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Result Content Idea Research
1 CNRS creates new lab in Australia to focus on human-robotic interfaces
2 Recognizing liars from the sound of their voice?
3 CNRS: France's Quantum plan will make the country a key player in quantum technology
4 Heat islands and lack of running water promote dengue fever in Delhi, India
5 The quantum advantage: a novel demonstration
6 Observations at a shed light on how hard coral survives without light
7 Adopting “anti-separatist” law, Macron moves to censor French universities
8 International lab to focus on interface of AI and humans
9 How should we tackle moral panics about free speech?
10 École polytechnique: The blockchain promises are more relevant than the Bitcoin frenzy
11 Dr. Céline Merlet Wins 2021 PRACE Ada Lovelace Award for HPC
12 Thales Laser on Mars 2020 Mission: Three Days to Touchdown
13 New Data on COVID-19 Patients With Diabetes: 20% Die Within 28 Days of Hospital Admission
14 The CNRS provides support for Software Heritage
15 'Islamo-Leftism,' a new weapon against critics takes shape in France
16 Naval Group Launches Research Lab to Advance Humans' Interaction with Autonomous Systems
17 New lab to research human-autonomous teaming
18 In plants, channels set the rhythm
19 Tracking Covid-19 in wastewater at CNRS
20 EU’s Quantum Flagship Program Takes Aim at Large-Scale Quantum Computing
21 New evidence: Neandertals buried their dead
22 Imperial and France’s CNRS expand partnership with joint PhDs and data projects
23 CNRS researcher asks: Has the current crisis changed our perception of science?
24 Saturn's tilt caused by its moons
25 Astrophysicist Francoise Combes Awarded 2020 CNRS Gold Medal
26 A single gene 'invented' haemoglobin several times
27 Earth may always have been wet
28 Towards next-generation molecule-based magnets
29 The COVID-19 test you can take at home on your smartphone
30 CNRS researchers develop ultra-fast saliva test to detect Covid-19
31 History of the Champagne vineyards revealed
32 The mountains of Pluto are snowcapped, but not for the same reasons as on Earth
33 Antarctica: the ocean cools at the surface but warms up at depth
34 How speech propels pathogens
35 CNRS: 1.5 billion molecules to undergo COVID-19 virtual screening
36 A robot to track and film flying insects
37 7000 years of demographic history in France
38 Team of international scientists including Institut Pasteur and CNRS identify common vulnerabilities of lethal coronaviruses
39 Bernard Maitenaz, inventor of the first Varilux progressive lens, passed away
40 CNRS researcher studies graph modelling for COVID-19 propagation
41 Native American stone tool technology found in Arabia
42 Imperial and France’s CNRS launch PhD joint programme in Mathematical Sciences
43 Observing the ultrafast motion of atoms and electrons
44 Has the hidden matter of the universe been discovered?
45 CNRS and University of Chicago launch research and education collaboration
46 Deep magma facilitates the movement of tectonic plates
47 Discovering the prehistoric monuments of Arabia
48 Report: Former CNRS President Guilty of Fraud
49 Getting to the bottom of Arctic landslides
51 Pigs Play Videogames, Birds Have In-Built GPS, Octopuses Can Feel Empathy: What Makes Humans Superior?
52 Singapore: the CNRS opens CNRS@CREATE, its first overseas subsidiary
53 Cybernetics, Computer Design, and a Meeting of the Minds
54 The CNRS at VivaTech
55 Two Plant Biologists Penalized by CNRS in France
56 A Threat to the Quality of Academic Research in France (guest post by Philippe Huneman)
57 Toward a more energy-efficient spintronics
58 Interim CNRS President Removed, Faces Data Manipulation Allegations
59 French Scientists Accuse National Institute of Discrimination
60 Thomas Ebbesen, physical chemist, awarded the CNRS Gold Medal for 2019
61 First ever image of a black hole: A CNRS researcher had simulated it as early as 1979
62 CNRS opens Singapore subsidiary
63 Slime mold absorbs substances to memorize them
64 The philosopher and philologist Barbara Cassin has been awarded the 2018 CNRS Gold Medal
65 France set to get first national strategy for research
66 Antoine Petit named Chairman and CEO of the CNRS
67 CNRS-developed AntBot is first robot to travel without GPS
68 Researcher battles CNRS reforms
69 CNRS congratulates Alessio Figalli, winner of the 2018 Fields Medal
70 Action and data for women in science: A French example
71 'Cellular dust' provides new hope for regenerative medicine
72 'Severe' figure manipulation found in studies from leading plant lab
73 CNRS-Imperial UMI Workshop and Public Lecture showcases exciting mathematics
74 Community Spotlight: Yan Ropert-Coudert, Researcher at CNRS & Academic Editor
75 Monaco Explorations works with Ifremer and CNRS to track Martinique turtles
76 Fields Medal winners launch new mathematics laboratory | Imperial News
77 Essilor and CNRS partner to develop smarter eyewear
78 Riber licenses LAAS-CNRS' reflective surface defect and curvature measurement technology
79 Imperial wins major grant to develop data clusters with top global partners
80 CSIR & France Centre For Scientific Research (CNRS) Ink MoU To Promote Science, Tech Research
81 Renault partners UTC and CNRS for shared autonomous vehicles research facility
82 Macroeconomic evidence suggests that asylum seekers are not a “burden” for Western European countries
83 A time limit on postdoctoral contracts: The French experience
84 French, Swiss bodies to probe possible research fraud
85 How does the human brain memorize a sound?
86 Proxima b may be be home to oceans, says CNRS
87 RIBER signs a licensing agreement with Toulouse Tech Transfer (TTT) and launches EZ-Curve, an innovative in-situ control device for vacuum thin-film deposition
88 "Skin is increasingly more assaulted" Dr. Marek Haftek, CNRS
89 Hydro-Québec, in collaboration with the French National Research Centre (CNRS