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1 Nigel Farage SILENCES critics as trolls hit out at Brexiteer for Super Saturday pub visit
2 WATCH: Brexiteer MPs orchestrating campaign to blame public for second coronavirus wave, claims broadcaster
3 ‘Brexiteers are ignorant’ Steve Coogan’s bitter swipe at Leave voters revealed
4 Boris Johnson wants Brexiteer to replace ousted Sir Mark Sedwill
5 Brexit LIVE: Huge row erupts as UK demands Brussels steps aside for major business move
6 Brexiteer MP says his 'French-speaking' dogs should be able to keep free movement rights
7 EU’s future in tatters as BIGGER trading zone exposed by Brexiteer
8 Forget 'building', this government only cares about Brexiteer revenge
9 Mark Francois ridiculed after he sends letter to EU intervening in Brexit talks
10 Number 10 defends giving Brexiteer key national security role
11 Someone spun an extremely fake yarn about Brexit and lots of people fell for it
12 Brexiteer Sammy Wilson told Larne border post down to him
13 These are the Brexiteers looking to secure their EU rights ahead of the UK's departure from the bloc
14 Brexiteers were right! Richard Tice reveals how Boris' 'plan B' will see UK triumph
15 Brexiteer provokes fury after claiming Dominic Cummings could receive an honour
16 China cover up: Brexiteer uses video to uncover ‘biggest lie’ during coronavirus crisis
17 Brexiteer makes stunning prediction for UK fishing industry if Boris resists EU pressure
18 Brexiteer confronts Sadiq Khan for 'failing miserably' at main part of his job
19 Oh dear, Keir! Brexiteer MOCKS Labour leader
20 Boris Johnson news: Keir Starmer condemns top civil servant’s exit as PM dismisses claims replacement must be Brexiteer
21 Vote Leave insider brilliantly explains how COVID helped pave way for no deal WTO Brexit
22 Education Secretary Doesn't Deny Boris Johnson Wants Brexiteer To Run Civil Service
23 Time to act! Brexiteers demand UK conducts 'Hong Kong rescue mission'
24 Nigel Farage may charge supporters to listen to new radio show
25 Pound Sterling Recovery against Euro and Dollar Blunted by EU and UK Trade Talks Cancellation
26 Sturgeon backlash: SNP politician criticises free university tuition for rich EU students
27 Brexit talks breakthrough: Liz Truss reveals booming future for UK after cutting EU ties
28 Crispin Odey makes £75m by betting against Intu
29 The Right way to stop the Reds monopolising the Green market
30 Mark Francois compared to a '12 year old writing to a headmaster' for his widely ridiculed letter to the EU
31 Westminster at war: Dominic Cummings' real masterplan for Whitehall revolution exposed
32 Organisations reconsider links with David Starkey after racist remarks
33 Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘stupid’ plan to rejoin EU torn apart by former SNP deputy
34 ‘Worst shortage of decade’ leaving Wetherspoons without Strongbow and John Smith's exposed
35 Starmer squirms as Labour leader's 'jealousy' of 'charismatic' Boris exposed in Sky clash
36 'Frost holds all the cards!' UK poised for huge Brexit breakthrough as Barnier on brink
37 Government advisors given reading list for new training regime led by Dominic Cummings
38 Johnson is a cosplay Prime Minister
39 Merkel's Brexit veto: Chancellor told German industries to 'stop fussing' about UK
40 Brexit fury: How Iain Dale brutally shut down Remainer for ‘talking utter rubbish’
41 'It's a lazy joke, a stereotype'
42 Who is Dominic Raab? The Brexiteer ex-lawyer deputizing for Boris Johnson
43 Brexiteer complains he has to wait in queue at EU airport: ‘This isn’t the Brexit I voted for’
44 Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin’s warning to Boris Johnson revealed as pubs reopen
45 Conservative Brexiteer Says Election Is A 'Gamble' But Necessary To Carry Out Brexit
46 Brexit failure: How Chuka Umunna’s botched Remain plan was torn apart
47 Britain is out, but Brexiteers are still not happy...
48 From Little Englanders to Brexiteers
49 I'm no Brexiteer
50 Brexiteer and Cummings ally calls for his resignation accusing him of 'double standards'
51 George Orwell would have been a Brexiteer
52 Brexiteer and foreign minister Dominic Raab designat..’s standby leader as Boris Johnson battles coronavirus
53 Trade will flourish without Brexit deal, says WTO candidate
54 Brexiteers tweet about long queues at airport makes remainers mock him
55 The scale of the coronavirus crisis exposes how pointless the Brexit cause is
56 The Conservatives have a Boris Johnson problem. It's just not the one you think it is
57 They hated the EU now Brexiteers hate the UK too
58 Hard-Line Brexiteer Boris Johnson To Become Britain's New Prime Minister
59 Brexiteers up and down the country celebrate Britain leaving the EU tonight
60 ‘Arrogant and patronising!’ How Remainer Hugh Grant was shamed by Iain Duncan Smith
61 What it's like being an out-and-proud Brexiteer on campus
62 WATCH: Brexiteer says she's 'got what she voted for' but cannot explain what's changed
63 Brexiteers try to set EU flag on fire
64 Breakfast with a Brexiteer
65 Brexiteer MP quotes Irish revolutionary Michael Collins during Commons debate
66 Increasingly UK seems to be standing in Trump's shadow
67 EU official says Dominic Cummings saga shows that Brexiteers 'put themselves above the law they set others'
68 Tweets of the Week: VDL, The Rock, Rutte, Macron, and Berlaymont Banner Bags
69 Brexiteer MP accuses EU of dragging out trade talks in bid to 'wear UK down'
70 Tory Brexiteer calls for UK to be more like EU countries over coronavirus fund
71 I was a strong Brexiteer. Now we must swallow our pride and think again
72 'Make EU pay' Brexiteer on Jeremy Vine demands Brussels foots bill for Big Ben
73 WATCH: Brexiteer tries to blame EU for recent floods
74 Brexiteers' Auld Lang Syne sing-along summed up this debacle
75 BBC faces furious backlash after Gina Miller takes bitter swipe at jubilant Brexiteers
76 Brexiteer MP defends Dominic Cummings while ranting about migrants
77 WATCH: Brexiteer says UK 'stronger' in Brexit talks
78 EU braces for Brexiteer Boris Johnson as UK leader
79 Brexiteer claims she knows exactly what she voted for before saying 'nobody knows what’s going to happen'
80 As a Remainer-turned-Brexiteer, I'll be raising a glass tonight
81 The Legal Clause That Makes Brexiteers Furious—And Why They Have a Point
82 Brexiteer mocked for claiming empty shelves a sign of 'life under Jeremy Corbyn'
83 Coronavirus map LIVE: UK records 67 new deaths as pubs reopen and lockdown eases
84 Brexit endgame: Boris and the Brexiteers take control
85 Andrea Leadsom ‘very optimistic’ about UK’s post-Brexit prospects
86 Brexiteer candidate claims he was ‘attacked’ by an enraged Remainer during campaign stop
87 As Burberry makes PPE for nurses and doctors, Brexiteer hedge funder shorts its stock
88 Brexiteer calls for pubs and restaurants to re-open as 'majority don't care about coronavirus'
89 Brexiteer blasts immigration plans as 'catastrophic' for fishing industry
90 EU demands its own judges have final say on any EU trade-deal disputes with Britain
91 Tory Brexiteer makes the brave decision to 'come out' as heterosexual
92 It's time for every Brexiteer to back Boris Johnson's deal
93 Are the Brexiteers now weaponising coronavirus?
94 Question Time: Brexiteer schooled over science behind coronavirus lockdown 'scaremongering'
95 Brexiteer MP calls coronavirus restrictions 'absurd, dystopian and tyrannical'
96 WATCH: Brexiteer MPs call for Vote Leave mastermind Dominic Cummings to resign
97 BBC QT: Young Brexiteer silences Remainers in angry democracy plea
98 David Frost: Whisky envoy's neat move to the top
99 Farewell, Kate Hoey, the wild Brexiteer who never let the facts get in the way
100 EU exposed: Gisela Stuart reveals why working in Brussels 'made her become a Brexiteer'