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1 House lawmaker stumps for 5-year term for CISA's director
2 CISA doesn't plan to tackle COVID vaccine disinformation
3 CISA Warns of Iran's Offensive Cyber Capabilities
4 What to Expect from CISA's Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Efforts in 2021
5 A Conversation with Former CISA Director Christopher Krebs
6 After Trump fires CISA’s director, the agency is poised to become even more powerful
7 CISA set to receive subpoena powers over ISPs in effort to track critical infrastructure vulnerabilities
8 DoD Spending Bill for 2021 Seeks to Create New National Cybersecurity Czar
9 CISA Director Expects to Be Fired Following Secure ...
10 CISA releases alert on heightened awareness for Iranian cyber activity
11 DHS CISA: Fortinet VPN Vulnerability Poses Password Exposure Risk
12 Senate proposes $58M boost to CISA's budget to clear out risk assessment backlog
13 CISA headquarters brings DHS consolidated campus into focus
14 Cyberespionage and cold chain. Criminals attend to COVID-19 vaccines. CISA reaffirms assessment that US elections were secure.
15 DHS panel says 2020 vote was 'most secure in American history'
16 CISA, FBI Warn that U.S. Think Tanks Are in Hackers' Crosshairs
17 A Post-Election Trump Firing Makes the Case for an Independent, Regulatory CISA
18 Director of CISA Chris Krebs says there's no evidence of foreign interference in the 2020 election
19 CISA and the Chemical Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) to host Chemical Security Summit
20 Senators press CISA to do more to stop K-12 ransomware
21 CISA announces K-12 school infrastructure security best practices webinar
22 CISA warns against disinformation on election results, election process
23 Newscan: Trump fires DHS CISA agency head who vouched for 2020 vote security
24 CISA joins fight in cyber attacks targeting veterans
25 CISA, Working with Partners, Kept the 2020 Election Secure and Free from Interference
26 Google Chrome Update Gets Serious: Homeland Security (CISA) Confirms Attacks Underway
27 CISA Director Chris Krebs Fired, Common Sense and Section 230
28 CISA Warns of Password Leak on Vulnerable Fortinet VPNs
29 CISA says no evidence of successful foreign election hacks. QBot's voting-themed malspam. RegretLocker arriving.
30 DHS cybersecurity head Christopher Krebs fired by President Trump after he disputes fraud claims
31 CISA Urges All Americans to be on Alert for Holiday Scams and Cyber Threats
32 U.S. Election Security (and Insecurities)
33 DHS Alert: Hackers Are Targeting The Companies Keeping Covid-19 Vaccines Safe
34 HO HO HOLD UP! Federal Government Warns Consumers of Holiday Cyber Threats (and Companies Should Take Note Too)
35 CISA: Member mills' late Nov daily output eases 0.4%
36 CISA says no evidence of successful foreign election hacks. Ransomware gangs fail to keep promises.
37 Budget boost would trim CISA's risk assessment backlog
38 How Biden Could Change the Conversation on Cybersecurity
39 Think-Tanks Under Attack by Foreign APTs, CISA Warns
40 CISA chief Chris Krebs remains at his post
41 US elections: CISA calls security success, but reminds all that it's not over yet. Notes from the cyber underground. Two more indictments in cyberstalking case.
42 5G Infrastructure
43 Cybersecurity Experts Reacted On The Removal Of Christ Krebs, Director Of CISA
44 CISA Director Fired After Challenging President's Baseless Election Claims
45 CISA releases analysis report on COVID-19 impact to ICT global supply chains
46 CISA warns APT groups targeting US think tanks
47 Energy official Sean Plankey eyed for senior CISA position after White House throws agency into turmoil
48 CISA's happy but still wary. Election-themed criminal malspam. New ransomware goes after VMs. Why it makes no sense to trust extortionists.
49 Two top Homeland Security officials forced to resign by White House
50 CISA Publishes Insider Threat Mitigation Guide for Critical Infrastructure
51 Trump Tweets He's Fired Head of CISA
52 CISA: 'No evidence' of changed, compromised, deleted or lost votes
53 CISA, Industry Report Finds Three Major Stress Points on ICT Supply Chains During Pandemic
54 On Elections, DHS Is an Advisor on Cybersecurity, Not the Nation's Policeman of Election Fraud
55 CISA Official: Watch for More TIC 3.0 Telework Guidance By Year-End
56 OMB sets new CDM data standards deadline for agencies
57 Ousted cybersecurity chief Krebs to Trump: 'These constant attacks ... are very dangerous'
58 Season’s fleecings: CISA warns on holiday shopping scams
59 CISA offers its assessment (high) of US election security. An alleged GRU front media group is fingered. Notes on cybercrime, and one cheap proof-of-concept.
60 CISA awarded $76.5K grant to support about 280 local farms
61 Secretary Toulouse Oliver On Firing Of CISA Director
62 Chairman Adam Schiff: Statement on Trump’s Firing of CISA Director
63 Dream a FunnyDream of me. US CISA Director dismissed. Facebook, Twitter CEOs virtually visit the US Senate. Huawei CFO extradition update. Bad passwords.
64 CISA’s recommendations to recognize and avoid email scams [E-book]
65 FCW Insider: Dec. 4
66 Former CISA Director Christopher Krebs on election officials receiving death threats
67 Hackers Are Targeting US Think Tanks
68 Turmoil Hits Cyber Agency Engaged in Election as Staff Leave
69 Expert: DHS Was Aware of Vulnerabilities in Voting Systems
70 Federal, industry officials warn that hackers are targeting vaccine distribution process | TheHill
71 Predictions for 2021. Ghosts in the virtual workplace. Cloudbursts. CISA has an interim director.
72 CISA Report Flags Pandemic-Era IT Supply Chain Problems
73 Trump fires CISA boss Chris Krebs
74 DocuShare flaws could lead to data leakage unless you install these patches
75 HIPAA-compliant Email Security Stops Ransomware Attacks on Hospitals
76 The Cybersecurity 202: Biden’s DHS pick adds cybersecurity chops to the incoming administration
77 Trump Fires Head of DHS Election Security Agency
78 New Cyber Defense Feed Protects Government Systems in Live Trial Across Four States
79 VERIFY: Fact-checking Trump's 46-minute election claims speech
80 FBI declares HACKERS targeting think tanks ‘shaping US policy’… same NGOs that fearmonger about foreign hacking
81 While Trump rants about votes, none of his election security officials support him
82 Trump fires agency head who vouched for 2020 vote security
83 CISA mills' daily steel output down 0.36% in Nov 21-30, stocks down 9.53%
84 GOP lawmaker says he's been called a 'traitor' by people close to him for recognizing Biden win | TheHill
85 Rising Hospitalizations Trigger Tightened Restrictions for 19 North Texas Counties
86 Best practices for securing teleworkers
87 Can Tech Companies and Local Governments Mitigate Abuses of Government Secrecy?
88 Underwood plans to focus on election security, ransomware as chair of House cyber panel | TheHill
89 Comment: Paper ballots prove the election wasn't hacked
90 Decline in CISA members' gross profit eases by half to 4.5% in Jan-Oct
91 VMware Rolls a Fix for Formerly Critical Zero-Day Bug
92 CISA hires cyber risk experts to meet emerging threats
93 CISA infrastructure security executive heading back to private sector
94 Uber Is Asking the CDC to Give Drivers Priority Vaccine Access
95 Trump Fires CISA Director Chris Krebs after correcting voter fraud disinformation
96 Trump’s Unproven Vote Claims Lead to Cyber Staff Exodus
97 CISA putting skills over experience as it rethinks cyber hiring approach
98 Why foreign election interference fizzled in 2020
99 CISA confident on election cybersecurity
100 CISA orders agencies to patch dire Window flaw