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1 Facebook Cut Traffic To Leading Liberal Pages Just Before The Election
2 Eric Trump Is An Election Disinformation Superspreader
3 Facebook Knows That Adding Labels To Trump’s False Claims Does Little To Stop Their Spread
4 The President And His Supporters Are Spreading False Claims About How The Votes Are Being Counted
5 BuzzFeed's 'fake news guy' Craig Silverman on digital advertising's 'tons' of bad actors
6 Plunging Morale And Self-Congratulations: Inside Facebook The Day Before The Presidential Election
7 As Election Misinformation Spreads On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg Told Employees That Biden Won
8 “I Have Blood On My Hands”: A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation
9 Facebook Fired An Employee Who Collected Evidence Of Right-Wing Pages Getting Preferential Treatment
10 Are we ready for the next wave of misinformation about a COVID-19 vaccine?
11 Facebook Has A Metric For “Violence And Incitement Trends.” It’s Rising.
12 Truth and consequences: decoding the news with BuzzFeed's Craig Silverman
13 It Took Facebook More Than A Year — And A Whistleblower — To Remove A Troll Farm Connected To Azerbaijan's Ruling Party
14 The Lawfare Podcast: Craig Silverman on Real Reporting on Fake News
15 The Information Apocalypse Is Already Here, And Reality Is Losing
16 Day in the life: How BuzzFeed’s Craig Silverman debunks fake news
17 BuzzFeed Names Fake-News Expert Craig Silverman Its First Media Editor
18 No, a state trooper in Arizona did not find 50,000 Trump votes in a dumpster — and other news literacy lessons about the election
19 The rise of Trump fact-checks exposes the media’s built-in vulnerability to misinformation
20 The Victims Of Violence During The Kenosha Protests Are Suing Facebook
21 POLITICO Playbook PM: The right previews its attacks on a President Biden
22 Facebook Says Trump’s Misleading Post About Mail-In Voting Is OK. Employees Say It’s Not.
23 The Drudge Report Has Been Linking To This Armenian Guy's Site Instead Of The New York Times
24 People Say Pallets Of Bricks Are Showing Up Near Protests All Over The US. The Truth Is More Complicated.
25 Facebook’s Preferential Treatment Of US Conservatives Puts Its Fact-Checking Program In Danger
26 Americans Were Primed To Believe The Current Onslaught Of Disinformation
27 Chinese-Made Smartphones Are Secretly Stealing Money From People Around The World
28 Boompilled: Fireworks Conspiracy Theories Are Bursting Across The Internet
29 NEWSOM slams the brakes — KINNEY in the spotlight — FACEBOOK players in BIDEN transition — AIRBNB's IPO approaches
30 Analysis: Election Day is also a referendum on Trump's era of 'fake news'
31 How to Spot Social Media Misinformation on Election Day
32 How to tell the difference between fake news and the real thing
33 Pinterest Is Blocking Coronavirus Searches, And People Are Very Happy About It
34 BIDEN, HARRIS pull ahead in PA, GA — PROP 22's national ripples — PELOSI urges centrism as HOUSE DEM fury mounts — MITCHELL's win sets off domino effect
35 Facebook Is Banning Ads That "Discourage" Vaccines
36 Exclusive: Facebook Fired A Contractor Who Was Paid Thousands In Bribes To Reactivate Banned Ad Accounts
37 Mark Zuckerberg Says A Ban On TikTok Would Set “A Really Bad Long-Term Precedent”
38 Donald Trump Amplified A Conspiracy Theory That Buffalo Protester Martin Gugino Was Trying To "Scan" The Police Before He Was Injured
39 Take Note: Fake News; Real Consequences With BuzzFeed's Craig Silverman
40 Apple Booted "Fortnite" From The App Store And Now The Companies Are In A Legal Fight
41 A Muslim Teen Filed A Discrimination Claim After Receiving A Starbucks Cup With "ISIS" Written On It
42 The loser of the election: Section 230
43 Hillicon Valley: Trump national security advisor says Huawei threat 'No. 1 concern' moving forward | Silicon Valley eager for Biden to reverse Trump visa rules | Democratic senators urge Facebook to take action against anti-Muslim bigotry | TheHill
44 These Fake Local News Sites Have Confused People For Years. We Found Out Who Created Them.
45 Facebook Employee Leaks Show Betrayal By Company Leadership
46 Mark Zuckerberg Said Facebook Will Have Fewer Bans After The Election
47 Digital investigations: New online course teaches journalists how to follow the digital trail of people and entities
48 Popular VPN And Ad-Blocking Apps Are Secretly Harvesting User Data
49 That Viral Post With Coronavirus Tips Has Some Really Bad Advice
50 Facebook Moderators Terrified Of COVID-19 Are Being Forced To Return To The Office Next Week
51 Google Has Banned Almost 600 Apps For Pushing “Disruptive” Ads
52 These Hugely Popular Local News Sites In The US And Canada Are Fake
53 A Leaked Internal Report Reveals The Wall Street Journal Is Struggling With Aging Readers And Covering Race
54 “Flat-Out Unconstitutional”: Federal Officers In Unmarked Vans Are Snatching People Off The Streets In Portland
55 How Twitter Is Redefining Itself for a Post-Trump Future
56 A Staff Member At A Summer Camp Got COVID-19. Then More Than 250 Others Tested Positive.
57 Facebook Is Suing Two Developers It Says Sold Fake Likes And Scraped User Data
58 Macedonia’s Pro-Trump Fake News Industry Had American Links, And Is Under Investigation For Possible Russia Ties
59 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Called Out A GOP Lawmaker For Using His Wife And Daughter "As Shields And Excuses" After He Accosted Her
60 Facebook Bought Instagram To Neutralize A Competitor, Emails Show
61 Facebook Said It Removed A Militia Event Page Threatening Violence In Kenosha. It Didn’t.
62 "TRACKBACK" Is A New Hoax-Busting Series From BuzzFeed News On YouTube
63 Facebook Said A Chinese Company Compromised Users With Malware And Then Ran Ads Using Their Accounts
64 CAGOPers won't call BIDEN winner — 1M COVID cases in CA — FEINSTEIN prods GRAHAM on judges — WATERS vows to undo TRUMP financial rules — BIG AG pushes for COSTA
65 How Trump leverages Twitter to spread misinformation
66 Exclusive: Funders Have Given Facebook A Deadline To Share Data With Researchers Or They’re Pulling Out
67 Three Arizona Teachers Shared A Classroom. They All Got COVID-19, And One Died.
68 Global fact-checkers find strength in numbers amid dual challenges of politics and COVID-19
69 Trump Claims He Invented the Term "Fake News"—Here' s an Interview With the Guy Who Actually Helped Popularize It
70 Journalists pushed for progress, stood up to bullies and made sense of a pandemic. Here's what we're thankful for this year.
71 Twitter Just Stopped Blocking The Biden Article It Said It Would Block Yesterday
72 How A Massive Facebook Scam Siphoned Millions Of Dollars From Unsuspecting Boomers
73 Statues Of Christopher Columbus And Robert E. Lee Were Removed From Chicago And Richmond
74 They Thought The Pandemic Was The Perfect Time To Get A Puppy. Instead, They Got Scammed.
75 The Philippines Was A Test Of Facebook’s New Approach To Countering Disinformation. Things Got Worse.
76 Truth as a remedy to ‘informational chaos’ on social media
77 Fake News Expert On How False Stories Spread And Why People Believe Them
78 Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion-Dollar Ad Fraud Scheme
79 BuzzFeed Editor: How to Live in a World of Misinformation and Fake News
80 Political Commentary: 'Fake News' Hurts | The Daily News
81 Trump’s Favorite Meme-Maker Adopted A Fake Name To Go On Trump’s Favorite TV Network
82 An Iranian Disinformation Operation Impersonated Dozens Of Media Outlets To Spread Fake Articles
83 Indiana Police Arrested A Woman For A Hit-And-Run Crash At A Black Lives Matter Protest
84 Popular Apps In Google's Play Store Are Abusing Permissions And Committing Ad Fraud
85 Live blog: How the media is covering the 2020 presidential election
86 A New Racist Campaign Against Kamala Harris Is Taking Shape
87 Cheetah Mobile's Stock Is Down After A BuzzFeed News Report About Ad Fraud In Its Apps
88 Revealed: Notorious Pro-Trump Misinformation Site True Pundit Is Run By An Ex-Journalist With A Grudge Against The FBI
89 With more than 5400 people from 152 countries, digital investigations course for journalists enters 2nd week and still accepts new students
90 Listen: Facebook Employees Are Standing Up To Mark Zuckerberg
91 8 People Are Facing Charges As A Result Of The FBI’s Biggest-Ever Ad Fraud Investigation
92 Craig Silverman, the man who exposed the fake-news racket in 2016
93 Google Removed Two Popular Cheetah Mobile And Kika Tech Apps After An Investigation Sparked By BuzzFeed News
94 Trump Refused To Denounce The Preposterous QAnon Conspiracy Theory
95 Facebook Removed Over 2 Billion Fake Accounts, But The Problem Is Getting Worse
96 Google Removed Dozens Of Android Apps From A Major Chinese Developer Due To "Deceptive Or Disruptive Ads"
97 Suppression of Media Freedom Correlates to the Onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Say Panelists
98 The Barefoot Runner Who Demanded His Neighbors Remove Acorns From The Sidewalk Was Just Trolling
99 A Set Of Facebook Pages Promoting Conservatives And Attacking Justin Trudeau Are Run By A Post Millennial Staffer
100 How The Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Behind "Pizzagate" Was Spread