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1 Jenner opposes transgender girls participating in girls' sports
2 Caitlyn Jenner makes case for California recall in first TV interview as gubernatorial candidate
3 Caitlyn Jenner announces run for governor of California: 'I'm in!'
4 Caitlyn Jenner's new campaign ad for California gov flashes back to Olympic glory
5 Caitlyn Jenner’s bid to be California’s next Governator is falling flat
6 Caitlyn Jenner to critics: 'I move on' she says in interview
7 Caitlyn Jenner spells out priorities for California governor, but announcement misspells name
8 Trans people are dreading Caitlyn Jenner’s run for California governor
9 Arnold Schwarzenegger on Caitlyn Jenner's governor bid: 'Anyone has a chance'
10 Caitlyn Jenner for Governor? Trans Leaders Say No Thanks
11 Fact-check: Was Caitlyn Jenner released by a district attorney after killing someone?
12 Hear why Caitlyn Jenner decided to run for governor
13 The one good line of attack Caitlyn Jenner and others have against Gavin Newsom
14 Caitlyn Jenner Called Out For First Political Gaffe Of Her CA Gubernatorial Campaign – Updated
15 The hypocrisy of Caitlyn Jenner on transgender inclusion in youth sports
16 Caitlyn Jenner has infrequently voted. Now she might run for office.
17 Caitlyn Jenner's run for California governor is about celebrity, not transgender equality
18 Soccer Stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Blast Caitlyn Jenner for Remarks About Transgender Girls in Sports
19 'I'm in:' Republican Caitlyn Jenner is running for California governor
20 Jimmy Kimmel On Broadway’s Return, Jeff Bezos’s $500 Million Super-Yacht & Caitlyn Jenner’s Struggle In The Polls
21 Caitlyn Jenner says friends are fleeing California because of homeless people
22 Caitlyn Jenner voted in 2020 despite telling CNN that she didn’t
23 Kardashians Won't Campaign For Caitlyn Jenner's Run For Governor
24 Gavin Newsom Responds To Caitlyn Jenner’s 1st Campaign Ad, Says Recall Is About “The Core Values Of This State”
25 Caitlyn Jenner for California governor? What a terrible idea
26 Records show Caitlyn Jenner cast a ballot in the 2016 general election, contrary to reports
27 Caitlyn Jenner to ‘decide soon’ whether she’s running for California governor
28 Mixed reviews from transgender Republicans on Caitlyn Jenner's run
29 Letters to the Editor: If Californians elect Caitlyn Jenner, we deserve another celebrity governor
30 Caitlyn Jenner: reality TV star and former Olympic athlete Nation
31 Caitlyn Jenner's Claim She Didn't Vote at Odds With LA County Record
32 Caitlyn Jenner running for governor of California: Here are her views
33 Caitlyn Jenner's dog seen bleeding after nasty injury
34 ‘I’m in!’: Caitlyn Jenner running for California governor
35 Republican Caitlyn Jenner Launches Bid for California Governor
36 WATCH: Keeping up with the Republicans and Caitlyn Jenner's conservatism
37 Laughing Matters
38 KUWTK: Fans Blast Caitlyn Jenner For Hypocrisy Regarding Gay Rights
39 Caitlyn Jenner criticizes Newsom for fracking ban
40 Caitlyn Jenner: ‘It just isn’t fair’ for trans girls to play women’s sports
41 Caitlyn Jenner announces run for California governor in likely recall election
42 Caitlyn Jenner is a hypocritical trans athlete who wants to ‘build a wall’ — and isn’t preaching what she’s pr
43 By opposing trans girls in female athletics, Caitlyn Jenner overlooks ideal of sports
44 Caitlyn Jenner launches bid for California governor
45 Caitlyn Jenner announces run for governor of California
46 Jimmy Kimmel calls Caitlyn Jenner 'ignorant' for homeless comments in Hannity interview
47 Another Out Of Touch, Wealthy, White Woman Is Horrified By Unhoused People
48 As California posts America's best COVID numbers, Newsom's approval rises — and Caitlyn Jenner's recall hopes sink
49 Caitlyn Jenner’s Car Crash Victim Weighs in on Run for California Governor
50 What Caitlyn Jenner's Relationship With Kim Kardashian Is Like Today
51 Arnold Schwarzenegger reacts to Caitlyn Jenner’s run for California governor
52 Caitlyn Jenner moves closer to California recall run
53 Caitlyn Jenner Set To Return For Final Season of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’
54 Scoop: Caitlyn Jenner explores run for California governor
55 'Masked Singer': Though she tried 'Keeping Up,' Caitlyn Jenner's Phoenix fails to take flight
56 Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up About Her 'Close' Relationship with Daughter Kylie: She's an 'Open Book'
57 Kris Jenner Says Her Current Relationship with Ex Caitlyn Jenner Is 'Very Respectful'
58 Kylie Jenner does Caitlyn Jenner's makeup for 1st time ever
59 KUWTK: Kris Jenner's Kids Question Whether She 'Can Handle' Reconnecting with Ex Caitlyn Jenner
60 No One Told Caitlyn Jenner That Keeping Up With the Kardashians Was Ending
61 Kris Jenner Recounts Accidentally Having Sex with Ex Caitlyn While Khloé Kardashian Hid Under Bed
62 Caitlyn Jenner is running for California governor. Here's what she's said about her political views
63 Caitlyn Jenner Recalls the ‘Strange Look’ Daughters Kendall and Kylie Gave Her Over Her ‘Masked Singer’ Participation
64 Caitlyn Jenner Says Her Gender Identity Crisis 'Was Not a Big Part' of Kris Jenner Split
65 Caitlyn Jenner bats down rumors she'd run for California governor
66 Watch: When Caitlyn Jenner called daughter Kylie to do her makeup
67 Kris Jenner Offers to Help Ex Caitlyn Jenner Launch a YouTube Channel Amid the Pandemic: ‘This Is Not an Easy Situation’
68 Caitlyn Jenner Says She's "Too Controversial" For the Trans Community
69 Watch Kesha cringe over Caitlyn Jenner 'Tik Tok' rendition
70 Caitlyn Jenner slams podcaster Joe Rogan's transphobic jokes
71 ‘The Masked Singer’: After Phoenix Unmasking, Caitlyn Jenner Says ‘LGBT’ Clue Was too Revealing (VIDEO)
72 Morning Brief: Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly Wants to Run for Governor
73 Where Caitlyn Jenner's Relationship With the Rest of the Kardashian Family Stands
74 Caitlyn Jenner is not running for California governor, despite rumors
75 Sadly, Kesha has now seen Caitlyn Jenner's rendition of 'Tik Tok' on 'The Masked Singer'
76 Andy Cohen Denies That Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins Are Joining RHOBH: 'That Rumor Is Not True'
77 Caitlyn Jenner Enjoys a 'Fun Day of Golf' with Bachelor Star Peter Weber and His Family
78 Caitlyn Jenner on the Cover of Vanity Fair
79 Caitlyn Jenner speaks out about Kanye West's presidential bid: 'He's a really good guy'
80 Caitlyn Jenner says she hasn't talked to Khloé Kardashian in years
81 Sophia Hutchins Isn’t Dating Caitlyn Jenner
82 How Caitlyn Jenner Is Secretly Fighting Trump’s White House on Transgender Rights
83 Sophia Hutchins Says Her Relationship With Caitlyn Jenner Is "Parental"
84 Caitlyn Jenner, a Longtime Republican, Revokes Support for Trump Over Transgender Rights
85 Caitlyn Jenner's influence on transgender political attitudes measured in new study | The University of Kansas
86 Caitlyn Jenner: 'There Was Always This Woman That Lived Inside Of Me'
87 Caitlyn Jenner on transitioning: ‘It was hard giving old Bruce up. He still lives inside me’
88 Keeping Up with Khloé Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner: A Timeline of Their Strained Relationship
89 Caitlyn Jenner on how her relationship with her children has changed since transitioning to a woman
90 Caitlyn Jenner Is Done Talking Politics: “I Just Got Very Fed Up”
91 Caitlyn Jenner shows she can take some (brutal) jokes at Alec Baldwin's Roast
92 How much Caitlyn Jenner is worth and the amazing story that got her where she is today
93 Caitlyn Jenner to pay $800,000 settlement for 2015 fatal car crash
94 Caitlyn Jenner to Trump: 'This is a disaster'
95 Caitlyn Jenner crash: No charges for reality star
96 An American Hero: 40 years after gold, Jenner comfortable in her own skin
97 Khloé Kardashian Says She and Caitlyn Jenner Are 'Fine' and Opens Up About Sophia Hutchins
98 Sophia Hutchins Says Thanksgiving 'Is Going to Be Different This Year' Without Caitlyn Jenner
99 Caitlyn Jenner's growth into transgender advocate role
100 Caitlyn Jenner felt like a 'punching bag' in marriage to Kris Jenner