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1 DoorDash to pay $2.5 million for allegedly misusing worker tips
2 Trump administration wants to cut food stamps to thousands of seniors, lawmakers say
3 U.S. gun sales surge to record high in 2020
4 Grocery store workers fear getting sick as coronavirus cases continue to climb
5 Americans are scared and weary as COVID-19 cases soar. They're also resilient.
6 Gap's appeal for post-election "unity" hoodie draws unified scorn on Twitter
7 Vermont lawmakers call Walmart "cruel" for snubbing $2,000 grants for its workers
8 Stores see more panic buying as new coronavirus shutdowns loom
9 The U.S. has plan to vaccinate nursing home residents. Experts fear it won't work.
10 Walmart returns guns and ammo to store floors, saying civil unrest was "isolated"
11 12 million Americans set to lose unemployment benefits after Christmas
12 Swing states 2020: From economic "desperation" to "97% recovered"
13 USPS on-time delivery is getting worse. That may put ballots at risk.
14 Winter threatens 1.4 million U.S. jobs, analysis finds
15 12 million Americans set to lose unemployment benefits the day after Christmas
16 Apple slashes controversial App Store fees for most developers
17 COVID-19 driving renewed interest in golf as Americans seek virus-free pastimes
18 UPS relaxes its restrictions on natural Black hairstyles
19 1 in 4 Americans are jobless or earning poverty-level wages, new study finds
20 Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine distribution will be a "logistical nightmare"
21 J.C. Penney has new owners in bankruptcy deal that saves 60,000 jobs
22 Creepy gifts: Toys that spy on kids and coffee makers that track your habits
23 Economist who says racism costs the U.S. $16 trillion explains the math
24 Supplies of N95 masks running low as COVID-19 surges
25 This car-sharing company wants to help Black entrepreneurs buy a vehicle
26 College applications slide, especially for low-income students
27 Biden and the economy: What it means for your wallet
28 Surge of COVID-19 cases fueling another wave of hoarding
29 YouTube won't take down video falsely claiming Donald Trump won the election
30 Concerns over coronavirus vaccine plans for America's nursing homes
31 Debt collectors will soon be allowed to reach you by text or on Facebook
32 First at-home rapid coronavirus test approved by the FDA
33 Pandemic "dream job": Company offers $1,000 to play Animal Crossing
34 Unemployment in the U.S. falls to 13.3%, confounding forecasters
35 Paycheck Protection Program didn't save enough small business jobs, economists say
36 Disney World's reservation system flooded as reopening dates sell out
37 Feeling lonely during the lockdown? Call Zappos
38 Whole Foods and Amazon selling water with "concerning" arsenic levels, report says
39 Glass Fire sets California's wine country ablaze
40 Motel 6, Home Depot drop ad agency over "too Black" comment
41 Maker of tear gas used on D.C. protesters gets millions from federal government
42 Former CDC chief Tom Frieden warns of "many waves" of COVID-19 if economy reopens too soon
43 TikTok "Benadryl Challenge" prompts FDA warning on overdoses
44 Fighting to save his restaurant: "I have worked 21 days straight"
45 Amazon to fill 33,000 corporate and tech jobs, with many offering six-figure paychecks
46 Google employees will work from home until summer 2021
47 Can you catch the coronavirus from handling cash?
48 Massachusetts sues auto lender Credit Acceptance Corp., seeking $120 million in damages
49 Walmart to stop selling "All Lives Matter" T-shirts
50 Union president: Grocery stores should kick out unmasked shoppers
51 Here are 700,000 open jobs that need to be filled immediately
52 COVID-19 Surging In Nursing Homes Again
53 A small business survived wildfires and floods — then COVID-19 happened
54 California insurers are dropping homeowners threatened by wildfires
55 Wind and solar producer tops Exxon as most valuable U.S. energy company
56 Major airlines bar in-flight alcohol sales due to coronavirus
57 CEO emails 10 million customers to tell them to vote for Biden
58 Watchdog urges SEC to investigate vaccine maker Moderna
59 Many small businesses say Paycheck Protection Program is deeply flawed
60 Complaints about auto lenders have surged during pandemic
61 Wall Street increasingly expects a "Blue Wave" in next month's election
62 Wells Fargo faces government investigations into its PPP loans
63 Goldman Sachs' new pay plan would help top bankers dodge taxes
64 The woman leading the push to revive black-owned businesses in Minneapolis
65 Taco Bell to pay $100,000 salaries to some store managers
66 Amazon, eBay block sale of merchandise with "stand back" and "stand by"
67 The coronavirus recession is here — it will slam the job market
68 Kroger ending $2 an hour "hero pay" bonus for workers
69 Unemployment aid is running out for millions: "People are going to become desperate"
70 Racism has cost the U.S. $16 trillion, Citigroup finds
71 Johns Hopkins researchers question controversial study linking Sturgis rally to COVID-19 spike
72 U.S. billionaires gained almost $1 trillion in wealth during the pandemic
73 Dallas hotelier, biggest recipient of coronavirus loan program, says it's keeping aid
74 Paper money shunned due to coronavirus
75 Eager for normalcy, some New Yorkers return to the office — but most don't
76 Paycheck Protection Program fraud cases are on the rise
77 Stimulus check tracking site goes live in bid to speed emergency payments
78 Paycheck Protection Program: Small business owner applies four times and still doesn't get loan
79 JPMorgan Chase investigating customers and employees for possible fraud involving Paycheck loans
80 The coronavirus is driving Americans into retirement
81 L'Oreal requiring doctor's note for U.S. employees to work from home
82 Bike thefts spike across U.S. as cycling becomes more popular
83 Amazon workers outside Jeff Bezos' home call for a Prime Day boycott
84 Racial inequality could hurt U.S. credit rating, Moody's warns
85 So many people are filing for unemployment, it's crashing government websites
86 Amazon fires Chris Smalls, the worker who organized Staten Island warehouse walkout
87 Gilead seeks FDA approval for COVID-19 drug remdesivir
88 Instagram to hide negative comments on posts
89 Fashion designers turn to making face masks amid shortages
90 IRS contacting 9 million Americans who may qualify for stimulus check
91 Colleges will lose $150 million playing "conference-only" games due to coronavirus
92 U.S. Postal Service on track for its best financial year since 2015
93 Will COVID-19 kill the holiday shopping season?
94 Phone data show consumers avoiding stores, restaurants as COVID surges
95 Workers are being laid off twice as COVID ripples through the economy
96 Nonprofit group fights for artists to get paid amid coronavirus
97 Ralph Lauren, in financial straits, lays of 3,600 workers amid pandemic
98 Moderna executives hiked their stock sales after announcing positive vaccine trial
99 Also getting PPP loans: Businesses where sales have boomed
100 Dressing for success these days means "Athleisure"