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1 Facing racism in the oilsands; the push for better masks in schools: CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
2 How not to buy a puppy; pandemic price gouging: CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
3 Marketplace tested over 20 different masks. Here's what will best protect you and others during the pandemic
4 Oilsands workers describe a culture of racist jokes, bullying and being shut out of the industry
5 Buyer beware: Ottawa fails to track thousands of puppies, some carrying diseases, imported to Canada each year
6 Provinces promised crackdown on pandemic price gouging. In fact, there have been few repercussions
7 Pandemic price check and how not to buy a puppy
8 Parents push for better masks to fight COVID-19 in TDSB schools after testing by CBC Marketplace
9 Kawartha Dairy recalls ice cream for possible metal presence
10 Testing face masks and airline refunds
11 The latest on the coronavirus outbreak for Nov. 13
12 'My jaw dropped,' says Ontario woman of $12K air ambulance bill in Nova Scotia
13 Luxury good marketplace StockX opens first Canadian location in Toronto
14 Online scam asks people in Guelph to buy gift cards for colleagues
15 Polypropylene is now recommended in masks. Should I be concerned? Your mask questions answered
16 Face Racism: Working in Canada's oilsands industry
17 The latest on the coronavirus outbreak for Nov. 25
18 What you need to know about COVID-19 in Alberta on Saturday, Nov. 21
19 Get informed on the top stories of the day in one quick scan
20 His father was to be checked hourly at his long-term care home. Instead, he died and wasn't found for 6 hours
21 When 'cyber malls' were the future of shopping
22 New Facebook group helps Islanders find out where to give and get masks
23 COVID surge in dog demand has shelters, breeders urging caution
24 Despite 30,000 pandemic-related price-gouging complaints, there have been few repercussions
25 Miss Vickie's chips recalled in Eastern Canada were also shipped west
26 Palace Theatre selling costumes to manage space and generate revenue
27 Where to Buy the Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety in 2020
28 About Marketplace
29 Amazon accused of pandemic price gouging: CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
30 Tracking Amazon returns; a single-use plastic ban: CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
31 The Drilldown: Canada can't recycle solar panels, says Mining Watch
32 Why hand sanitizers keep being recalled; COVID-19's effect on small business: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
33 Appliance repair ripoffs; WestJet slashes routes in Atlantic Canada: CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
34 Counterfeit crackdown; cannabis costs: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
35 Canada halts Ukraine puppy imports; New rules against vaping ads: CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
36 Investigating nursing home hit hard by COVID-19; Consumer debt loads drop: CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
37 85% of Ont. nursing homes break the law repeatedly with almost no consequences, data analysis shows
38 Single-use plastic ban delayed by COVID-19; Salmonella outbreak sends dozens to hospital: CBC's Marketplace
39 Fighting COVID-19: Supplies, testing and scams: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
40 Air Canada racks up U.S. complaints; Will Tenet bring crowds back to theatres? CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
41 What's the germiest surface in a supermarket? You might be surprised
42 Submit a story tip
43 Ford recalls over 60,000 vehicles; Transport Canada says no mask, no flight: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
44 Asha Tomlinson on raising a black boy; 2-year air travel complaint backlog : CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
45 Are nursing homes above the law? Exposing repeat offenders
46 Did an inspection change lead to more COVID-19 outbreaks? A PC Optimum Heist; CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
47 Airline compensation questions and coronavirus concerns: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
48 How to stay prepared during the pandemic: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
49 Fantasy Freebies Week 12
50 The shady business of skin whitening, and credit card insurance: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
51 COVID-19 may delay plastics ban, airline customers struggle over refunds: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
52 Looking for local appliance repair? Why you can't always trust what you find on Google Maps
53 How COVID-19 is affecting short-term rentals; why some donations are plunging: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
54 Don't fall for this COVID loan scam; You might qualify for a credit card refund: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
55 Hidden cameras capture misinformation, fundraising tactics used by anti-vaxx movement
56 Fair & Lovely to rebrand; Air Canada to allow more COVID refunds: CBC's Marketplace Cheat Sheet
57 Comprehensive nursing home inspections caught up to 5 times more violations. Why did Ontario cut them?
58 Hidden camera investigation finds misleading information, questionable treatment plans from SmileDirectClub
59 Top 30 Ontario long-term care homes with most reported violations
60 We bought dozens of products from AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Wish. Over half were suspected fakes
61 The dirty truth about supermarkets: Hidden cameras, lab tests and how to stay safe
62 RCMP arrest alleged 'money mules'; Facial recognition concerns: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
63 Ont. nursing homes have had 22 years to do safety upgrades. COVID-19 reveals deadly cost of delay
64 She's 28, survived COVID-19, and is living in a long-term care home with 200+ violations
65 Hidden camera footage catches misleading sales practices at car rental agency
66 Coronavirus scams to watch out for, care homes brace for impact: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
67 'Whiter skin in 14 days': Tracking the illegal sale of skin-whitening creams in Canada
68 Hidden camera investigation reveals 'scary' and 'misleading' sales pitches to sell blue light lenses
69 Canadians name Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool as top appliance brands to break down in CBC poll
70 Inside Taiwan during COVID-19: How the country kept schools and businesses open throughout pandemic
71 'Something scuzzy': Marketplace investigation uncovers fake locksmith listings and reviews on Google
72 'Very predatory': Health Canada bars sale of vaginal detox products following Marketplace investigation
73 The label says 100% compostable plastic. But it's likely ending up in a landfill
74 Here's where your Amazon returns go
75 Watch RCMP arrest alleged 'money mules' tied to overseas scam calls
76 Subway must pay CBC $500K for failed defamation lawsuit over chicken
77 Serious, repeat violations at city-run nursing home
78 Couple fights back against $25K wedding rebooking fee amid COVID-19 pandemic
79 These are the germiest surfaces in your supermarket
80 Check your credit card statement. You may be entitled to a refund
81 'Spreads like wildfire': More than half of COVID-19 deaths in Canada have been seniors' home residents
82 St. Joseph's defends its long-term care homes against Marketplace report on recorded violations
83 A new scam targets Canadians and food-borne illnesses are set to rise: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
84 How an ad for a flower planter reunited a student with his favourite teacher
85 Nursing home told families hospital wouldn't accept sick residents during pandemic. That wasn't true
86 Nearly half of Canadians are concerned about vaccine safety. Here's why.
87 Prepare for fewer scam phone calls; The hidden cost of gift cards: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
88 Cut dairy from your diet? You may be deficient in vitamin D, calcium
89 Canada's top plastic polluters, service centres under scrutiny: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
90 More rights for airline passengers; Telecoms pushed to fight scammers: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
91 We investigate school violence: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
92 Ontario MPP calls for retirement homes investigation following Marketplace story
93 Judge dismisses Subway's $210M lawsuit against CBC over chicken sandwich exposé
94 Why you don't need blue light filtering lenses; Thrifting on the rise: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
95 Where compost really goes, an eyebrow-raising meat study: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
96 We hired ethical hackers to hack a family's smart home — here's how it turned out
97 Tips on how to fly germ-free
98 Inspectors found problems at Ont. care home hit hard by COVID-19 weeks before help was ordered, documents show
99 Fact-checking farmers markets, mystery Spotify bank charges: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
100 Has COVID-19 messed up your finances? Here's how to fight for a fair deal