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Result Content Idea Research
1 Blame Labour – not Brexiteers – for risk of second Scottish independence vote
2 Michel Barnier says he will 'never yield' to Brexiteers attempting to 'destroy' the EU
3 The government’s shirking of responsibilities to satisfy Brexiteers is troubling but not unexpected
4 Why Abbott fits right in with Boris' Brexiteers
5 Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet Secretary is an ‘operator’ cheered by Brexiteers
6 Brexit row: EU Parliament VP sends Twitter into meltdown after furious anti-Brexiteer rant
7 Boris Johnson faces Brexiteer rebellion over extension of emergency coronavirus laws
8 Brexit warning: EU told UK will stand firm on trade demands to honour pledge to Brexiteers
9 EU chaos shows us nothing is sacred for the No-Deal Brexiteers
10 WATCH: Former Tory minister claims Brexiteers have 'no interest' in unifying the nation ahead of Brexit
11 Boris v the blue blob
12 WATCH: Veteran Tory Brexiteers turn on Boris Johnson over controversial Brexit bill changes
13 Brexiteers say EU is making achieving deal 'difficult' despite claiming it would be 'easiest in history'
14 Why Scotland's forgotten Brexiteers could still prove pivotal
15 Labour MP calls Brexiteers ‘s**tbag racist w****rs’ over Proms row
16 History will be kinder to May's Brexit deal when Johnson's version is done
17 Labour MP calls Brexiteers ‘sh*tbag racist w***ers’ over Proms row
18 David Lammy blasts Johnson, Brexiteers as 'vandals'
19 Remainer Ash Sarkar told Brexiteers 'don't have care in world' about no deal in fiery row
20 Cornish Brexiteers demand £700m to make up for loss of EU cash
21 'Bare knuckle fight with the EU!' Gloves are off in Brexit showdown, warns Brexiteer MP
22 London MP takes aim at Brexiteers in "sh*tbag racist w*nkers" twitter rant
23 Brexit: Conservative rebels could yet throw Boris Johnson off track
24 Fintan O'Toole: English nationalism is too naive to know its limits
25 Brexit should be ‘done’ by now – yet we are facing even more chaos
26 Brexit campaign chair sworn in to Lords as Boris plans to pack Chamber with Leavers -WATCH
27 Iain Duncan Smith tells Joe Biden not to 'lecture' Britain on Northern Ireland
28 Comment: Why Europe may be the earth's best continent
29 LETTER: 'PM's cavalier attitude to protocol and the law is legendary'
30 Fintan O’Toole: It is June 24th, 2025 – and Brexit has worked
31 WATCH: Brexiteer MP accused of lying to voters over support for Brexit Withdrawal Agreement
32 Brexiteer mocked for suggesting Withdrawal Agreement was a Remainer plot that needs revisiting
33 'Defund the BBC' campaigners raise £60,000 in donations in bid to challenge TV licence rules
34 Crowdfunding donors give thousands to 'defund BBC' lobby group
35 Tory rebels should help defend us from Brussels' domineering agenda
36 Labour issues threat to derail Boris's Brexit master plan in House of Commons showdown
37 Brexit row: EU preacher sends Twitter right into disaster after furious anti Brexiteer rant
38 MPs must not tie the Government's hands now, just when the Brexit prize is becoming clear
39 UKIP's evolution in Wales: Infighting, deceit and finding a new enemy
40 Joe Biden cannot afford to sabotage a US Brexit trade deal
41 Brexit: barristers question selection of legal team leading UK drive to override deal
42 Luvvie Ewan McGregor backs SNP bid for independence in foul-mouthed anti-Brexit rant
43 Why Billionaire Brexiteers Dyson And Ratcliffe Can’t Commit To Building Cars In Britain
44 No 10 must stand firm on 'flouting' international law in the face of EU expansionism
45 Brexiteers are making the weather, and a deal is more likely than ever
46 Letters: If you think Brexiteers are angry now, just wait until the wonders of Brexit fail to materialise
47 Brexiteers warned they risk feeling ‘disappointed’ after David Frost’s trade deal remark
48 Brexiteers' unfinished revolution
49 Opinion: Kevin McKenna: Coronavirus shows Scotland is already behaving like a nation again
50 Britain is out, but Brexiteers are still not happy...
51 UK's Johnson Names Brother and Brexiteers to House of Lords
52 They hated the EU now Brexiteers hate the UK too
53 Just imagine the SNP team we could have had for next year's election
54 The scale of the coronavirus crisis exposes how pointless the Brexit cause is
55 Letter: Why are Brexiteers so nasty?
56 Brexiteers up and down the country celebrate Britain leaving the EU tonight
57 Brexiteers left 'in a panic' now that Brexit’s true meaning is being clearly outlined
58 Furious EU halts talks to THREATEN City of London's euro trade as negotiations get heated
59 Brexiteers up and down the country party like it is 1972
60 Brexiteers are furious to find out they're not going to get everything they want from the EU after all
61 BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg exposes real reason why EU ‘unlikely to walk’ from Brexit talks
62 Brexiteers Never Wanted Brexit to Begin With
63 The rogues running the UK are too feart for media appearances
64 Brexiteers try to set EU flag on fire
65 Britain: the politics of ultimatums and madmen
66 The war may have been won, but the question Brexiteers are now asking themselves is who will win the peace?
67 Watch: Brussels' shoddy coronavirus response has proved Brexiteers right all along
68 These are the Brexiteers looking to secure their EU rights ahead of the UK's departure from the bloc
69 Brexiteers who won their fight for 'independence' | News
70 Brexiteers be alert again – Whitehall still trying to scupper a real Brexit
71 Brexiteers, Who Feel Stigmatized For Their Views, Seek Support
72 UK Speaker Bercow, scourge of Brexiteers, to go up in smoke as a bonfire effigy
73 The week ahead in Parliament
74 Brexiteers living in Remain-voting areas 'have poorer mental health', survey reveals
75 Reneging on the Withdrawal Agreement
76 I'm no Brexiteer
77 Sturgeon scolded by fishing chief for 'undermining' UK's position in Brexit trade talks
78 We Brexiteers must stay on the battlefield to stiffen Boris' resolve in fighting the EU
79 Surprise! Post-Brexit Britain’s foreign policy looks a lot like the old one.
80 Brexiteers rejoice as Britain on track to leave EU with no delay
81 ‘Brexiteers are ignorant’ Steve Coogan’s bitter swipe at Leave voters revealed
82 Brexiteers express alarm that they may 'only get 60% of their demands from EU'
83 Confessions of a blonde Brexiteer: 'All I want is a man who shares my beliefs on the EU and lockdown'
84 Are the Brexiteers now weaponising coronavirus?
85 BBC Brexit debate descends into CHAOS as Brexiteers and Remainers have final clash
86 'National Crime Agency Officials Investigating Me Are Brexiteers', Claimed Brexit 'Bad Boy' Arron Banks
87 Pelosi holds the cards when it comes to a US-UK trade deal
88 Revealed: 'Alternative Irish border' Brexit lobbyist in fresh conflict of interest row
89 Brexiteers brilliantly hit back at Guy Verhofstadt's spiteful attack 'worth EVERY penny'
90 The delusion of the born-again Brexiteers
91 Don’t expect the Brexiteers to quiet down after their ‘victory’
92 Beach-goers are the new Brexiteers for Remainer snobs
93 Only Trump and Bolton cared about helping Brexiteers, says former US aide
94 Brexit endgame: Boris and the Brexiteers take control
95 Brexit will bring back the cheap duty-free cigarettes of the hovercraft days
96 Brexiteers be alert for a 'Chequers Mk.2' deal
97 Joan Collins hit by Brexit after claiming it would be 'good for us'
98 Six months until UK free! Brexiteers hail Britain's ‘major power out of EU’ on anniversary
99 Brexiteers savage Remainers' Russia 'hoax
100 EU official says Dominic Cummings saga shows that Brexiteers 'put themselves above the law they set others'