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1 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Ratifies Prior Regulatory ...
2 Consumers Win As Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Finalizes Payday Loan Rule
3 The CFPB once defended consumers. Thanks to Trump, it now helps companies prey on them instead.
4 Pew: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Abandons Payday Loan Safeguards
5 CFPB to Host Symposium on Consumer Financial Protection Regulation
6 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau gives a green light to predatory payday lenders
7 CFPB to Hold Symposium on Cost-Benefit Analysis of Consumer Financial Protection Regulations
8 CFPB Announces Consumer Financial Protection Week, Virtual Events Nationwide
9 The CFPB’s Future After Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
10 CFPB to propose rules for how companies access customer data
11 Rep. Waters Slams CFPB Chief For ‘Betraying Consumers’
12 Consumer Financial Protection Seeks Public Input on Credit Discrimination, Building Inclusive Financial System
13 The CFPB was created 10 years ago. We're still defending its mission.
14 CFPB names deputy director among 4 personnel moves
15 CFPB Announces Advance Noticed of Proposed Rulemaking on Consumer-Authorized Access to Financial Data
16 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ratifies previous actions after US Supreme Court ruled agency structure unconstitutional
17 Open Banking: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Craft Rules on Access to Financial Records
18 CFPB's Kraninger faces Democrats' fury over payday rule
19 CFPB Symposium Considers Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Financial Regulation
20 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Releases Online Tool to Help College Students Determine How to Pay for College
21 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Files Suit Against Loan Doctor and Edgar Radjabli for Deceptive Acts
22 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Files Suit Against Mortgage Creditor for Discriminatory Mortgage-Lending Practices
23 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sues Student-Loan Debt-Relief Operation for Taking Illegal Advance Fees and Settles with Some Participants
24 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau accuses mortgage lender Townstone Financial of redlining
25 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Requests Comment on Imminent Advisory Opinion Program
26 CFPB's Request for Information Sends Fair Lending Signals
27 Federal Trade Commission Looking to Support Military Consumers All Year Long
28 CFPB Research Shows Benefits of Loans That Could Help Consumers...
29 Want to teach your kids about earning money? Here are some tips to help you get started.
30 RMAI Applauds CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Week
31 DC Bureau: Record number of consumer financial protection complaints during pandemic
32 News News: Kathy Kraninger can't win
33 House CFPB Hearing Discussion Toggles Between Rulemaking and Legislation
34 Federal consumer protections have been gutted; it’s time for California to create its own agency
35 Edmunds, Equifax spot some consistency in latest finance metrics
36 House Passes Bill Aimed at Amending the FCRA
37 ACA International Advocates for Industry on CFPB Rule Progress ...
38 Toward a "Unitary Executive" Vision of Article II?
39 On the Hill with Denver Riggleman
40 Two Mortgage Companies Hit With Over $1M In Fines By CFPB
41 The CFPB: Protecting and Educating Financial Consumers
42 No shortage of ideas for CFPB data-sharing rules
43 Consumer tip: Fixing errors on your credit report
44 U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy Files Comments on CFPB Out-of-Statute Debt Proposal
45 You Have the Right: 5 Credit Rights Consumers Should Know
46 CFPB Issues Report on Debt Settlement Trends
47 Consumer Corner: Keeping Your Credit Healthy During COVID-19
48 Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Today's Supreme Court Ruling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
49 CFPB Issues Final Rule on Small-Dollar Lending
50 Now is a good time to refinance, consolidate student loans, says BR financial expert
51 Here's what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has done
52 Financial services: key recent updates (COVID-19)
53 Consumers Need Protection From Covid-19 Financial Ruin
54 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Launches Advisory Opinion Process
55 Banks Urged To Offer More Loan Help As Pandemic Drags On
56 Next steps for homeowners with a forbearance plan payment due
57 The Supreme Court could upend consumer financial protection as we know it
58 US Department of Education, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Better Serve Student Loan Borrowers
59 CFPB gives a green light to predatory payday lenders
60 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Request for Information to Assist Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Protection Law
61 From the editor: Recapping 10 years since Dodd-Frank arrived
62 Eller faculty warned UA purchase of for-profit university would be 'catastrophic'
63 Troutman Pepper Weekly Consumer Financial Services COVID-19 Newsletter
64 Learning how to budget in college | News |
65 Key Facts to Know About the CFPB Taskforce
66 Menendez, Banking and Finance Dems Urge C4 Negotiators to Ban Arbitration Clauses Attached to Needed Benefits
67 California, House File Reply Briefs in Texas
68 The Supreme Court over Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
69 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes Whistleblower Award Program
70 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Policy Statement Concerning Credit Reporting and COVID-19
71 Consumer advocates sue CFPB for granting financial services industry illegal influence over consumer protection policy
72 2 more developments aim for major change at CFPB
73 If you have deep subprime credit, you're considered a risky borrower—here's what you need to know
74 Supreme Court Hears Case That Could Weaken Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
75 As coronavirus accommodations end, government urges banks to help borrowers
76 Consumer Law Hinsights – July 2020 | Hinshaw & Culbertson
77 Consumers win despite Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ‘loss’ at high court (Editorial)
78 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Addresses GSE Patch, Industry Responds
79 California Governor Proposes State Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
80 Personal loan rates are getting even lower — here's why
81 Senate Democrats raise concerns about educational redlining in student lending
82 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Takes Action to Help Consumers Receive Relief from Credit Card Issuers
83 CFPB Guidance on Abusiveness Standard
84 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Consumer Complaint Bulletin During the COVID-19
85 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Proposed Rule on Escrow Exemptions for Certain High-Priced Mortgage Loans
86 CFPB, Education Dept. Agree on Regulating Loans
87 Editorial: California needs a consumer protection bureau
88 Biden’s running mate matters. So does his Cabinet.
89 Consumer bureau draws fire for pro-business tilt during crisis
90 It's Time for Companies to Pay Employees On-Demand
91 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Outlines Mortgage Loan Transfer Process to Prevent Consumer Harm
92 The truth about the Dodd Frank Act | TheHill
93 'A major, major initiative’: California wants to create its own Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
94 A Decade of Dodd-Frank: A Dodd-Frank Primer
95 Update from CFPB taskforce on federal consumer financial law
96 What is the minimum down payment for a house?
97 CFPB Taskforce Will Conduct Much Needed Review Of Consumer Financial Laws
98 Temporary Policy Allowing Purchase Of Qualified Loans In Forbearance Extended
99 ACA Signs on to Support Legislation to Change CFPB Leadership Structure
100 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Launches Pilot Advisory Opinion Program to Provide Regulated Entities Clear Guidance and Improve Compliance