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1 This 5-Year-Old Girl Put On A Mask Before Going Shopping, But It Wasn’t Exactly The Mask Her Mom Was Expecting
2 Facebook Knows That Adding Labels To Trump’s False Claims Does Little To Stop Their Spread
3 Viral TikTok Shows Woman Laughing At 2020 Goal List
4 Los Angeles Police Just Banned The Use Of Commercial Facial Recognition
5 Snapchat Will Now Pay People For Posts
6 BuzzFeed is Buying HuffPost
7 Popular Paint-Mixing TikToker Fired By Sherwin-Williams
8 Immigration Officials Have Been Told Not To Communicate With Joe Biden's Transition Team
9 A QAnon Mom Is Accused Of Killing A Man After She Believed He Was Keeping Her Children From Her
10 As Election Misinformation Spreads On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg Told Employees That Biden Won
11 Facebook Has A Metric For “Violence And Incitement Trends.” It’s Rising.
12 Facebook Quietly Suspended Political Group Recommendations Ahead Of The US Presidential Election
13 A Bunch Of Lies Circulating Online Just Came Out Of Trump's Mouth
14 After Meeting With Trump, Michigan’s Republican Leaders Said They Don't See A Reason Why Biden Isn't The Winner
15 There Have Now Been More Than 10 Million Coronavirus Cases In The US
16 Mom Goes Viral For "Sasshole" Picture Day Fail
17 Joe Biden's COVID-19 Team Can't Get The Data It Needs From The White House
18 An Ohio Wedding Had 83 Guests. More Than A Third, Including The Newlyweds, Got The Coronavirus.
19 The Mormon Influencer Backlash To "The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City" Is A Fascinating Peek At A Side Of Them We Rarely See
20 The Trump Campaign Is Paying For A Recount In Wisconsin — But Only In Areas With Large Black Populations
21 Here's A Running List Of False And Misleading Information About The Election
22 Ohio student says Sherwin-Williams fired him for paint-mixing TikToks
23 BuzzFeed-HuffPost Merger Proves Digital Media's 'Band Together or Bust' Dilemma
24 Biden Supporters Played Beyoncé To Drown Out Trump Campaign Officials In Philly
25 DHS Authorities Are Buying Moment-By-Moment Geolocation Cellphone Data To Track People
26 Here Are 13 Tweets From Americans Mourning COVID-19 Deaths Next To Trump's Tweets Lying About The Election
27 Ellen DeGeneres Addressed Staffers After Digital Employees Were Laid Off Amid The WarnerMedia Restructuring
28 Plunging Morale And Self-Congratulations: Inside Facebook The Day Before The Presidential Election
29 Family Creates Shield To Hug After Uncle's COVID Death
30 Sherwin-Williams Employee Fired Over Viral TikTok Account
31 Midwest Nurses Say Their Hospitals Are On The Verge Of Collapsing — And Leaders Aren’t Listening
32 The White Extremist Group Patriot Front Is Preparing For A World After Donald Trump
33 Delaware Has Elected The First-Ever Openly Trans State Senator In The US
34 These Teachers Are Struggling To Pull Their Students Out Of A QAnon Rabbit Hole
35 People Marching To The Polls In North Carolina Were Arrested And Pepper-Sprayed By Police
36 The CDC Is Now Strongly Recommending You Don't Travel For Thanksgiving
37 Facebook Cut Traffic To Leading Liberal Pages Just Before The Election
38 False Information About Voting In Pennsylvania Is Flooding The Internet
39 Facebook Has A Rule To Stop Calls To Arms. Moderators Didn't Enforce It Ahead Of The Kenosha Shootings.
40 ICE Arrested More Than 150 Immigrants In A Nationwide Sweep
41 A Former Republican Candidate Was Arrested After Showing Up To The Polls With A Gun
42 Is It Safe To Get Together With Loved Ones This Thanksgiving? We Asked 7 Experts.
43 New: Mueller Investigated Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, And Roger Stone For DNC Hacks
44 He’s About To Be The First Openly Gay Black Member Of Congress — And He’s Talking About Mental Health Like Few Politicians Ever Have
45 Trump Fired A Top Election Cybersecurity Official Who Repeatedly Rebuked Baseless Claims Of Voting Fraud
46 The "Anonymous” Figure Who Claimed To Be Resisting Trump Actually Defended His Controversial Immigration Policies
47 A Woman Delivered Some Incredible Burns At A Police Town Hall, And Now She's Gone Viral
48 TikToker Becomes A MAGA Hero For Mocking Trump
49 Charli D'Amelio Appears To Have Lost More Than 500000 Followers After A Disastrous YouTube Video Sparked Backlash
50 Donald Trump Shows Up First When You Search Twitter For "Loser." Here's Why.
51 The First Coronavirus Vaccines Are Looking Very Effective. Here’s What That Means For You.
52 Spotify Is Defending Alex Jones' Appearance On "The Joe Rogan Experience"
53 Democrats' New Plan To Win Georgia's Crucial Senate Seats In A Pandemic Is To Actually Knock On Doors
54 Michelle Obama Called Out Donald And Melania Trump For Blocking Biden's Transition
55 How Influencers Handled The Biden–Harris Win Proves There Has Been A Seismic Shift In The Industry
56 There Were Violent Clashes In DC After A Pro-Trump Rally
57 People Can Vote Without A Mask in Almost Every State
58 Oxford's Coronavirus Vaccine Is 70% Effective, Early Data Shows. It's The Third Vaccine To Clear A Crucial Hurdle.
59 15 Emerging Photographers You Should Follow Immediately
60 The US Added 1 Million New Coronavirus Cases This Week Alone
61 Companies Are Boarding Up Their Storefronts In Anticipation Of Civil Unrest After The Election
62 Mike Pompeo Loves To Preach About Peaceful Transitions Of Power — When It’s Happening In Other Countries
63 Biden Has Picked A Cuban Immigrant And Former Obama-Era Official To Lead DHS
64 Joe Biden Has Won Georgia. He’s The First Democrat To Win The State In Decades.
65 Mom Goes Viral For Son Voting Independent TikTok
66 Managers At A Tyson Pork Plant Placed Bets On How Many Workers Would Get COVID-19, A Lawsuit Alleges
67 More Than A Quarter Of A Million People In The US Have Now Died From COVID-19
68 Trump’s Campaign Dropped Another Lawsuit And Lied About Stopping Detroit From Certifying Votes
69 Ted Cruz Tweeted A Thoughtless Thanksgiving Meme While Texas Morgues Overflowed With COVID Victims
70 Instagram’s Redesign Is Pushing Its TikTok Clone
71 This Is What European Officials Think About The US Presidential Election
72 Border Officials Turned Away Unaccompanied Immigrant Children More Than 13,000 Times Under Trump’s Pandemic Policy
73 Trump And His Son Are Lying About Coronavirus Deaths — Again
74 Facebook Live Spread Election Conspiracies And Russian State-Controlled Content Despite Employee Fears
75 Native American Voters In Arizona Showed Up In Force For Biden As COVID-19 Ravaged Tribal Nations
76 Mueller Memos: Bonus Special Edition! A Huge Trove Of New Details From The Mueller Investigation
77 There Is No Democratic Reckoning Coming Over Their Unexpected Election Losses
78 Biden's Dog Major Will Be The First Shelter Dog In The White House
79 Coronavirus Is Surging Across The US So Mike Pence Held A Useless Briefing
80 The Real Winner Of The Election? Drugs.
81 US Border Officials Told Asylum-Seekers They Didn't Have Space, Regardless Of Whether They Actually Did
82 A Former Cop Has Been Charged In The 2017 Killing Of An Unarmed Black Man
83 Uber And Lyft Spent Hundreds Of Millions To Win Their Fight Over Workers’ Rights. It Worked.
84 Trump Supporters Were Hospitalized After Being Stranded In The Freezing Cold At A Rally In Nebraska
85 Joe Biden Has Taken The Lead In The Historically Red State Of Georgia
86 “The Chaos May End”: How DHS Employees Are Reacting To Biden's Win
87 "The Crown" Fans Trolling Camilla And Charles
88 The President And His Supporters Are Spreading False Claims About How The Votes Are Being Counted
89 This Neo-Nazi Group Is Organizing On Facebook Despite A Year-Old Ban
90 More Than 40 Immigrants Have Died In ICE Custody In The Past Four Years. Here Are Thousands Of Records About What Happened.
91 Enough With The Lesbian Period Dramas
92 Anonymous Trump Critic And Former DHS Staffer Miles Taylor Has Left Google
93 46 Books Our Favorite Indie Booksellers Were Grateful For This Year
94 Trump Made It Clear He Wants The Supreme Court To Shut Down Vote-Counting After Election Day
95 How Misinformation ‘Superspreaders’ Seed False Election Theories
96 Coronavirus Cases Are Now Rising In Almost Every State In The US
97 Princess Diana's Bashful Face In "The Crown" Is Now A Meme
98 Scientists Are Relieved About A Biden Presidency. They Say The Real Work Can Start Now.
99 1 In 3 Americans Didn't Vote. Should We Force Them To Next Time?
100 Airlines Say Flying During COVID-19 Is Safe. The Science Isn’t Quite So Certain.