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1 Work Of CMRP In Wright County Continues To Move Forward Despite Challenges Posed By Coronavirus
2 Taking the right steps to asset management success and profit
3 Health briefs 08.31.20 | Life
4 from doing digital to being digital
5 SMRP + SMRPCO announce enhancements to CMRP, CMRT programs
6 USMEDIC Collaborates with VMware to Develop a Medical Equipment Tracking and Management Solution Designed to Help Support Healthcare Organizations In Their Battle Against COVID-19
7 48th MDG discuss readiness with Chief of the Air Force Nurse Corps
8 Get CMRP and CMRT certified at SMRP Annual Conference in Indianapolis
9 Can Community Journalists Disrupt Gun Violence in Philadelphia?
10 Overcome the Maintenance Technician Shortage with 3 Tips
11 Certification for the Reliability Engineer
12 CMRP Veteran Professional of the Year: George Williams
13 HealthTrust Honors Healthcare Systems for Excellence and Sustainability
14 Knowledge, perception, and practices towards COVID-19 pandemic among general public of India: A cross-sectional online survey
15 Maintenance management: Stop the cost-cutting insanity!
16 COVID-19 and the kidney: A matter of concern
17 Secure your place in the M&R market – get certified
18 Certified Maintenance & Reliability Practitioners Course
19 How to Ensure You Have the Right Business Continuity Plan in Place
20 Prevent lubrication-related bearing failures with ultrasound
21 Telangana to bring in new law for New GHMC
22 Ultra-fine X-rays target brain cancer cells with precision
23 The servitization of manufacturing
24 USAF medics maintain proficiency through practice, persistence & partnerships
25 Keep the momentum going: 4 ways to turn short-term success into long-term achievements
26 Project Management: Strategies for Success
27 IAM and SMRP Announce Global Agreement to Share Member Benefits
28 Daily Research News Online no. 26991
29 Elizabeth Guild awards scholarships and makes annual donation
30 SMRP 2019 Volunteer of the Year: Creating opportunities to connect
31 Daily Research News Online no. 27935
32 SMART maintenance strategies to help you gain a competitive advantage
33 How 7 companies are accelerating PdM and RxM at their plants
34 CRIC endorses CAIP Canada
35 The PF curve and the path to capacity assurance
36 UOW to commercialise 'world's most advanced radiation sensor'
37 APM Solution Improves Reliability at Oman Gas Company
38 Successfully Navigating Condition-Based Maintenance Language
39 Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) Announces Foothills Surgery Center has Received Q2 2020 Best Practice Award
40 Certified Maintenance & Reliability Practitioners Course
41 Mangrove patches deserve greater recognition no matter the size
42 European Space Agency funding for UOW invention
43 Plant security: How to manage a moving target
44 Build and benefit from a skill-based pay system
45 CAIP Canada adopts holders of research certification
46 Your IoT devices may be weaponized
47 Business people briefs
48 HealthTrust Honors Member Excellence in Five Categories
49 ICML Introduces 'ICML 55' Asset Management Standards, MLE Engineer Certification
50 Ballast Point Brewing Company
51 UOW scientists' role in promising new brain cancer therapy
52 How does brain motion impact microbeam radiation therapy?
53 10th Chem/Petrochem and Refinery Asset Reliability
54 The Maintenance Institute To Host Africa’s Largest Maintenance & Reliability Conference
55 Fiix Launches the First and Only AI Engine for Maintenance
56 Innovations in PdM and RxM: Using new technology to maximize uptime and performance
57 Platforms for predictive maintenance and prescriptive maintenance progress
58 Enter the new world of work management
59 How Power Monitoring Helped Clamp Down on Plant Energy Inefficiencies
60 Why Data Is the Foundation for Reliability
61 Photos from the SMRP 27th annual conference, Louisville, KY
62 COVID-19 and maintenance planning: The importance of planning during a crisis
63 How your plant can train like the military
64 CMMS Data Group Makes Inc. 5000 2nd Year in a Row
65 Warehouses are ripe for robotics
66 Making strides in the science of infrared imaging
67 Ultrasound monitoring
68 Meet Drew Troyer, the voice behind Plant Services' Reliability Results blog
69 SMRP goes (back) to Washington
70 MMG sells Century zinc mine in Queensland to Attila Resources
71 New brain cancer treatment twice as effective
72 What Can You Do to Advance Maintenance and Reliability?
73 3 factors affecting staffing in the manufacturing industry and how to overcome them
74 Event coverage: Innovators and innovations at IFS World Conference
75 New channel markers improve safety, support trade growth
76 Milk proteins may protect against cardiovascular disease
77 Learn What's Next in Electrical Safety
78 How digital greenfield projects can pave the way for brownfield IoT success
79 Failure Modes of Equipment Reliability Processes
80 Maintenance management perfection vs. reality
81 Intermountain Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, Ochsner Health System, Stanford Health Care, and Sinai Health System to Speak at World Congress' 14th Annual Health Care Supply Chain Summit
82 Planner-schedulers: Centralized or decentralized, that is the question
83 Lumere Upgrades Product Introduction Management Platform with Spend Analytics
84 How ultrasound instruments can enhance inspections on electrical equipment
85 How drones can help improve security and process efficiency at your plant
86 The Value of Analytics in Value-Based Healthcare
87 Achieve data-driven proactive repairs with proper planning and scheduling
88 Fuel your maintenance work management process with high-quality notifications
89 CMMS Data Group Welcomes Bill Mountjoy as Vice President of Reliability Engineering
90 What's new in lubrication optimization
91 Human Capital | Practical labor rates — Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP, contributing editor, says they exceed base pay rates and, therefore, should be controlled
92 The Benefits of Oil Analysis, Part 1
93 Dustin Davis Named RDI Technologies Midwest Regional Sales Manager
94 What Works | PdM information on the right track — In this edition of What Works, a smelter improves predictive maintenance through advanced data and defect tracking
95 Have you considered a career in Reliability Engineering?
96 Wright County Residents Warned About Coronavirus Related Scams
97 How is the relationship between operations and maintenance at your plant?
98 How to build more energy efficient machines
99 The Controversy of Fully Loading the Weekly Schedule 100 Per Cent
100 7 Tips for Managing the Generational Shift in Workers