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1 Texas mom battling COVID-19 for 152 days released from hospital
2 Texas mom battling COVID-19 for 152 days finally out of hospital
3 California doctor Jessica So teaches son how to perform C-section using Play-Doh for his fourth birthday
4 Family hopes mother who has been fighting COVID-19 for 5 months will be home for Thanksgiving
5 This Doctor 'Taught' Her 4-Year-Old How To Do A C-Section Using Play Dough
6 Why was the chainsaw invented? How the tool was used in childbirth
7 B.C. baby delivered by emergency C-section while mom in ICU with COVID-19
8 Caesarian section delivery due to dystocia associated with decreased vitamin D level
9 Mom wakes from coronavirus coma to learn she gave birth to twins
10 A great big hello to these Gwent babies
11 Suspected Chinese coronavirus patient gives birth to baby by caesarian
12 EOC to pregnant women: Have prenatal checkups
13 Global Oxytocic Pharmaceutical Market Future Analysis, Business Prospects and Forecast to 2027||JHP Pharmaceuticals LLC Baxter Healthcare, Pfizer, Ferring, Novartis, Teva Pharmaceutical
14 Health Matters: Recovering from a C-Section
15 Covid-19 impacts C-section deliveries, most states register a drop: Report
16 Here's when Illinois could see first vaccine shipment • Should Big Pharma be worried about a Biden admin? • Chicago gets low grades on infant, maternal health
17 No link between caesarean delivery and obesity, research finds
18 Belgian anaesthetist accused of causing Brit's death while drunk
19 Alcoholic Belgian doctor faces jail time for death of British woman
20 Bittersweet delivery for mum who had first Covid-19 positive Caesarian in Rotunda
21 Woman thanks midwives who safely delivered baby by caesarian during height of coronavirus outbreak
22 Caesarean delivery has low impact on childhood allergic outcomes
23 Actress, Rosie Ramsey, highlights the reality of c-sections
24 Belgian medic tells court she 'doesn't deserve prison' after drinking before fatal caesarian on Brit
25 MP donates to Ga North Municipal Hospital
26 C-Section Birth Associated With Adulthood Obesity, Diabetes
27 New technique enables harvesting of stem cells during a caesarian
28 Almost 1 in 3 German babies born by Caesarian
29 What happened to Mark and Carol Thatcher?
30 Video Shows What It Really Looks Like When a Baby Kicks
31 Need to smile? Waldwick veterinarians help Ava the Labrador deliver huge litter of puppies
32 I Was Sold a Lie About Loving My Baby Instantly, and It Made Being a First-Time Mom Even Harder
33 C-Section Births Hit Record High; Most Common Surgery in U.S. Hospitals
34 Letter to my love: Ruth Matete pens emotional letter to newborn daughter on her wedding anniversary
35 How Medieval Surgeons Shaped Sex and Gender
36 Colombian woman with COVID-19 gives birth to non-infected child in coma
37 16 signs of a single and desperate woman in her 30s
38 Even C-sections have fallen! How COVID-19 is hitting childbirths too
39 P.E.I. C-section rate remains high despite investigation
40 Two caesarian sections on COVID-19 patients done at Assam Medical College
41 Fewer caesarians taking place in Switzerland
42 Do C-sections alter a baby's microbiome, hurting later health?
43 Irbid: 1st caesarian with coronavirus in Arab world successful
44 Doctors leave huge towel in woman’s tummy for 9 months after C-section (video)
45 Untouchable: The baby born to a mum with coronavirus
46 Mum fears baby was slashed in the face with scalpel during Caesarian
47 Placenta Accreta: Multiple C-Sections Can Kill Mother
48 Baby whose life was saved by Ascot's Dr Keith is now a mum
49 The World Health Organisation Has Called For a Reduction in C-Sections
50 Babies Born by C-Section More Likely to Carry Opportunistic Pathogens in Gut Microbiome
51 Gynaecologist Mizoram MLA operates on pregnant woman, saves her life
52 Family separated due to coronavirus reunited with newborn son after 10 days
53 Austin's Mayo Clinic showcases new C-Section facility
54 Lawmaker delays C-section to attend crucial Brexit vote
55 25 woman at Ludhiana’s Mother-Child Hospital welcome their newborns on Leap Day 2020
56 Want a normal delivery? A few pregnancy tips to help you achieve that
57 Inducing at 39 weeks reduces risk of caesarian
58 My body, my choice
59 After abduction, doctor alleges harassment by unknown caller
60 Women who have general anesthesia during C-sections are more likely to experience postpartum depression, study finds
61 Feeding newborns their mother's poo 'reduces risk of asthma and allergies', study claims
62 Victorian mother diagnosed with cervical cancer minutes after caesarian birth of son
63 Philippines Extends Maternity Leave From 60 Days to 105 Days | Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC
64 'Say what you will, but both my babies were born by c-section and I couldn't be happier.'
65 A huge hello to Gwent's latest arrivals
66 COVID-19 patient who underwent caesarian operation, baby girl in good health
67 68-year-old Nigerian woman gives birth to twins after four IVF attempts
68 How Forceps Permanently Changed The Way Humans Are Born
69 How A Caesarian Can Ruin Your Sex Life
70 Doctors at Pathankot Military Hospital perform rare surgery on newborn
71 Mother who died from blood clots after giving birth by caesarian 'could have been saved'
72 Beyoncé Underwent Emergency Caesarian To Deliver Twins
73 When C-Sections Were Performed to Save Dead Babies' Souls
74 Caesarian babies 'more prone to asthma as they don't get immune system boost of natural birth'
75 C-sections dominate delivery business, fear of commercial exploitation looms
76 Birth during lockdown a surreal experience
77 The world's silliest job title is here and it belongs to a minister
78 In 20 days, over 500 deliveries in Latur pvt hospitals, but no PPE suits for medical staff
79 Brazilian nurse who contracted COVID-19 goes home with her baby nearly a month after giving birth
80 An endangered leopard at Granby Zoo has two adorable cubs by caesarian
81 Lugari KCSE candidate dies after Caesarian delivery
82 Risks of separating newborns from mothers greater than COVID-19 threat, says new research
83 These Women with Coronavirus Gave Birth While In Comas
84 Lonely wards and grandparents at the window for Doncaster's lockdown babies and their mums
85 Baby of raped 12-year-old girl dies after caesarian
86 Chinese artist offers flower, kitten tattoos to mums with birth scars
87 Seven doctors quarantined after woman tests positive for COVID-19
88 C-sections double in 10 years in India; fear of pain, age of mothers reasons
89 Coronavirus Infection During Pregnancy Does Not Pass from Mother to Newborn
90 Research: Migrant women face greater health risks during pregnancy, childbirth
91 Caesarian rate up at Limerick maternity hospital
92 Mother thanks Queen Elizabeth maternity team after giving birth in midst of coronavirus
93 Mother died hours after midwives laughed at her suggestion of a caesarian, husband tells inquest
94 Study Finds Nearly Half of Pregnant Women Prescribed Opioids Shortly Before or After Delivery
95 10 C-Section Scar Questions, Answered By MDs
96 C-sections: doctors affirm a woman's right to choose
97 C-section rates up and vary dramatically across Canada
98 How To Exercise After Caesarian Section
99 Doctors Perform C-Section and Find No Baby
100 Meghan Markle’s Caesarian fears – ‘she may have to ditch natural birth plan’