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1 Who is Xavier Becerra? What his California record reveals about Biden’s top health pick
2 AG Becerra Continues Defense of California’s Large-Capacity Magazine Ban
3 "Newsom will wait to announce California AG until Becerra confirmed,"
4 California AG Becerra Tweets Endorsement for a Universal Opt-Out Tool
5 California AG Becerra Announces $5.75 Million Settlement with General Motors
6 California AG Becerra Announces $573 Million Settlement In Opioid Marketing Case
7 Why Xavier Becerra Is a Smart Pick to Run HHS
8 Xavier Becerra is the wrong choice for HHS secretary
9 Why a tweet from California’s AG about a global privacy tool has companies scrambling
10 AG Becerra Announces Critical Net Neutrality Win
11 How might Xavier Becerra operate as HHS Secretary?
12 Here are the likely candidates on Gavin Newsom’s list to be California’s attorney general
13 AG Becerra Continues Defense of State Net Neutrality Law in Federal Court
14 As state attorney general job morphs post-Trump, who will be Newsom’s pick?
15 Who Will Gov. Newsom Pick For The Next California Attorney General? Here's A Look At Top Contenders
16 Republicans seek to pin California’s Covid-19 problem on Biden’s HHS pick
17 Editorial: Newsom’s pick for AG should be better than Becerra
18 Skelton: Is Xavier Becerra the right man to vanquish COVID-19?
19 Ad Industry Blasts California AG For Tweet Endorsing Universal Opt-Out Tool 02/02/2021
20 California DOJ Establishes Worker Rights and Fair Labor Section
21 Schiff has his eyes on being California’s AG and Pelosi’s on board with it
22 Who’s the favorite for attorney general? + Betting on a recall + Gun survivors hold panel
23 AG Becerra Petitions Court to Ensure Consumer Protections Against Robocalling
24 ‘Exceedingly deep convictions’: Inside Xavier Becerra’s quest for health care for immigrants
25 California Attorney General End of Term Update
26 Biden picks California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to lead Health and Human Services
27 Federal judge says California can enforce net neutrality law
28 Opinion: California AG violates Michigan donor's privacy
29 California's privacy act to remain when AG Becerra leaves, experts say
30 BECERRA hits primetime — NEWSOM, DEMOCRATS feud on SCHOOLS — GOOGLE lifting ad ban — ESHOO, MCNERNEY blast FOX, NEWSMAX, OANN
31 California AG Becerra files 100th lawsuit against Trump — says he has a major league record
32 California Attorney General Xavier Becerra emerges as contender to lead Health and Human Services
33 Biden to nominate California AG Xavier Becerra for health secretary
34 AG Becerra's power grab deserves defeat in CA Legislature
35 Support grows for Rob Bonta as CA's next attorney general —
36 Here's what Gov. Gavin Newsom will consider in choosing new AG
37 Gavin Newsom's High-Stakes Choice For California Attorney General
38 PADILLA fills out campaign staff — FERLINGHETTI dead at 101 — questions surround WOODS crash — NEWSOM signs COVID relief
39 California AG Becerra, ACA Advocates Stress Law's Importance Ahead of SCOTUS Hearing
40 Friday, February 26, 2021
41 AG Becerra shifts on policing practices
42 AG Becerra Secures Victory in Lawsuit Defending Medicaid In-Home Supportive Services Workers
43 Trump’s Final Day In Office Marked By Nine Lawsuits From California AG
44 AG Becerra Seeks Court Order to Compel the CA Republican Party to Comply with Investigative Interrogatories
45 California Attorney General Becerra Sues Facebook For Monopolistic Behavior
46 California AG Becerra tells 2 San Diego strip clubs to stop violating stay-at-home order
47 AG Becerra, LA County Enter into Groundbreaking Settlements to Protect the Rights of Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
48 As California's Attorney General Prepares to Move Up, Democrats Vie for Coveted Job
49 Calif. Attorney General Becerra wants state Supreme Court to prohibit unaffordable bail
50 Skelton: He defended Obamacare. Now Becerra could take on COVID-19
51 With California AG headed for Biden’s cabinet, reformers talk what kind of person should be next
52 AG Becerra announces $10 million settlement with major pharmaceutical companies
53 Attorney General Becerra defends state’s death penalty, but his personal view may be different
54 California Attorney General Becerra: With Future of Planet at Stake, Trump Administration Formally Withdraws from Paris Climate Accord
55 California AG says judge recognized Uber and Lyft's 'bogus argument' that drivers prefer independence
56 California exits give Newsom rare chance to pick 3 high-profile leaders
57 In 2018, the California AG Created an Environmental Justice Bureau. It’s Become a Trendsetter
58 AG Becerra drops lawsuit over GOP’s unofficial ballot boxes, says CA election was secure
59 AG Becerra Urges Adoption of Emergency Workplace Standard to Help Safeguard Employees from COVID-19
60 AG Becerra Announces Eradication of More Than One Million Illegal Marijuana Plants as Part of an Annual Statewide Campaign
61 Google Antitrust Case: AG Xavier Becerra Says California To Join Federal Lawsuit
62 Commentary: Why Does the AG Continue to Defend Bad Conduct by Prosecutors?
63 California AG, Trucking Group Spar over AB 5
64 Civil rights investigation of LA County Sheriff's Department launched by California attorney general
65 California Attorney General Becerra Leads Coalition Opposing 'Dangerous' Health & Human Services Deregulation by the Trump Administration
66 California AG Xavier Becerra: "Our Best Days Are Still Ahead"
67 AG Becerra announces new Medi-Cal division to combat elder, nursing home fraud
68 California Attorney General Sues Five Companies for Selling Seafood Products Containing Lead and Cadmium Without a Warning
69 California Attorney General Becerra and Giffords Law Center Lead Lawsuit 'Demanding' the Trump Administration Address the Threat of Unregulated Ghost Guns
70 CA AG Becerra seeks more power to fight healthcare mergers
71 Fact Checking Xavier Becerra's Claim That He 'Never Sued Any Nuns'
72 In US Supreme Court Brief, California Attorney General Becerra Stands Up for Constitutional Protections Against Warrantless Entry Into the Home
73 Voters need unbiased ballot info. But AG Becerra plays favorites
74 AG Becerra can’t be trusted when naming props
75 California Attorney General Becerra Responds to Trump Administration's 'Harmful' Rollback of Longstanding Protections for Migratory Birds
76 California Attorney General Becerra Joins Multistate Effort to Hold Polluters Accountable Under the Clean Water Act
77 Biden's BIPOC cabinet picks are facing heightened scrutiny compared to white counterparts
78 Attorney General Becerra Says We're Ready to Defend California's Charitable Donation Reporting Requirement Safeguarding Donors from Fraud
79 Following lawsuits, AG Becerra defends California's extraordinary coronavirus shutdowns
80 California AG fights back on request to release hundreds of incarcerated people from San Quentin
81 Prop. 22 backers sue California AG over gig-worker initiative description
82 California AG and cities sue Uber and Lyft, alleging they misclassified workers as contractors
83 AG Becerra Issues Guidance to Law Enforcement on Protecting California Voters through Election Day
84 State AG Becerra Calls For Sweeping Police Reform In California
85 He sued President Donald Trump 123 times. Now he’s joining Joe Biden’s administration
86 AG Becerra Files Amicus Brief in Support of Kings County Woman Arrested for Murder After the Loss of Her Pregnancy
87 Alcohol Justice Asks California AG Xavier Becerra to Investigate Anticompetitive Anheuser-Busch InBev Takeover of Ace Beverage LLC
88 Editorial: California needs to take this job away from Attorney General Xavier Becerra ASAP
89 Becerra slants two ballot measure titles
90 Yates, Becerra eyed for possible Biden administration roles: sources
91 AG Becerra Announces Lawsuit Against Two Multinational Companies for Manipulating Gas Market, Costing Californians More at the Pump
92 California’s bill for fighting Trump in court? $41 million so far
93 California Women’s Legislative Caucus wants Newsom to appoint woman as attorney general
94 California AG Xavier Becerra’s ‘Sneaky’ Power Grab
95 California AG says Sutter shouldn’t use coronavirus to delay $575M antitrust deal
96 New names for attorney general pick + Police reform in 2021 + Californians challenging Biden’s win
97 AG Becerra Files Lawsuit to Stop Trump Administration from Weakening Critical Safeguards for Agricultural Workers
98 Huffman Mentioned as Possible Nominee for State AG
99 AG Becerra Joins Multistate Coalition Urging Congress to Protect SNAP, Keep Food on Families’ Tables
100 Xavier Becerra: Doing a Job That Isn't the One He's Paid to Do