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1 Risk of childhood asthma by Caesarean section is mediated through the early gut microbiome
2 Caesarean babies do just as well at school as everyone else
3 Alcoholic anaesthetist jailed for killing Briton during caesarean birth in France
4 During COVID-19 first wave, the proportion of caesarean section deliveries done under general anaesthesia halved
5 Mum called ‘creepy’ for teaching her son about caesarean births with playdough for his fourth birthday
6 Caesarean-born babies at increased risk of hospitalisation
7 Caesarean sections can 'double the risk of asthma and allergies'
8 Mother's mighty microbes: Scientists restore gut microbes of c-section babies
9 Gurgaon: Pataudi civil hospital begins caesarean deliveries
10 Role of ante-partum ultrasound in predicting vaginal birth after cesarean section: A prospective cohort study
11 Infection risk for C-section babies
12 C-Section conundrum: Too many or too few?
13 A new film chronicles the illegal sterilisation of women in prisons
14 More first-time mums are opting for caesarean births
15 UK mum gives birth to twins via caesarean while in a COVID-19 induced coma
16 'Miraculous': Twins delivered by caesarean while Birmingham hospital consultant mother in Covid coma
17 Cesarean section and childhood infections: Causality for concern?
18 Malaysian singer Jamal Abdillah, 61, chooses son’s Caesarean delivery on 11/11 for an easy date to remember
19 54-year-old Nurse From Drama Hospital Dies Of COVID-19
20 Mum creates realistic c section out of playdough for her son
21 Serika Sterling
22 Zara told how 'time's a great healer' after her own miscarriages
23 Woman placed into COVID-19 coma gives birth to twins
24 Caesarean delivery rates and analgesia effectiveness following injections of sterile water for back pain in labour: A multicentre, randomised placebo controlled trial
25 Tasmanian mothers more likely to have caesareans than other Aussie mums
26 Father complains after Aberdeen doctor missed signs of labour
27 Happy birthday to the McCaughey Septuplets! | Jeffrey 6:00am – 10am
28 Woman with learning difficulties pregnant after being raped, judge hears
29 How to arm Caesarean babies with the gut bacteria they need
30 Babies born by caesarean develop slower in first year than those born naturally – new findings
31 Fighting through: Bethel family weathers another health scare
32 Miracle baby celebrates first birthday after being born weighing the same as a loaf of bread
33 Effect of COVID-19 on maternal and neonatal services
34 Covid: Pregnant women 'opt for C-section' to ensure partners at birth
35 Avoidable brain injuries will continue under new birthing guideline | Richard Halpern
36 Concern as C-Section Births in Uganda's Private Hospitals Exceed WHO Standards
37 Mother brought back to life the day she gave birth
38 Key diabetes and pregnancy research priorities identified
39 United Nations: 'Not enough humanitarian aid for Ethiopian refugees in Sudan'
40 Anaesthetist Helga Wauters jailed over death of Xynthia Hawke, of North Petherton
41 No link found between caesarean section and obesity in boys
42 The baby girl who died at Blacktown Hospital months before Nigella
43 Chelmsford's Broomfield Hospital 'deeply sorry' after failings led to baby's death
44 Planned caesareans "safer" for women with past history of caesarean sections
45 Baby died at Essex's Broomfield Hospital after 'excessive force' used as mum gave birth
46 Medic was drinking before caesarean that killed Briton in France, court told
47 Optimising caesarean section use
48 Everything you need to know before having a caesarean
49 350000 + women likely missing out on key postnatal check-ups in the UK every year
50 Baby girls who are born by caesarean could be at higher risk of obesity
51 Siamese twins successfully separated in Turkey, both doing well
52 Could the Preference for Caesarean Sections Seed a Rise in Diabetes?
53 My body, my choice
54 No link between Caesarean section and obesity risk, study finds
55 One in four NSW babies now born by elective caesarean
56 No link between caesarean delivery and obesity, research finds
57 Caesarean birth, prolonged labour influence infant gut bacteria, risk of childhood obesity
58 Caesarean delivery has low impact on childhood allergic outcomes
59 Factors affecting the mortality of patients with COVID-19 undergoing surgery and the safety of medical staff: A systematic review and meta-analysis
60 Women who go private to give birth more likely to have Caesarean
61 James and Ola Jordan's baby daughter Ella reaches exciting new milestone
62 C-sections are all the rage in Brazil. So too, now, are fancy parties to watch them.
63 Birth in a pandemic: 'You are stronger than you think'
64 Recovering from caesarean delivery? Things you should do to prevent C-section infections
65 Stunted microbiota and opportunistic pathogen colonization in caesarean-section birth
66 Our study shows babies born by caesarean develop slower in first year than natural newborns
67 Does caesarean section reduce your risk of incontinence after childbirth?
68 Emergency C-Section: Why They're Needed and What to Expect
69 Global epidemiology of use of and disparities in caesarean sections
70 Coronavirus: NHS hospitals accused of using crisis as excuse to deny women caesarean sections
71 Natural birth is safe for 90% of women who have previously had a caesarean, new research suggests
72 Taking Viagra in early labour reduces the need for emergency caesarean
73 Too Much Care : Private Healthcare Sector and Caesarean Sections in India
74 Caesarean birth has little impact on children developing allergies
75 Newborn baby girl is left with a scar on her face after surgeons cut her during caesarean birth
76 Nabilla very happy to leave Kiev to finally find her son!
78 Suspected Chinese coronavirus patient gives birth to baby by caesarean
79 General anaesthetic raises risk of postnatal depression for caesarean mums
80 WHO | Caesarean sections should only be performed when medically necessary
81 Caesarean pandemic: Normal deliveries should be the norm
82 Vaginal birth and Caesarean: Differences in babies' bacteria
83 Coronavirus: Pregnant nurse died of pneumonia, Covid-19 and Caesarean
84 There's no evidence caesarean sections cause autism or ADHD
85 The truth about caesarean births
86 C-Section (Cesarean Section): Purpose, Procedure & Risks
87 Babies born by Caesarean section have different gut bacteria from other infants, researchers say
88 Caesarean Section: Purpose, procedure, and complications
89 How risky are caesarean births?
90 Mum divides opinion after saying her caesarean section was "way easier" than natural birth
91 Judge rules that doctors can perform caesarean section if woman loses mental capacity
92 Pulling Back the Curtain on the C-section Experience
93 Why Chinese mothers turned away from C-sections
94 C-Section: Procedure & Recovery
95 Doctor’s mistake caused unplanned pregnancy: court
96 Pregnancy After C-Section: Risks and How Long to Wait
97 What determines if a woman will have a Caesarean?
98 Coronavirus: Nurse dies after baby saved with caesarean
99 India might soon have the most Caesarean births
100 Caesarean babies have lower level of 'good' gut bacteria, study shows