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1 Charlize Theron film The Old Guard is reviewed by BRIAN VINER
2 BRIAN VINER reviews The King Of Staten Island
3 BRIAN VINER reviews hit musical Hamilton as it comes to the small screen
4 BRIAN VINER reviews Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga
5 BRIAN VINER reviews gripping story of mime artist Marcel Marceau in Resistance
6 Rachel McAdams puts on a leggy display in a thigh-skimming minidress as she makes a grocery run
7 And the winner is... After a ten-week countdown, Brian Viner reveals his favourite movie of all time
8 BRIAN VINER reviews Vivarium
9 BRIAN VINER reviews dystopian future films which will go out of fashion after Covid-19
10 BRIAN VINER pays tribute to Fred Willard with a look back at three of his greatest films
11 This 'Frozen for boys' will melt your heart: BRIAN VINER reviews Onward
12 With the cinema off limits, BRIAN VINER gives a guide to best recent movies you can watch at home
13 BRIAN VINER reviews the new big-screen version of Emma
14 BRIAN VINER reviews the new big screen version of Dolittle
15 BRIAN VINER: It's a kind of magic as Michael Caine's eccentric furball will delight children
16 Something strange is brewing in Brazil... and it's not coffee: BRIAN VINER reviews Bacurau
17 BRIAN VINER: Sir Phillip to go green over new satirical film called Greed
18 Chris Hemsworth goes from Marvel hero to killing machine: BRIAN VINER reviews Extraction
19 BRIAN VINER: A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood is sweetly irresistible
20 A British star is born in this compelling drama: BRIAN VINER reviews Harriet
21 Dickens with 2020 vision: BRIAN VINER reviews The Personal History Of David Copperfield
22 A naive recruit, a bullying boss and a tale of seedy, office politics: BRIAN VINER on The Assistant
23 'Cats is downright demented... but somehow it works!' BRIAN VINER reviews 'bizarre' new movie
24 BRIAN VINER reviews the latest big-screen adaptation of Little Women
25 Mission Impossible 1917: Sam Mendes has done it again, writes BRIAN VINER
26 BRIAN VINER reviews True History of the Kelly Gang
27 Documentary-style realism underpins this spiky story of a pregnant runaway, writes BRIAN VINER
28 BRIAN VINER on the chaos of creating a £135m remake of Dr Dolittle
29 This is a Valentine's Day cracker: BRIAN VINER reviews new movie version of Emma
30 A starry turn from Brad Pitt: BRIAN VINER reviews Ad Astra
31 Does the humour hit the target? Sadly, nein: BRIAN VINER reviews Jojo Rabbit
32 BRIAN VINER: Military Wives deserve a chorus of approval
33 A hair-raising adventure through musical snobbery: BRIAN VINER reviews Trolls World Tour
34 Renee Zellweger earns garlands on the yellow brick road to ruin: BRIAN VINER reviews Judy
35 BRIAN VINER: A darker shade of Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story
36 Edward Norton is terrific: BRIAN VINER reviews Motherless Brooklyn
37 BRIAN VINER: Somewhere over the rainbow, an Oscar may be waiting for Renee
38 Will Smith's cloning thriller veers between compelling and corny: BRIAN VINER reviews Gemini Man
39 BRIAN VINER: Thank goodness for the women who save this OTT Terminator
40 BRIAN VINER on the big screen version of Downton Abbey
41 BRIAN VINER says Downton sub-plots could have been created by Chuckle Brothers but still has class
42 BRIAN VINER: El Camino's Breaking Bad Movie reveals what happened next
43 Cower behind the sofa with one of Mail film critic Brian Viner's Top Ten horror films
44 BRIAN VINER's five-star review of Sam Mendes's new war movie 1917
45 No joking, Joaquin Phoenix's comic book villain is a masterpiece: BRIAN VINER reviews Joker
46 Brian Viner: Donna Tartt's award-winning novel, The Goldfinch, never quite takes flight on film
47 Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie take up #MeToo fight: BRIAN VINER reviews Bombshell
48 BRIAN VINER: You won't die laughing. This quirky comedy has its moments
49 Political thriller Official Secrets is largely devoid of thrills, writes BRIAN VINER
50 BRIAN VINER: You'll wish this Fast & Furious spin-off came with an ejector seat
51 BRIAN VINER reviews Quentin Tarantino's latest blockbuster:Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood
52 BRIAN VINER: Timothy Spall and Vanessa Redgrave bring Matchstick Man L.S. Lowry and mother to life
53 BRIAN VINER reviews Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in America
54 BRIAN VINER: Benedict Cumberbatch playing Thomas Edison could have been a light-bulb moment
55 BRIAN VINER reviews Dora And The Lost City Of Gold
56 BRIAN VINER reviews Beatles-based musical comedy Yesterday
57 How to cut your hubby's barnet without sparking a barney
58 Louisa May Alcott's Little Women will leave you with a New Year glow, writes BRIAN VINER
59 BRIAN VINER: This time we've been Shafted!
60 BRIAN VINER gives full marks to Rocketman
61 Rocket powered romp! BRIAN VINER enjoys an exhilarating romp through Elton John's evolution
62 BRIAN VINER says exhilarating Simba-meets-Attenborough film will be a huge hit
63 The Lion King review: Even David Attenborough would agree it's spectacular
64 BRIAN VINER: You'll be gripped by Fighting With My Family
65 BRIAN VINER reviews Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood: Tarantino's finest film since Pulp Fiction
66 BRIAN VINER: Chucky's back
67 Brian Viner: Why new Joker movie is a masterpiece
68 BRIAN VINER: It's stupendously long but Avengers: Endgame is simply Marvel-lous
69 Early Man is a joy writes BRIAN VINER
70 BRIAN VINER: Godzilla is back, but its like you've been strapped to a speaker at an AC/DC concert!
71 Brian Viner reviews Brie Larson in new superhero film Captain Marvel
72 BRIAN VINER: Lily Collins and co bring romance to Lord of the Rings biopic
73 BRIAN VINER: This story of Cornish fishermen is corny but its heart and sole and will reel you in
74 BRIAN VINER: Instant Family lurches between slapstick and sentimentality
75 BRIAN VINER: The Italian Job is dubbed 'the quintessential British crime caper'
76 BRIAN VINER’S tips on how to cook your entire Easter lunch on the barbie
77 BRIAN VINER says Stan & Ollie is a bittersweet story of love, loss and friendship
78 He still packs a punch! BRIAN VINER likes the look of latest Rocky Balboa film Creed II
79 BRIAN VINER: Mike Leigh’s convoluted tale of heroic struggle is so wordy, you might nod off
80 From June 15, Italy will reopen opera – under misery conditions
81 Late Night review: Emma's Thompson stars as an icy talk show host
82 BRIAN VINER on which film at Cannes he'd have awarded the Palme d'Or
83 BRIAN VINER: Sorry, Sir Elton John, but Sherlock Gnomes is a bit clueless
84 BRIAN VINER reviews Peter Jackon's colourised WW1 documentary
85 IT'S FRIDAY FILM: Misbehaviour is never sure whether to play it straight or for laughs
86 Cats: The Movie has been RE-EDITED by director Tom Hooper and reissued to cinemas
87 BRIAN VINER: Emily Blunt shines in a horror flick
88 Christopher Robin's having a mid-life crisis, writes BRIAN VINER
89 Superhero Aquaman strikes out on his own in a thrilling (if overlong) voyage, writes BRIAN VINER
90 Practically perfect? No, but see Mary Poppins Returns anyway says BRIAN VINER
91 BRIAN VINER: The Abba-loving extroverts are back and they're just the tonic we need
92 Brian Viner did not believe Wonderstruck's syrupy story
93 Deadpool 2 quips comes as quickly as the action writes BRIAN VINER
94 BRIAN VINER: Remake of Overboard gives you sinking feeling
95 BRIAN VINER enjoys the tale of how Bert Trautmann became a hero by helping Man City win the FA Cup
96 BRIAN VINER: Mission Impeccable! Tom is in total cruise control in his most dazzling quest yet
97 Heart-warming road movie Green Book heads for Oscar glory, writes BRIAN VINER
98 A solution for concert hall distancing
99 BRIAN VINER says townies are killing villages after local shut down and summer fete scrapped
100 BRIAN VINER says Minions is a crazy and delightful adventure for children