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1 Joe Biden's alleged links to Burisma 'as damaging as can be,' Giuliani says
2 Hunter Biden: Here's what he has said about his Burisma role in Ukraine
3 Ben Shapiro wants mainstream media to question Biden on Burisma report: ‘It's not too much to ask’
4 AP Explains: Trump pushes questions about Joe Biden's son
5 This author predicted the Burisma-Biden emails, Russia-Iran election interference
6 Hunter and Joe Biden, Burisma, and Trump’s stunningly hypocritical attacks
7 What to Make of the Johnson-Grassley Report on Biden and Burisma
8 AP Explains: Trump seizes on dubious Biden-Ukraine story
9 Timeline: Allegations and evidence surrounding Hunter Biden's business dealings
10 Joe Biden’s Lies About His Son’s Burisma Dealing Are Coming Back to Haunt Him
11 Fact check: Biden leveraged $1B in aid to Ukraine to oust corrupt prosecutor, not to help his son
12 Letter: Bombshell report Joe Biden and Burisma Gas
13 MSNBC Producer Who Shared Suspected Russian Disinfo Immediately Labels Biden Burisma Report ‘Disinformation’
14 Trump's Final Campaign Strategy Is To Spread A Bunch Of Misinformation About Joe Biden, His Son, And Ukraine
15 Potential Biden-Burisma connection suggested in alleged emails
16 NY Post: Emails indicate Hunter Biden introduced dad to Burisma exec
17 Episode 37: Muscular Politics, the Burisma Scandal, and the Scandal’s Scandal
18 Biden's Troublesome Energy Policy Timeline of 2014-15 [OPINION]
19 Debra Saunders: Big Journalism's Laptop/Dossier Double Standard
20 I Have This Crazy Theory Trump’s Campaign Is Colluding With Russia Right Now
21 Emails purportedly show Hunter Biden introduced Joe to Burisma exec
22 Photo shows Joe Biden meeting Hunter's alleged business partner from Kazakhstan
23 Biden campaign slams report ex-VP met with Burisma executive
24 The Republican Senate Report on Hunter Biden, Explained
25 Find out why everyone is talking about the NY Post, Joe Biden, and Burisma...
26 Meadows teases Biden family connection with Romania to surface 'in the days to come'
27 Was Joe Biden involved in his son's shady business deals? – Film Daily
28 Fact check: Claims that Hunter Biden received $3.5M from Russia are unproven, lack context
29 'New York Post' Pushes Rudy Giuliani's Hunter Biden Email Caper
30 Biden To CBS Reporter: "I Have No Response" To Hunter/Burisma "Smear Campaign"
31 Donald Trump's accusations about Hunter Biden | Fact Check
32 Email Alleges Hunter Biden Connected Joe to Burisma Executive
33 Trump administration revokes the visa of a Ukrainian political fixer tied to Giuliani
34 All star panelist expose on Joe Biden and Co financial dealings
35 Hunter Biden Burisma payments detailed in Treasury Department reports
36 US intelligence analysts knew Russia would dump hacked Burisma emails targeting Biden as an 'October surprise,' report says
37 Court reinstates fraud conviction for Hunter Biden business partner
38 Joe Biden's son Hunter made money from Russia, China: Donald Trump
39 Conflicts of interest with Facebook censorship, the Atlantic Council, Burisma & politics: perspective
40 'Die in a fire': Twitter employees reveal deep hatred for Trump
41 Bloomberg: Biden campaign denies meeting with Burisma official for son | KyivPost
42 Hunter Biden Controversy
43 COMMENT: What did Hunter Biden do in Ukraine and why was he hired?
44 You Decide: Who Does Russia Really Want to Win Nov 3? [OPINION]
45 CNN’s John King: Hunter Biden is 'a swamp creature… trading in his family name to make money’
46 Emails indicate Joe Biden met Burisma executive while vice president
47 Biden's son had 'problematic' role with Burisma: Report
48 Hunter Biden: Poster boy for cronyism in corporate America
49 Officials told White House Russian intel targeted Giuliani: WaPo
50 US Presidential debate: Trump pushes Biden on his son Hunter and dealings with Burisma | Watch News Videos Online
51 Facebook expert in charge of election integrity formerly worked as policy adviser to Joe Biden on Ukraine
52 Ukraine says it intercepted $6 million bribe to stop probe of Burisma founder
53 The Hunter Biden email story: Could this mean the end of those internet oligopolies? | Mulshine
54 U.S. Senators Seek More details About Hunter Biden's Travel Plans That Include Secret Service
55 Fact-checking the first Trump-Biden presidential debate
56 Former State Department official who cast doubt on Burisma claims to testify in GOP probe
57 Burisma: US firm says Russia hacked company at heart of Trump impeachment
58 Former Ukrainian president says Biden never pressed him on Burisma
59 Senate Committee Authorizes Subpoena in GOP’s Hunter Biden-Burisma Investigation
60 Big Tech: Silicon Valley's Ministry of Truth – The Colgate Maroon-News
61 Ron Johnson’s pursuit of Joe Biden, Burisma investigation raises red flags
62 Top Judiciary Republican Seeking Hunter Biden-Burisma Documents
63 Firm Hired by Ukraine’s Burisma Tried to Use Hunter Biden as Leverage, Documents Show
64 What is Burisma Holdings? The story behind the scandal-tied Ukraine firm that hired Hunter Biden
65 The Bidens, Burisma and impeachment, explained
66 Senate Republicans eye subpoenas of Biden advisers in Burisma probe
67 Fact check: 4 things Trump's attorney left out of her arguments about Biden and Burisma
68 Burisma means Biden? Diplomats say the link escaped them
69 Republicans Now Poised For Biden-Burisma Subpoena With Romney On Board
70 Burisma, Joe Biden, and the American Presidential Election
71 Ukraine asks FBI to help probe suspected Russian hack of Burisma
72 Ukraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds
73 Biden Campaign Denies Reported Burisma Executive Meeting
74 What Hunter Biden did on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma
75 What To Know About The Ukrainian Company At The Heart Of Trump's Biden Allegations
76 GOP chairman plans first subpoena in Burisma, Biden probe | TheHill
77 Senate Republicans aim to turn Biden-Burisma conspiracy theories into 2020's Benghazi
78 Ukraine Company’s Campaign to Burnish Its Image Stretched Beyond Hunter Biden
79 GOP Senate chairman to hold subpoena vote next week in Biden-Burisma probe | TheHill
80 Hunter Biden hired because of his name: Burisma board member
81 George Kent says he would 'love to see' Burisma investigation as GOP attempts to undercut suggestion of quid pro quo
82 AP FACT CHECK: Trump's falsehoods on virus, taxes and Bidens
83 Silence of the Year: What did Hunter Biden do for Burisma?
84 Everyone in Ukraine is 'so tired' of hearing about Burisma, Zelensky tells CNN
85 Biden campaign goes on offensive against Sen. Ron Johnson's Burisma probe
86 Democratic chairman subpoenas Pompeo for records related to Biden, Burisma | TheHill
87 Hunter Biden UN Briber Diamond In Iowa Echoed Burisma Role Censored Like Guterres
88 Majority of voters say Hunter Biden's job at Burisma was 'inappropriate': poll | TheHill
89 Republicans’ various election-year investigations of Joe Biden, Burisma and Democrats, explained
90 Hunter Biden UN Briber Diamond Echoes Blue Star Burisma Role Censored Like Guterres Link
91 A Ukraine gas company tied to Joe Biden's son is at the center of Trump's impeachment
92 DHS: White Supremacist Groups Deadliest US Terror Threat
93 Trump Impeachment: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Biden Burisma Affair
94 GOP senator plans to subpoena consulting firm linked to Hunter Biden, Burisma
95 Trump impeachment defense team turns attention to Bidens, Burisma
96 Treasury responds to GOP requests for Hunter Biden, Burisma info | TheHill
97 Debunking 4 Viral Rumors About the Bidens and Ukraine
98 Sen. Ron Johnson defends investigating Joe, Hunter Biden's ties to Ukraine: 'They put themselves' in spotlight
99 Coronavirus pushes GOP's Biden-Burisma probe to back burner | TheHill
100 Biden, Burisma and the Obama Administration