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1 On first day in Judiciary Committee, Utah Rep. Burgess Owens lands in vitriolic fight
2 At CPAC, Burgess Owens criticizes Democrats and Black Lives Matter, laments the loss of God and Rush Limbaugh
3 An interview with Utah Rep. Burgess Owens: ‘I’m serving everyone’
4 Rep. Burgess Owens denounces a proposal for reparations to African Americans.
5 Tweets from Burgess Owens, Chris Stewart are included in Democrat's report on the Capitol insurrection attempt
6 Rep. Burgess Owens opposed police reform bill named for George Floyd
7 Burgess Owens confuses athletes' criticism of the US with loathing their country. He couldn't be more wrong.
8 Rep. Burgess Owens talks 'In-Depth' with FOX 13
9 Rep. Owens' first 5 weeks in office: a vote against impeachment & his change of heart
10 Utah Rep. Burgess Owens criticizes Democrats, Black Lives Matter during CPAC discussion
11 Rep. Burgess Owens At CPAC: 'Destruction Is What's Left' When God Is Removed From The Picture
12 George Pyle: Burgess Owens and David Alvord have fallen down the culture wars rabbit hole
13 William E. Fisher: Burgess Owens and Chris Stewart should be removed from office
14 Utah Rep. Burgess Owens shares his speech opposing George Floyd Justice in Policing Acts
15 Biden immigration push will 'defeat the dream of Americans to live the American dream': Burgess Owens
16 Rep. Burgess Owens opposes $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package passed by the House
17 The two Raider teammates from BYU who changed Rep. Burgess Owens' life
18 Americans Can See Socialism's Downside Under Biden Administration, Democrat Congress: Burgess Owens
19 Pags talks with Rep Burgess Owens and Rep Jason Smith | News Radio 1200 WOAI | The Joe Pags Show
20 Owens is ranking member of Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary Education Subcommittee
21 Rep. Curtis on the good, the bad, and the ugly with the American Rescue Plan
22 President Biden receives National Monuments letter from the Utah Congressional Delegation
23 Rep. Owens remarks in response to HR1280
24 PODCAST: Take 2
25 Rep. Burgess Owens to Newsmax TV: Impeachment Won't Impact 2022
26 DACA recipient, Owens react to new immigration reform bill
27 Think you know Utah? Take our news quiz and find out.
28 Republican Burgess Owens unseats Utah congressman McAdams
29 Politics Meet Burgess Owens, the Utah Republican who seeks to replace Rep. Ben McAdams
30 Utah Rep.-elect Burgess Owens, former NFL player, compares Antifa, Black Lives Matter to Ku Klux Klan
31 Utah's Burgess Owens will challenge Electoral College votes, but knows it is unlikely to stop Joe Biden from taking office
32 Burgess Owens appears on his way to a win over Rep. Ben McAdams in Utah's 4th Congressional District race
33 Utah Congressman-elect Burgess Owens hits the talk show circuit to discuss race, diversity in the GOP
34 News Rep. Burgess Owens says he accepts Biden as president, apologizes to liberals
35 Will former Oakland Raider Burgess Owens win a razor-thin House race in Utah?
36 Brent Ward: Burgess Owens' honeymoon is over before it began
37 Politics Burgess Owens maintains his lead in Utah's 4th Congressional District
38 Politics Burgess Owens widens his lead in Utah's 4th Congressional District as ballots continue to drop
39 WATCH: House Judiciary Committee hearing on reparations for African Americans
40 Burgess Owens, Ben McAdams, 4th Congressional District, US House, elelection.
41 Burgess Owens, a Republican House candidate in Utah, accepted at least $135,000 in illegal donations.
42 Lee, Chaffetz offer Romney counterpoint at conservative conference dominated by Trump
43 Burgess Owens claims Democrats are trying to 'steal the election' in fundraising emails
44 Utah 4th District GOP nominee, Burgess Owens, defends book from plagiarism allegations
45 GOP House candidate Burgess Owens calls Democrat leaders 'narcissists,' 'sociopaths'
46 Utah's Burgess Owens listed among House Republicans aiming to challenge electoral count
47 For Burgess Owens, his political journey began in an NFL locker room
48 Politics Burgess Owens takes a narrow lead over Ben McAdams in Utah's 4th District race
49 Congressional candidate Burgess Owens accused of plagiarism in 2018 book
50 Burgess Owens defeats Ben McAdams in Utah's 4th Congressional District
51 Politics Utah congressional candidate Burgess Owens downplays head injuries he suffered in the NFL
52 Trump, Lee congratulate Owens on win, while race remains to be called
53 Republican Burgess Owens has raised a whopping $2.5 million in closely watched 4th Congressional District race
54 Burgess Owens widens lead over Ben McAdams as new ballots drop in 4th Congressional District race
55 Rep. Owens: Impeachment debate will 'only deepen the divide'
56 Will the Republican Party find unity in CPAC 2021?
57 Trump, other politicians congratulate Burgess Owens on win; race still not called
58 Former NFL star Burgess Owens wins primary, now running as Republican candidate for Congress
59 Burgess Owens makes race central to his campaign in appeal to white conservative voters
60 Politics Burgess Owens declared the winner in Utah's 4th District Republican primary
61 Health care, racism divide Ben McAdams, Burgess Owens in only debate
62 The New Guard: Burgess Owens (UT-4)
63 Owens now leads McAdams in Utah’s 4th District race
64 RNC speaking slot ‘dream come true,’ Utah candidate Burgess Owens says
65 Politics Ads both for and against Republican Burgess Owens hit Utah's airwaves
66 Politics Mitt Romney takes a fall that knocks him unconscious
67 Former New York Jets Safety Burgess Owens Is In the Fourth Quarter of His Bid for Congress
68 Utah’s Burgess Owens among those who will fight Electoral College certification
69 UPDATE: Owens retakes lead over Rep. McAdams
70 Burgess Owens meets again with a QAanon-supporting group asking for support
71 Robert Gehrke: Burgess Owens has a lead, but Utah's 4th District race could be a rerun of 2018
72 Letter: Burgess Owens must reverse course and disavow Trump
73 Although they rhyme, they're not with the times: 6 Dr. Seuss books coming out of circulation
74 Politics Burgess Owens expands his campaign staff for stretch run
75 Burgess Owens was asked to say something nice about Rep. Ben McAdams at forum. He struggled.
76 Grappling with governing: Rep. Burgess Owens positive Trump won election
77 Burgess Owens leads tight, 4-way race for the GOP nomination in 4th Congressional District
78 GOP’s Curtis talks ‘political extremism,’ impeachment at Legislature
79 Retired NFL Star Burgess Owens Is Close To Pulling off His Biggest Win Ever
80 Truck crashes into 4th Congressional District candidate Burgess Owens' headquarters
81 Burgess Owens: America will thrive forward as ‘We the People’ unite
82 News Robert Gehrke: Utah Republicans gave Ben McAdams a gift by nominating Burgess Owens
83 Congressman Burgess Owens accepts Biden as president, apologizes to ‘liberals’
84 Obama says ‘white resistance and resentment’ stopped him from pushing for reparations
85 Politics Ben McAdams and Burgess Owens tangle on Twitter over nuclear testing
86 Politics Burgess Owens says Democrats are led by 'sociopaths'
87 Politics Ben McAdams, Burgess Owens, outside groups unleash a barrage of ads
88 Ben McAdams demands Burgess Owens disavow QAnon after he suggested the conspiracy theory may have merit
89 McAdams calls on Owens to denounce QAnon; campaign says Owens has 'many times'
90 Burgess Owens
91 Rep. Ben McAdams and Burgess Owens spar in Utah 4th Congressional District debate
92 President Trump endorses Utah congressional candidate Burgess Owens
93 Burgess Owens appeared on program linked to conspiracy group
94 Burgess Owens defeats incumbent Ben McAdams in Utah's 4th Congressional District – Ballotpedia News
95 Former NFL player, 4th District candidate Burgess Owens seeks to get the House in order
96 ‘Better Utah’ calls for Burgess Owens, Chris Stewart to resign after objecting to certify election
97 Letter: Only resignations can begin path to salvaging the GOP
98 Burgess Owens clinches Republican nomination for Utah's 4th District
99 Politics Burgess Owens says Trump will 'do the right thing,' after an investigation
100 Burgess Owens Won’t Stand for Colin Kaepernick's Kneeling