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1 BIS's Expansion of Foreign Direct Product Rule Targeting Huawei
2 BIS Closes Loopholes for Huawei
3 BIS Publishes Final Rule Suspending EAR License Exceptions for Hong Kong
4 BIS to Publish Rule Suspending License Exceptions for Hong Kong under Export Administration Regulations
5 US Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security Adding 33 Chinese Companies and Institutions to the Entity List
6 BIS Considering New Export Restrictions on Facial Recognition Devices and Other Biometric Surveillance Equipment
7 US Commerce Department authorizes standards activities with Huawei
8 Commerce Seeks Public Input on Export Controls for Advanced Surveillance Systems
9 US
10 Commerce Department adds 11 Chinese entities to the entity list
11 BIS issues frequently asked questions to clarify the military end use/user rule
12 Hong Kong Targeted for Enhanced U.S. Export Controls
13 Commerce Adds Chinese Companies to Entity List and Implements Licensing Review Process for Certain Items Related to Treatment of Infectious Diseases
14 US Responds to Developments in Hong Kong With Sanctions, US Export Control Amendments
15 U.S government asks for feedback on restricting biometrics exports to avoid human rights violations
16 Focus on China: New and Evolving International Risks
17 Industry Faces Challenges Implementing Military Exports Rule
18 BIS Regulatory Agenda Includes New Mention of Emerging Tech Controls, de Minimis Changes
19 United States: Trump Administration Revokes Preferential Treatment for Hong Kong and Authorizes Additional Hong Kong Sanctions
20 Industry Should Expect Significant BIS Enforcement of Military Exports Rule, Experts Say
21 BIS Adds 11 Chinese Companies to Entity List in Response to Uyghur Treatment
22 US Imposes Sanctions on 11 Chinese Companies, Citing Human Rights Violations
23 Guidance on Provision of Humanitarian Assistance and Trade
24 Bureau of Industry and Security Further Restricts Exports to Countries of Concern, Including China
25 United States: US Government Warns Businesses of Human Rights Risks in Supply Chain in Xinjiang, China
26 UK bans Huawei, starting with 5G, and Europe may follow
27 BIS Expands Entity List Jurisdiction Covering Huawei and Affiliates
28 Departments of State, Commerce, Homeland Security and the Treasury Caution Businesses Regarding Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang
29 BIS Tightens Export Controls on National Security-Controlled Items: Focus on Diversion for Military End-Use in China, Russia and Venezuela
30 BIS Releases Guidance on New Export Restrictions for Military End Use/Users in China, Russia and...
31 United States
32 Esquel Group hits back at US Uyghur blacklist move
33 BIS Issues FAQs Relating to the Military End Use/User Rules
34 The 11 Sanctioned Chinese Companies: What They Sell, And To Whom They Sell It
35 BIS Expands Restrictions on Exports to China, Russia, and Venezuela
36 Commerce Department Announces New Export Control Restrictions on Chinese Company Huawei
37 US cuts ties with 11 Chinese Firms in Xinjiang for violating human rights
38 BIS Sunsets License Exception Civil End Users (CIV)
39 Microsoft (still) in talks to buy TikTok, aims to close the deal by September
40 BIS Introduces Significant Restrictions on US Exports to China, Russia, and Venezuela
41 BIS Targets Huawei with Expanded License Requirement for Foreign-Produced Direct Products
42 BIS Amends Direct Product Rule To Target Huawei But Extends Huawei Temporary General License
43 BIS Issues New FAQs Regarding the Expansion of the Military End Use / Military End User Rule
44 Bureau of Industry and Security Imposes Significant Additional Restrictions on Exports to China, Russia, and Venezuela
45 Department of Commerce Regulatory Changes: Eliminating Export Exemptions and Increasing Compliance Obligations to Gain Insight into Trade Transactions
46 U.S. Commerce Department Issues New Export Control Guidance for Companies Doing Business in China, Russia and Venezuela
47 BIS Expands Controls on Exports to China, Russia, and Venezuela
48 New Commerce Department FAQs Require Due Diligence by Exporters to Assess Chinese Military End Uses and Users
49 BIS Regulations on Export and Reexport of Geospatial Imaging Software
50 US Commerce Department Increases Scrutiny and Restrictions on Exports with Particular Focus on China, Russia and Venezuela
51 UK government announces full ban on Huawei 5G kit
52 Commerce Dept. Flags Chinese Textile Factories on Bad-Actors List
53 Yet another federal procurement ban on Huawei and certain other Chinese telecom equipment and services
54 Commerce Department’s New Export-Related Restrictions Inhibit Semiconductor Design by and Manufacturing for Huawei
55 BIS Eases Some Huawei-Related Technology Export Controls for Standards Development
56 Effective Today
57 BIS Extends Huawei TGL While Also Restricting Supply Of Foreign-Produced Items To Huawei And Affiliated Entities
58 Do You Export to China, Russia, or Venezuela? Take Notice of New and Expanded BIS Rules
59 US Commerce Department Authorizes the Release of Certain Technologies to Huawei Listed Entities in Standards-Development Activities
60 New Commerce Dept BIS Rile Amends Entry List
61 BIS Adds 28 Chinese Entities to the Entity List, Including Surveillance and AI Companies
62 BIS Allows U.S. Companies To Work With Huawei On Standards
63 A First Step: BIS Eliminates Certain Hong Kong Export License Exceptions
64 BIS Amends EAR's Nuclear-Related Categories for EEI Filing and Military End Users
65 Commerce Department targets Huawei with additional export control restrictions
66 USA: Government extends Huawei temporary general license to 13 August 2020 and revises the EAR’s foreign-produced direct product rule to target Huawei’s acquisition of semiconductors
67 Bureau of Industry and Security Issues First "Emerging Technology" Control on Artificial Intelligence-Based Geospatial Imagery Software
68 Commerce Addresses Huawei's Efforts to Undermine Entity List
69 BIS Adds 33 Chinese Entities To The Entity List, Citing Human Rights Abuses
70 New From BIS: Changes to EAR Direct Product Rule to Tighten Supply Chain for Certain Designated Entity List Organizations
71 BIS imposes further restrictions on Cuba and temporary sojourn licence exception
72 US Department of Commerce Imposes Further Restrictions Directed at Huawei
73 BIS Adds Australia Group Decisions to Commerce Control List
74 Commerce Announces New Rule to Facilitate US Companies' Involvement in Standard-Setting Bodies Including Huawei
75 BIS Extends Public Comment Period for Section 232 Electrical Steel Investigation
76 Commerce Department Will Move Forward With More Stringent Export Controls for Certain Emerging Technologies
77 First unilateral export control on AI software issued
78 BIS Expands Export Restrictions on Chinese, Russian, and Venezuelan Military End Users and End Uses
79 BIS revises Country Group designations for Russia and Yemen, imposing additional licensing requirements and removing availability of certain license exceptions
80 US imposes strict export controls on certain artificial intelligence software for automating the analysis of geospatial imagery
81 US
82 New Export Control Restrictions on China, Russia, and Venezuela Take Effect
83 Commerce Announces EAR Rule Change to Further Target Huawei's Access to US Technologies
84 US Increases Restrictions on Transactions with China
85 France will not implement total ban on Huawei’s gear for 5G: Report
86 BIS Postpones Annual Export Controls Conference Until 2021 | Husch Blackwell LLP
87 Two dozen overseas entities placed on restrictive US export control list
88 U.S. Commerce Department Imposes New License Requirements for Exports to China, Russia, and Venezuela
89 US
90 US Government Hurls Another Export Control Grenade at Huawei
91 BIS tightens Cuba restrictions, lowers de minimis threshold to 10 percent
92 United States: Commerce tightens restrictions on technology exports to countries of concern, in particular China, Russia and Venezuela
93 BIS Sets Date For 2020 Export Controls Update Conference
94 License Requirements and U.S. Government Visibility into Exports to China, Russia, and Venezuela Will Increase, but Countries Remain Open for U.S. Business
95 Hong Kong: Re-exports of US-origin electronics, computers and telecommunications from Hong Kong
96 First emerging technologies identified and controlled for export in the EAR
97 Old export regulations get a new use
98 New Commerce Department Rules Restrict US Exports to China and Other Countries
99 US Government Adds 28 Chinese Entities Associated with Human Rights Violations and Abuses
100 BIS Publishes a Temporary Unilateral Control on a Type of Machine Learning Software for Automating Analyses of Geospatial Imagery and Point Clouds