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1 Evolution to CMV-22B Osprey means sundown of 'venerable' C-2A Greyhound
2 Awesome Split Screen Cockpit Video Shows C-2A Greyhound Trap Landing On USS Truman In The Persian Gulf
3 “Old Gal” takes victory lap, VX-20 sunsets the C-2A Greyhound
4 First F-35C Air Wing Ready to Bring 5th-Gen Fighters to Carrier Strike Group
5 Delivery Service on an Aircraft Carrier |
6 C-2 Greyhound Carrier On-Board Delivery Aircraft
7 Bolter, Waveoff And Final Trap Landing On USS Truman In New, Intense C-2A Greyhound Cockpit Video
8 Navy Recovers C-2A from Fatal 2017 Crash from 3 Miles Underwater
9 Navy Transition from C-2A to CMV-22B Will Span 2020 to 2026; Location of Training Squadron Undecided
10 Confessions Of A C-2 Greyhound Carrier Onboard Delivery Pilot A C-2 pilot describes how
11 Beginning of End for Navy's C-2 Greyhound
12 Behold The First Image Of A Navy CMV-22 Osprey That Will Replace The C-2 Greyhound
13 Navy maps submerged wreckage of C-2A Greyhound that crashed last fall
14 Navy recovers Greyhound wreckage from fatal 2017 crash at sea
15 Navy's COD Transition from C-2A to CMV-22B Accelerated; First V-22 Deployment Set for 2021
16 UPDATED: 3 Sailors Missing, 8 Rescued Following C-2A Crash Near Okinawa
17 Battle brews over US Navy C-2A Greyhound replacement
18 Navy Identifies 3 Sailors Presumed Dead Following C-2A Crash in Philippine Sea
19 Here's What it Takes to Become a Certified C2-A Pilot
20 Tilt-rotor Osprey starts replacing the C-2 Greyhound on board US aircraft carriers
21 Downed C-2A Greyhound Located in Philippine Sea
22 Video: First Operational CMV-22B Osprey delivered to the US Navy
23 Navy Recovers Lost Aircraft From Three Miles Below the Ocean's Surface
24 Navy Maps Submerged Wreckage of C-2A Greyhound
25 Preparing for the US Navy's Transition from the C2 to the CMV-22B: Meeting the Challenge
26 Navy Pilot Lost in C-2 Crash 'Flew the Hell Out of That Airplane'
27 Perspectives on the Coming of the CMV-22B to the Large Deck Carrier
28 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey To Replace US Navy's C-2A Greyhound Fleet
29 USS Gerald R. Ford Welcomes DGA and French Navy Aboard
30 Watch This: U.S. Navy Pilot Doesn't Even Blink While Flying The Ball All The Way To Touchdown On Aircraft Carrier
31 StandardAero contracted for T56 repairs in support of P-3, C-130 and C-2A aircraft
32 Navy's COD switch to the Osprey has started — what you need to know
33 Navy to Deploy Salvage Team to Search For Crashed C-2A Greyhound
34 Here's What A Catapult Shot On Christmas Day In A U.S. Navy C-2 Greyhound Looks Like From The Cockpit
35 The CMV-22B Comes to the Large Deck Carrier
36 US Navy locates crashed aircraft thousands of feet deep in the Pacific
37 US Navy Investigates C-2A Greyhound Crash In Pacific
38 Navy Orders Four Additional CMV-22B Osprey COD Aircraft
39 Navy Establishes First CMV-22B Squadron
40 The Navy’s new Osprey just conducted its first drop-off at sea
41 Stupid Move: Navy Will Buy V-22 Ospreys To Replace Its C-2 Greyhounds
42 tiltrotor avionics carrier onboard delivery (COD)
43 U.S. Navy recovers C-2A that fatally crashed in 2017 from 3 Miles Underwater
44 VIDEO: New Navy CMV-22B Makes First Carrier Landing
45 U.S. Navy Ends Search for 3 Sailors Missing Since Plane Crash Near Japan
46 Bell Boeing delivers CMV-22B to US Navy
47 A Navy airman's remains return to Louisiana in time for July 4th; 'there's a finality behind it'
48 “Old Gal” takes a victory lap as VX-20 sunsets the C-2A Greyhound at NAS Patuxent River
49 Deep ocean salvage of Navy cargo aircraft
50 This Is Our First Look At The Navy's New CMV-22B Osprey Flying From An Aircraft Carrier
51 Salvage Team to Search for US Navy C-2A Aircraft
52 US Navy Expects Its Carrier Onboard Delivery Ospreys to be Fully Operational By 2024
53 NAVAIR Awards Bell-Boeing $151 Million To Begin Navy-Variant V-22 Design
54 Fleet Logistics Wing Established as Navy Preps for COD Transition, Second Osprey Squadron
55 US Aircraft Carrier, 2500 Marines Off the Coast of Somalia as Pentagon Repositions Forces in Africa
56 San Diego squadron receives first CMV-22B Osprey
57 StandardAero Wins $149M IDIQ to Repair Navy Aircraft Engines
58 Deep-Water Salvage Team to Recover Navy Plane in Philippine Sea
59 US Navy Sends Deep Water Experts to Find Plane, Sailors
60 Navy Flyers Training With Marine V-22s Ahead of COD Transition
61 First Bell-Boeing CMV-22B Osprey Delivered To The U.S. Navy
62 Here's when the US Navy thinks the carrier Ford will be ready to deploy
63 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Aug. 10, 2020
64 Is the CMV-22B the Future of Naval Transport or an Expensive Toy?
65 Three people remain missing after Navy COD plane crashes in Pacific
66 Navy’s Osprey Enters Flight Test
67 Navy E-2C Hawkeye Crew Found Safe After Plane Crashes in Virginia
68 “The Old Gal” Retires After 35 Years on the Job
69 This Crazy Looking Flying Thing Is the U.S. Navy's Future
70 First Navy CMV-22B Osprey in COD (Carrier Onboard Delivery) High-Visibility Color Scheme Makes Maiden Flight
71 Video: MV-22 Osprey Tests on Carrier USS Carl Vinson
72 On USS Gerald R. Ford’s flight deck, all the expensive new gear means school is always in session
73 U.S. Navy first operational CMV-22B arrives at Naval Air Station North Island
74 UPDATED: Search Ends for Missing USS Theodore Roosevelt Sailor
75 Navy Establishes CMV-22B Osprey Replacement Training Squadron
76 Navy Details Plans For Carrier Onboard Delivery CMV-22 Osprey Squadrons As Tests Continue
77 Inside a fatal Super Hornet crash in Star Wars canyon –
78 The Navy’s new supercarrier arresting gear can now recover all of the service’s aircraft — except the F-35
79 USS Nimitz Departs San Diego for Pre-Deployment Exercise
80 Sailors Get Experience with Marine MV-22s Before Operating First Navy Ospreys
81 Navy Decides to Buy V-22 Ospreys for Carrier Delivery
82 The US-3A Viking COD: The Uncommonest COD Was Actually a Compromise
83 E-2D achieves mission capable goal 5 months ahead of target
84 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: March 15, 2021
85 Report on military aviation crashes faults lack of training, 'chronic fatigue' | TheHill
86 Carrier Air Wing Commander Completes Rare 1200th Arrested Landing
87 C-2A Operating With USS Abraham Lincoln
88 Navy Air Warfare Director: C-2 Aircraft Retirement Moved Up to 2024
89 Three Missing After U.S. Navy Plane Crashes Near Japan
90 General Atomics AAG Successfully Tested with C-2A E-2D & E-2C
91 Bell Boeing Delivers 1st CMV-22B Osprey to US Navy
92 The new aircraft the US Navy needs to cover its 'golden mile' just took another major step forward
93 Navy planning to get its own V-22 Osprey fleet
94 Navy's Osprey Will Be Called CMV-22B; Procurement To Begin In FY 2018
95 Navy Training Squadron Receives First E-2D Hawkeye With New Aerial Refueling Capability
96 US Navy aircraft crash leaves 3 missing at sea
97 Replacing the planes that deliver goods and people to carriers at sea will start to ramp up
98 EMALS, AAG Systems OK'd for All Carrier Aircraft
99 That time a C-2 Greyhound nearly went overboard USS Nimitz
100 Navy Set to Establish First CMV-22B COD Squadron at NAS North Island