists over racist remarks
85 Brexit celebration: Boris Johnson reveals big plans for leave-night party
86 Sturgeon PANIC: SNP’s own supporters threaten to boycott election as huge row breaks out
87 Tory MPs 'asking Brexit party not to stand against them'
88 Brexit: UK leaves the European Union
89 The Brexit Party Arrives in the European Parliament
90 Since reunification, Germany has had its best 30 years. The next 30 will be harder
91 Brexit: Peter Shore slams Heath over joining EU in 1975 speech
92 Nigel Farage claims VICTORY as Boris Johnson 'adopts Brexit Party plan'
93 Ringing in Brexit? Plans to celebrate UK exit divide country
94 Brexit: Tears and relief as the UK's MEPs bid farewell
95 Revealed: The 49 seats where the Brexit Party is splitting the Leave vote and risking a hung parliament
96 Nigel Farage Makes Trumpian Trouble with His New Brexit Party
97 Why did the Brexit Party get zero seats in the general election?
98 In what may be Britain’s last European election, Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party is expected to dominate
99 Smaller U.K. Parties Look to Disrupt Brexit With Election Pacts
100 Election: Brexit party MEPs defect and back Conservative party — as it happened