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Result Content Idea Research
1 Salem Nurse Put On Leave For Anti-Mask COVID TikTok
2 BuzzFeed is buying HuffPost — and inheriting its diversity issues
3 An 18-Year-Old's Prom Photoshoot Has Gone Viral After The Dance Was Canceled Due To The Pandemic
4 BuzzFeed News West Coast Investigations Editor Jessica Garrison
5 Facebook Knows That Adding Labels To Trump’s False Claims Does Little To Stop Their Spread
6 After Two COVID-19 Shutdowns At The “Tamron Hall” Show, Crew Members Say The Show Is “Seriously Putting Lives In Danger”
7 The US Recorded More Than 4 Million COVID-19 Cases In The Month Of November
8 Joe Biden Has Hairline Fractures In His Foot After Slipping While Playing With His Dog Major
9 Fired Paint-Mixing TikToker Tony Piloseno Hired At Store
10 Los Angeles Police Just Banned The Use Of Commercial Facial Recognition
11 People Are Amused That The UK Government Wants Netflix To Warn Viewers That "The Crown" Is Fictional
12 This Comedian’s Parody Of Margaret Thatcher From Netflix's "The Crown" Is Absolute Gold
13 WWF Admitted “Sorrow” Over Human Rights Abuses
14 A Deaf Influencer Wants More Social Media Accessibility
15 Moderna Has Submitted Its Coronavirus Vaccine For Emergency Approval From The FDA
16 Viral TikTok Shows Woman Laughing At 2020 Goal List
17 The Coronavirus Outbreaks In Meatpacking Plants Were Likely Much Worse Than Official Numbers Show
18 This 5-Year-Old Girl Put On A Mask Before Going Shopping, But It Wasn’t Exactly The Mask Her Mom Was Expecting
19 Delta Fired A White Flight Attendant After Asking Whether She Was “Racist” Toward White Men
20 TikTok Got Me Through 2020
21 As Election Misinformation Spreads On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg Told Employees That Biden Won
22 Facebook Has A Metric For “Violence And Incitement Trends.” It’s Rising.
23 Popular Paint-Mixing TikToker Fired By Sherwin-Williams
24 Immigration Officials Have Been Told Not To Communicate With Joe Biden's Transition Team
25 The US Is About To Hit Its Pivotal Pandemic Moment
26 A Bunch Of Lies Circulating Online Just Came Out Of Trump's Mouth
27 There Have Now Been More Than 10 Million Coronavirus Cases In The US
28 Trump's Campaign Lost In Court — Again — Trying To Undo Biden’s Win In Pennsylvania
29 ‘Context really matters again’: How BuzzFeed’s HuffPost acquisition can help the combined company’s ad sales pitch
30 Their Loved Ones Died Of COVID. The Holidays This Year Will Be Completely Different.
31 Ellen DeGeneres Addressed Staffers After Digital Employees Were Laid Off Amid The WarnerMedia Restructuring
32 Facebook Live Spread Election Conspiracies And Russian State-Controlled Content Despite Employee Fears
33 Plunging Morale And Self-Congratulations: Inside Facebook The Day Before The Presidential Election
34 There Is No Democratic Reckoning Coming Over Their Election Misses
35 Verizon Media and BuzzFeed Announce New Strategic Partnership Across Content and Advertising
36 Facebook Cut Traffic To Leading Liberal Pages Just Before The Election
37 A Project Almost 20 Years In The Making Tells The Story of What’s Happening in Georgia
38 False Information About Voting In Pennsylvania Is Flooding The Internet
39 The Pandemic And Fears Of Civil Unrest Led To A Historic Boom In Gun Sales This Year
40 A Judge Demolished The Trump Campaign’s Effort To Undo Biden’s Win In Pennsylvania And Push Fraud Conspiracies
41 People Marching To The Polls In North Carolina Were Arrested And Pepper-Sprayed By Police
42 Biden Supporters Played Beyoncé To Drown Out Trump Campaign Officials In Philly
43 New: Mueller Investigated Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, And Roger Stone For DNC Hacks
44 Delaware Has Elected The First-Ever Openly Trans State Senator In The US
45 Mom Goes Viral For "Sasshole" Picture Day Fail
46 ICE Expelled 33 Immigrant Children Back To Guatemala After A Judge Said They Couldn't
47 People Were Very Perplexed And Amused By Trump's Tiny Desk
48 A Miami Voter Went Viral For His Reason For Voting Biden. Then Another Man Claimed To Be Him.
49 Snapchat Will Now Pay People For Posts
50 Here's A Running List Of False And Misleading Information About The Election
51 An Ohio Wedding Had 83 Guests. More Than A Third, Including The Newlyweds, Got The Coronavirus.
52 Trump Was Expected To Lose Votes In Places Where More People Died Of COVID-19. He Didn’t.
53 Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine Is More Than 90% Effective, Early Data Says
54 Live Results: Presidential, Senate, And House Of Representatives Elections
55 “I Think He’s Selfish”: How Friendships Have Been Tested During The Pandemic
56 The President And His Supporters Are Spreading False Claims About How The Votes Are Being Counted
57 Donald Trump Shows Up First When You Search Twitter For "Loser." Here's Why.
58 The Trump Campaign Is Paying For A Recount In Wisconsin — But Only In Areas With Large Black Populations
59 Companies Are Boarding Up Their Storefronts In Anticipation Of Civil Unrest After The Election
60 Mom Goes Viral For Son Voting Independent TikTok
61 This Is What European Officials Think About The US Presidential Election
62 Facebook Has A Rule To Stop Calls To Arms. Moderators Didn't Enforce It Ahead Of The Kenosha Shootings.
63 Anonymous Trump Critic And Former DHS Staffer Miles Taylor Has Left Google
64 A Third Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Has Reported Promising — But Confusing — Results
65 There Were Violent Clashes In DC After A Pro-Trump Rally
66 The New Kristen Stewart Lesbian Rom-Com Is Kind Of A Bummer
67 Things We Tried And Liked In 2020
68 Here's The Story Behind Princess Diana's Wedding Dress That "The Crown" Didn't Show
69 Her Childhood Friend Was The Victim Of One Of The UK’s Most Notorious Murders. Now, She’s Sharing Her Story For The First Time.
70 The Real Winner Of The Election? Drugs.
71 “The Chaos May End”: How DHS Employees Are Reacting To Biden's Win
72 "The Crown" Fans Trolling Camilla And Charles
73 BuzzFeed buying HuffPost from Verizon for undisclosed price
74 The Mormon Influencer Backlash To "The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City" Is A Fascinating Peek At A Side Of Them We Rarely See
75 Midwest Nurses Say Their Hospitals Are On The Verge Of Collapsing — And Leaders Aren’t Listening
76 Trump's Campaign Shared Fake News (Literally) To Justify Its Lies About The Election Result
77 The US Added 1 Million New Coronavirus Cases This Week Alone
78 Biden's Dog Major Will Be The First Shelter Dog In The White House
79 Mike Pompeo Loves To Preach About Peaceful Transitions Of Power — When It’s Happening In Other Countries
80 These TV Appearances Tell Us A Lot About Antony Blinken, Joe Biden’s Pick For Secretary Of State
81 Scientists Are Relieved About A Biden Presidency. They Say The Real Work Can Start Now.
82 Joe Biden Has Taken The Lead In The Historically Red State Of Georgia
83 Teen Inspired Viral TikTok Duets About Disordered Eating
84 Buzzfeed and Huffpost deal: The news giants' rise and fall
85 38 Great Science Fiction/Fantasy–Themed Gifts
86 15 Contemporary Indigenous Photographers Whose Work You Should Know
87 The First Coronavirus Vaccines Are Looking Very Effective. Here’s What That Means For You.
88 Trump’s Legal Team Was Asked About A Witness Who Reportedly Recanted His Election Fraud Story. Then There Was A Lot Of Silence.
89 Two Republican Members Of The Electoral College Have A Message: Biden Won
90 30+ Gifts For Anyone Who Proudly Identifies As A Bookworm
91 This Neo-Nazi Group Is Organizing On Facebook Despite A Year-Old Ban
92 Coronavirus Is Surging Across The US So Mike Pence Held A Useless Briefing
93 Ritchie Torres And Mondaire Jones Make History As The First Openly Gay Black Members Of Congress
94 The Weeknd Went Off On The Grammys After He Got Zero Nominations
95 Honestie Hodges, Who Was Handcuffed By Police When She Was 11, Died Of COVID-19 At 14
96 Neera Tanden, Biden OMB pick, awful leader: ex-colleagues
97 ‘Profitability in the back half of next year’: BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti (and Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan) on their big merger
98 Kamala Harris Will Be The First Woman To Be Vice President
99 Smooth Move, Dude (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)
100 46 Books Our Favorite Indie Booksellers Were Grateful For This Year