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1 Signals from distant stars connect optical atomic clocks across Earth for the first time: Transportable radio telescopes could provide global high-precision comparisons of the best atomic clocks.
2 High-Energy Signals From Extragalactic Stars Connect Optical Atomic Clocks Across Earth for the First Time
3 World Metrology Day 2020- Know its Meaning, Significance, History and Theme for 2020
4 Transportable Radio Telescopes Used for Precise Comparisons of Best Atomic Clocks
5 After 130 Years, the Definition of the Kilogram is About to Change
6 The new definition of the kilogram will change the way we weigh everything
7 The Definition Of a Kilogram Changes Today — What That Means
8 Natural constants as the main protagonists
9 A plea for litres! | Opinion | RSC Education
10 Scientists are about to change what a kilogram is. That’s massive.
11 The way we measure time and distance is changing
12 Optical clocks started the calibration of the international atomic time
13 International System of Units agreement being commemorated today
14 An atomic physics perspective on the kilogram's new definition
15 Definition Of The Kilogram Is About To Change
16 World Metrology Day – Metrology and Quality News
17 Come 2019, the kilogram will get a new measure
18 RIP the Kilogram, Which Will Never Be the Same Again
19 The kilogram has been getting lighter — and the world is making its measurements better to fix it
20 The way we define kilograms, metres and seconds changes today
21 This Kilogram Has A Weight-Loss Problem
22 Power to the constants!
23 Facts at your Fingertips: Redefining the Kilogram Standard
24 Gravity on the balance
25 Microchip Gives Its Most Precise Atomic Clock a Performance Upgrade
26 Absolute measurement of the 1S0 − 3P0 clock transition in neutral 88Sr over the 330 km-long stabilized fibre optic link
27 Buzz Blog
28 The Politics of Time
29 A kilogram just isn't what it used to be — and it might never be again
30 The way we define kilograms, metres and seconds changes this week
31 Journey to Paris with the UK Kilogram aired on BBC Radio 4 | Imperial News
32 Scientists are about to redefine how much a kilogram weighs
33 GPSdome to Announce GPS Anti-Jamming & Anti-Spoofing Antenna Module Solution for Timing Systems at ITSF
34 Is Paris worth a mass?
35 The last unit standing
36 Reference standards for dietary supplements are more important than ever to combat adulteration and fraud
37 Smallest Volume for Pipette Calibration Capability Published
38 Missing Micrograms Set a Standard on Edge
39 Measuring up
40 Race for new temperature definition: Most accurate measurement yet of Boltzmann constant
41 International research efforts have developed to the point where the kilogram can be defined from physical standards
42 Two constants to rule us all
43 Universal Units Reflect Their Earthly Origins
44 Galileo Now Tells UTC Time
45 RIP the kilogram
46 Kilogram Is Losing Weight: Redefine Kilogram Based On Universal Constants, Scientists Urge
47 Collective electron excitations break down quantum Hall effect in graphene
48 Precision: The Measure of All Things, BBC Four
49 Most accurate measurement of Boltzmann constant yet
50 Physics major has a name for a really big number
51 FAST FACTS: World Metrology Day
52 Physicists Count The Number of Atoms In 1kg of Silicon
53 World Metrology Day To Be Marked May 20th
54 BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Time change marks end of an era
55 Optical detection of radon decay in air
56 International Women's Day 2020 : Generation Equality
57 How Much Does a Kilogram Weigh?
58 Kilogram could get new accurate definition following breakthrough