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1 L.A. youth group demands defunding police, other reforms
2 Pixar's Bobby Rubio & Krissy Cababa on Float & Autism Representation
3 Bobby Rubio And Krissy Cababa From Disney's "Float" | KSON-FM | 103.7
4 The Good Place Hits The Sweet Spot
5 Students Fear Eviction Moratoriums Won't Suffice During Pandemic
6 Geek of the Week: Could we? Should we? Sheryl Cababa asks the right design questions at Artefact
7 Why Pixar's groundbreaking short 'Float' with Filipino lead characters almost didn't happen
8 Father Learns to Celebrate Son's Difference in Pixar Short "Float"
9 Thousands pack Aloha Stadium for Rams vs Cowboys game
10 Loop's Director & Producers Discuss Creating Pixar's First Autistic Character
11 Nikole Cababa
12 'Float,' Pixar's first-ever short featuring Filipino characters, earns Peabody nod —
13 Can Facebook be fixed? Social media and the unintended consequences of technology in the wild
14 Disney+: Why Pixar's First Non-Verbal Character Was A Completely New Experience For Animators In Loop
15 Exclusive BTS Video of SparkShorts 'Loop' & Q&A with Director Erica Milsom
16 Pixar’s new Bay Area-inspired short ‘Loop’ will look familiar if you’ve ever been to Berkeley
17 Young Brothers apologizes for heavy traffic at Sand Island
18 9 Reasons You Should Watch Pixar's 'Loop'
19 Nisei WWII Vet Honored at Dodger Stadium
20 ‘No one is safe under Duterte:’ Progressive Filipinos seek President’s ouster, end of US support for regime
21 'Float,' Pixar's first animated short with Filipino characters, lands on Disney+ Nov. 12 —
22 ‘Float’ Director Bobby Rubio on Unconscious Bias and Pixar’s First Filipino American Character
23 Dodgers: Orel Hershiser Goes Off on the Astros’ Cheating Scandal
24 Deerfield native Colt Cabana's journey to living his dream as a professional wrestler
25 Tech Moves: Microsoft names Windows Insider leader; WA Lt. Gov. leaving to join Jesuits; Axon hires Amazon AI vet
26 Unmasking The Bullet-Shaped Mystery Aircraft After It Reemerges At Victorville
27 Pixar's 'Loop' gives an autistic lead character a powerful voice
28 ‘Float’ Is Breaking New Ground on Disney+
29 Emergency Rental Assistance Program Assists Renters Impacted by COVID-19
30 Long-term Care Facilities Face Challenges with COVID-19
31 How this Pixar storyboard artist made 'Float,' a Disney+ short about his autistic son
32 Pixar animated short to depict Filipino-American in leading role
33 MEDC loan could support new fondue restaurant
34 Cabot House Dining Hall Floods, Forming 'Second Aquarium' | News
35 Fil-Am Bobby Rubio directs his first Pixar short about a Filipino dad and his son
36 A New Pixar Short On Disney Plus Features A Nonverbal Teen Girl With Autism
37 What’s one piece of tech you couldn’t live without? Here’s what our 2018 Geeks of the Week had to say
38 Former Long Beach commissioner, filmmaker arrested while documenting workers’ strike in Philippines
39 DC Comics superhero is from the Philippines
40 Andrew Levitas x Supra Cuba – Reflection Of The Roman Catacombs
41 Newaukeean of the Week: Romke de Haan
42 Suit claims Bulletproof Coffee company terminated executive after ‘brain mapping’ session
43 Huntington Beach Council Okays Wintersburg Demolition
44 Eva Longoria shares baby bump bikini photo lounging by pool
45 FBI says Horizon Air plane thief Richard Russell acted alone, crashed intentionally
46 15 Predictions for Tech and Design in 2015
47 Long Beach City Council Unanimously Approves Most of Mayor Garcia’s 61 Commission Appointments
48 Burundi – Burundi needs national policy on alcohol
49 Conserved Role of an N-Linked Glycan on the Surface Antigen of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Modulating Virus Sensitivity to Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies against the Receptor and Coreceptor Binding Sites
50 Mugere River to be protected from butchers' activities